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  1. Earlier this year somewhere in the Belgian Ardennes.....
  2. A couple of weeks ago in the Belgian Ardennes....
  3. Whitewashing exercise (KIDDING!!)
  4. Is there an advantage in these 1200 2v valve covers or is it just a matter of aesthetics?
  5. Thanks a lot Jaap, that is also what I read; 2003-2004 were tough years in Mandello. I sent an e-mail to the Moto Guzzi client service; let's see what comes out...
  6. Perhaps this question has been raised before, but, does anybody know how many Rosso Corsas and Nerro Corsas were ever produced? Grazie Mille
  7. If you already own the 2017 edition of Falloon's "Complete History", his 2020 "centennial" edition is a disappointment as it is only an update of the 2017 one (i.e. same text and pictures for everything pré-2017). Is that all that could be done to mark the 100th anniversary? Similar to previous editions, the section on the varies V11 special series remains disappointingly succinct....
  8. Slightly off topic . Does anyone know the color codes for the Rosso Corsa red (base color and sticker color)? I assume that it is not a RAL color? Grazie Mille
  9. rosso corsa

    Tank bag

    Baglux seems to be very similar to Bagster. I have been very happy with my Bagster tank cover and tank bag that you clip on the cover. I have also used the Tekno semi-rigid panniers ( but found the (dis)mounting of the racks quite cumbersome (and it looks VERY ugly without panniers). Another alternative: a Stucci luggage rack
  10. It says "05/11/2015" on the page? PS: the page has not been updated since 30 Nov 16. They must be very busy developing new engines...
  11. Why not start a separate tank size-topic?
  12. I have similar feelings about many (or most?) of these custom-builds; see also what is happening nowadays to 70-80-ies BMW boxers or K-series... truly shocking! Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and I can imagine that some of the builders are very proud of their achievements, but it is definitely not my cup of tea. The V11 is a natural beauty and will probably soon become (or already is?) a style icon (and stands way above fashion "trends" like wrapped exhausts; black matt paint, tractor front tires etc....) So there is really no need to do these horrible things to her. One can also wonder how some of these customs ride....
  13. Congratulations! What a beauty! The same happened to me early 2003: I had been riding BMWs for ages and then.... Eureka (aka "Aha erlebniss"): I discovered the V11. I will never sell my red lady. Let the Eagle Fly!
  14. Good morning, there was a general problem with the wrinkle finish on all V11s (see for example and that is why Moto Guzzi at least in Europe organised a call back. So if you find a V11 with wrinkle finish that is still in good condition, it has been redone (by Moto Guzzi or by the owner).
  15. The steam locomotive, the dinosaur skeleton, the rain... such strong metaphorical art!
  16. Okaaay; perhaps this one is a more appropriate choice then (my first motorcycle, which I still regret crashing....)
  17. My 2003 Le Mans Rosso Corsa which was converted in 2010 to dual ignition and a different camshaft to improve midrange response, by HTM Aachen, now approx. 30,000 Km (and..... not for sale anytime soon).
  18. My Nordschleife (or Eifel)-tool.... probably the wildest bike I will ever own....
  19. I have been using this one (http://shop.becker-technik.de/en/motorbike-lifters/24-central-lifter.html; see also http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2995 ) for the past 15 years. Very simple and effective. (see also )
  20. Blast from the past: with the Rossa on the Nordschleife in 2016...
  21. Hello, I am looking for the small round black rrubber cover on the brake/clutch pump to cover where the side mirror is normally fixed. Anyone knows where to find this (I tried Stein Dinze and Wendel in Berlin but they do not have it). Thanks a lot.
  22. Perhaps this can help? http://www.wendelmotorraeder.de/coupling_ap8104192-p-3037788.html?ref=expl
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