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  1. I have looked as far into the pipes I could to see what's in there on all the middle parts (x sections/xovers/x pipes)I've gotten,so I'm curious about that too.I only have the Stucchi and this MASS x pipe part that I can take pictures of.The Stucchi you could guess that the weld is as wide as it is deep so maybe a little bit smaller than the welded part then. On the MASS part the hole is as big as the pipe ,but on the Stucchi it's not as high as the pipe itself but longer.
  2. I'm sure there should be some youtube clip somewhere of someone testing and explaining that.Maybe not for a Guzzi engine though,but maybe some similar where you can see roughly what is happening when used.
  3. Yes I agree.I haven't put it on and tried it yet.I don't think they would sell something that they didn't approve.I'm sure it will work, maybe they would have made suggestions what would work and what wouldn't.But they told me I should get good results. Yes,1.77 inches is about 45mm,and maybe (41,7mm ID)that's about 1.64 inches.If it's optimal or not I don't know,but probarbly close to I guess as the 1100sport headers are about the same size.
  4. I know,I generally let people who know what they are doing just get on with their work.It was more a precaution because I didn't know that much about their work other than a system with conical headers on the website (It's gone now)for the v11.A good example of why that is a good idea,I think, is why the music industry was so much better in the 70's compared to now.Some guy believed in a band or a singer and just let them create. I'm looking forward to reading about your exhaust for the Aprilia.
  5. Thank you for alot of information GuzziMoto.I'm learning alot from this.Wow you have done racing too? It must have been tons of fun! About the inlet of the headers,I noticed that the headers I got with this system has an entrance of 38mm,only for about 1" into the pipe though,like most headers I've seen for Guzzis.I guess that serves a purpos maybe a little bit then? Other than I suppose that part needs to be really strong.(the pipe walls is twice or more thicker too). With this order I was kind of hoping for what happened to you with the exhaust for your Ducati 750.Mainly telli
  6. We will see how it works out. I have no technical education,I have mostly read what others have done with the same engine, like this page for instance: http://www.bikeboy.org/sport1100_update.html The different thickness of the pipes did some difference,like when the silencers fit the size of the rest of the exhaust.Or thinner headers for instance. I have seen and read about some 2 into 1 systems that are supposed to be great,but I decided to try this for now. I will for sure post pictures when it's on the bike.Thanks for the info MartyNZ.
  7. There is alot of knowledge and experience on this forum.It's all good read for someone like me who has no technical education,only a big interrest.Great!
  8. Good to know the x pipe is supposed to look like that.I had only seen it on cars but had no idea what the design did for preformance.I thought that there would have to be room for some of the gases to go straight forward and some to be able to use the other pipe back and forth.And for that there was a need for some bigger area where they came together.But I guess not then.Perfect! When I ordered the exhaust system I asked for the same ID (42mm) all the way from cylinder to end of silencers with as big hole joining the pipes as possible. The aim was to keep the exhaust gases from not
  9. Here is a picture of the xover connecting part: It looks like a very narrow area at the crossing point.I don't know what that will do to the preformance. My explanation to the people at MASS moto wasn't that great,so this part and the silencers + pipes are going back and they will do some changes,and put a hole in for the Lambda sensor.I'm not bothered because I'm waiting for the neck surgery to heal anyway.
  10. Oh yes,I can promise there will be pictures and dynocharts or butt dyno comments.
  11. Thank for your input. Chuck: That's what I'm hoping. Lucky Phil: Great! You also think it will work well.About the crossover mount,yes I thought of that too,I will have to use something for the vibration. One good thing is that the three main parts fits to stock exhaust so,lots of posibillities. It should be possible to use a Stucchi with the rest of the parts.I guess it's going to be alot of testing in a couple of months when the neck is OK.
  12. I had an 1100 sport ie with a Staintune exhaust that I really liked.Apart from being very well built and had a nice deep sound it was really good torque and throttle response from 3000-6500 rpm. Now with a V11 LeMans I have looked around to find a replacement with those specs. to get the same result on this bike. So I ordered a full exhaust system from MASS moto in Italy 42mm ID all the way from cylinder to end of silencers. I got a picture of it sent to me before they shipped it. What are your thoughts on especially the crossover part? I have recently do
  13. Thanks emry for the info,this is good to know for those thinking about a new crossover.I hope you can sort it out. I will not buy that crossover after all.I asked MASS Moto to build me a full system.
  14. I have now ordered a xover specially built that looks just like a Stucchi but it's athinner tube and silencers fromm MASSmoto in Italy.This tube is 42mm ID (same as the headers),as the Stucchi is about 45mm I Think.Let's see how this goes..
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