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  1. HI All, just cruised through this thread. Have been having increasingly this hiccup issue the last several thousand kms. Bike runs and idles fine no hiccups until you start moving. Its never when im heavy on throttle, only off or coming off the power or at neutral steady throttle cruising. Its gotten bad enough that its a distraction while riding, and will occasional cough the bike into dying at a light when I rev a bit pro to starting off (love hearing the Guzzi sound of course). Anyway, seems like there is no clean solution. Not sure where I might get those relays these days guess ill try eBay. Anybody Ive ever talked to thought maybe the bike is just running lean, but its more than that and I never had an issue in the for 15 years of owning the bike soooo.. Thanks for the thread all, and if anybody seea any reason I might be barking down the wrong road please say so. At this point ill replace the TPS, fuse and see where it gets me!
  2. I’m not sure if they are the long ones or not. Would have been stock for that year. I just forgot that the reason I had the wider hangers fabbed was that I banged up the exhaust on one side and these hangers covered it up. Might need to track down another set of ti pipes at some point in order to use the longer hangers. I’ll have a look and if I can use them I’ll get back to you. Thanks very much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Anyone have any idea where I can get the original muffler hangers? I have the Ti exhaust and Im looking for a set of replacements. Thanks!
  4. Hey there, same guy as above just figured out I had a previous account on the forum. Ill delete the old profile. I pay about 1200 Canadian a yr or about 1000 USD roughly. The collectors plate ill hopefully get is about 160USD a yr, which would be great because I usually only ride about 1000 kms a yr on the v11.
  5. 18,000 kms on a red 2004 v11 cafe. My bmw GS gets all the gravel miles! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Dropped right in. I have a gsa1200 that I do most of my miles on so the Guzzi does maybe 3000 per year. That's actually why I bought it. Was tired of dead batteries every winter from the sporadic riding I can do here when the weather isn't great. Where I park it I don't have the options for a tender
  7. I've had a shorai in my v11 cafe for 3 years now. Works like a charm and starts great.
  8. I contacted Megacycle about a x9 cam and they say they dont know anything. They give me two numbers, one for a MG in wisconsin, and he doesnt sell them anymore and doesnt really want to share with me why.. ! Microrich in pensylvania is the other guy left him a message.. any other ideas?
  9. See Topic Title. I have a 2004 v11 sport cafe bought in June 2005. I drove it for 900 kms, and then Cam went on it. (less than 6 weeks into owning the bike). They fixed it under warranty in about 4 weeks, and I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Ive had this thing in for every service, and spring service from dealer every year. I bought the Guzzi Ti Exhaust system. Suffice to say I love Guzzi bikes. I converted at least 3 of my friends. I wear Guzzi golf shirts. So now I have the same problem. Ive taken it to a Guzzi shop here in Vancouver, the tappets are gone and the cam is deformed on 3 out of 4 places. The mechanic says its been happening probably over the last 2000 kms, and Ive only put 600 kms on the bike in the last year. (Total of 6300kms now) Ive been in touch with Guzzi through the dealer and they denied a warranty claim as Im a year out of warranty now. I think they need the chance to do the right thing and help me out with this. Im a loyal customer and love this bike, and they would have sold me bikes for the next 50 years (I am 29). They need to do the right thing, or lose me as a customer and possibly a lot of others as I take a lot of pride in getting people excited about Guzzi bikes. Im pretty unimpressed. Any advice for me?? Any contacts at Guzzi? Much thanks for any help.
  10. Thanks Pete, I believe followers were replaced as well.. Its a 2004 bought in 05.. Pushrod looked fine when it came out, although ill check again to see if anything is missing off the end (didnt know there was anything on the end) ... The repair guy has about 30 yrs experience with bikes, so should have noticed something, but then again he knows triumph and guzzi but hadnt had a v11 motor apart. That being said, they havent changed much in 30 yrs. bb
  11. Hi there, was just out for a ride today and my left side cylinder started tapping like crazy... Long story short is i hobbled it to my local guzzi shop here in vancouver and he pulled the cover off and one of the valves were loose. so he pulled the oil out, no metal, magnet came out clean. pulled the bottom end off and nothing in their either so he put it all back together and ran it around the block. Came back to the shop and the valves were out 40 thou already. Bottom line, I had a cam replaced at 1000k after i bought the bike, and now this at 7k. I love this bike like my wife but this is really killing me. Im hoping even though im almost a year out of warranty that guzzi will cover this for me. Im looking at 2 grand at least to get his fixed with a new Cam again I would bet. Has anyone had anything like this happen? What did you do? Any ideas for me? At the end of my rope with this redhead... Brooks
  12. That would be a big help (the updated part number) Thanks... I wouldnt want my dealer to order the old one... Cheers!
  13. They just dont seem to stay on or seal correctly. I think Ill try the buell mod and replace the whole assembly.. Mostly the problem is with the back lights not the front. Just came off a 800km ride through Banff backcountry.. Gorgeous day for it. Good thing is my speedo cable failed yesterday so its like those kms dont even exist on my bike!!!
  14. I have a 04 V11 Naked and have issues with signal lights. The ones that come factory have the dumbest lens attachment arrangement, the only way Ive been able to keep them on is using black electrical tape which isnt really a good solution. Anybody else?
  15. I put the Guzzi Titanium exhaust on mine.. It made the bike feel much more responsive literally like it could breathe. The sound is awesome, like a blown small block chevy but with that Italian Je ne sai quoi. They come with the new computer so I didnt need a Power commander or anything.. I notice after they get hot (which takes a while titanium cools pretty quick, I can touch it within 5 mins of a heated ride) the sound opens up even more. I new I loved this bike, but with these cans Ill own it forever...
  16. I have the same problem, thats actually how I found this forum, was looking around the internets trying to figure out what I could do about it... My Speedo just up and quit today along with the odo etc.. I followed the cable over to the trannie before I came in, but didnt take i apart until i knew a bit more what might spit out at me.. I think ill run and give it a try now..
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