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  1. I sent you a DM about the bike
  2. kalev11


  3. Well you might as well look under to see if oil is present at the tell tail hole at the front of your gearbox , that would be a shaft seal leaking and waiting to foul up your clutch operation. Front wheel bearings went out on mine too ,they are common bearings ; easy to find and replace so no big deal. Great bike though , my other bikes don't see nearly as much daylight.
  4. My v11 has the FBF high compression drop in piston kit. I now have 35000 miles on it , all is well. They say you gain a horse or two and the compression ratio is 11.3 to 1 if I remember right. The jug is stock. FBF had an entire kit for the bike back then and may still have ; with nice slip ons , PC3 with custom map and the sort .
  5. Hey just wanted to add a few things because I just replaced my clutch. Mine failed by the disk delaminating and rivet failure. I first noticed slippage once in a while then it suddenly changed and would not disengage at all... couldn't shift and I had to kill the engine to stop. I found that I could look through the inspection hole for access to the timing marks and see down inside the bell housing and actually see bits and pieces of my failed disk down in the bottom of the housing. I fished one of those bits out of there to identify if it was friction plate material. I'm sure there are many ways a clutch can fail so yours may be different, but if you see chunks in there it tells a story. I knew what needed to happen next. Good luck with yours.
  6. Just my two cents worth. Here is a picture of an 02 side plate on the left, an 03 on the right. Many things were changed in 03. The 02 had lightening holes thru the gears and teethe didn't go all the way around the gear. The 03 was made heavier. Look at the locating pin on the plate on the left... notice it is a slotted eccentric adjustment on the 03. That adjustment was added around 03 and limits the shift forks movement as did the roll pin, but was made adjusable for some reason. On my gearbox that adjustment would cause my shifter to stick because it had no clearance for free movment ( it rubbed the fork ). I am sure a hundred differnt things are correct on your gearbox and should not be changed... only one or two things are the problem. If you do take off the side plate to check things out then take a look at that adjuster as well, If you have it. Good luck with your troubleshooting efforts, I hope this helps, Kale
  7. Hey Iron you are not alone with a crappy shifting gearbox, mine sounds similar in many ways. I cant tell you what the problem is unfortunatly but I feel your pain. In addition to your simptoms mine has a huge amount of backlash so I have to ease on the throttle after each upshift.I hope someone with some insite to these six speed transmissions gives you and me a majic bullet. Good luck.
  8. I have used up a set of conti force tires and they were good all around tires but did not last very long. I just chose conti road attack as my next set... should last longer and they will look sharp when installed.
  9. Yes it did have the recall work done on the gearbox I hope they did a good job. I have seen some other posts on problems such as mine and I will look into the eye of the acorn nut for any improvment it may have to offer.Thanks Have the six speed trannys been going thru any problems such as dog rounding or other failure of the gears or problems with gauling of shafts, bushings or other internal parts? Thanks again think its time to go ffor a ride.
  10. I have some issue with my gearbox and I cant quite put my finger on it. I seem to feel backlash when shifting and sometimes my shift lever will hang up untill I begin to release the clutch then it will pop back down. Other times when I release the clutch it will grind as if in false nuetral then clunk into gear. I think about clutch, cush, shifter adjustment? Any ideas ? The bike is a 01 V11 Sport. Thanks
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