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  1. Hey Scud

         Could you send me an email at groundhog105@gmail.com.   I have something I want to talk to you about 



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  3. Tim is a nice and knowledgeable guy. At last years rally at Lake Henshaw I saw him diagnose and fix another guys Scura and that boy can ride. Were having another rally this year October 19-21 at Lake Henshaw so I hope to see you guys there.
  4. We are putting on another Guzzi Rally this year. It will be held again in Southern California in north San Diego County at the Lake Henshaw Resort on October 19-21. Last year was great fun and we had a great turnout. There is no cost to attend but if you want to stay at the resort make reservations early 760-782-3487. Most of you know the riding area is fantastic and the Resort is at the base of Mt. Palomar. I hope to see a lot of you there. Bob Johnson
  5. That’s it. I’m trying to get signed up on the the hosting site suggested.
  6. I have tried the link numerous times to sign up and I keep getting an error message. I’m using an I pad.
  7. I have tried posting pictures several times but I keep getting a message that the file is too big when I use a picture in my photo library. Any suggestions?
  8. Oh yea, I forgot to add that. I had Ed Milch lighten and balance my flywheel and ringgear. Revs noticeably quicker. I also had Sean Fader shim the transmission and replace the plastic cage bearings with steel. Also one other thing I did was to put in a EME 450 watt magnetic charging system so I could run electrics and additional lighting and also get rid of the weak stock system.
  9. Yea the Zard is a beautiful stainless system, a work of art really but not cheap. I’ve been holding off on the brake kit because the stock brakes are working good. The kit consists of 300 mm rotors, up from 270 stock and the bracket to move the calipers out. I also have Brembo 4 piston calipers to put on at the same time. I think your Lemans already has 300 or 320 mm rotors. Ed Milch also makes adapters to use the 4 piston calipers on your bike.
  10. Yes the oil is checked with the dipstick screwed in, and do not over fill or it will tend to blow the oil out the breather hose
  11. It can be difficult to find radial tires in "vintage" sizes. This is an issue on my K75s as well. Some have solved it by mixing and matching brands to get a pair of radials on the bike. Weirdly, the cheap Shinko tires work well on it. The K75s is a 1992, but introduced in late 1980s - so I'm assuming wheel sizes are similar. (BMW is Front: 100/90-18. Rear: 130/90-17). Handling is surprisingly nimble, yet stable, on that bike - and will improve after I get the forks done right. Hey Tim, yea the sizes on the lemans are 100-18 front 120-18 rear so not a lot of choices. It still handles surprisingly well for the vintage.
  12. I have looked at those and it is really tempting. Maybe down the road when I do a complete teardown and at that point I would switch to the mono shock conversion
  13. yea, the sizes are the problem. I may try the conti attack classics next time around as Chuck suggested.
  14. The Lemans 3 is a great bike. Here is what I have done to my 89 Lemans. FAC cartridges in the front with race tech springs. I went with their heaviest spring for the 40mm tubes and I found that even then with a 1inch spacer i needed to run 15lbs of air to get the sag I wanted with me on the bike. Hagon shocks in the rear make it a pretty solid handler. I plan on down the road upgrading the forks to later model upside down forks with better brakes or sending my forks to a shop back east that builds their own cartridges that are fully adjustable and replacing the Hagon shocks with fully adjustable Wilbers or Ohlin. The Hagon shocks are better than the original Konis but it would be nice to have more adjustability. My motor is stock as far as i know the carbs have Ed Milch jetting and the exhaust is Zard. The Zard exhaust has a stepped header and is a larger diameter. It was actually made for the earlier Lemans 850s but works on the 1000s. I still have the stock brakes are linked with steel lines and Ive found these work well with the cast iron rotors. I have the brembo upgrade kit for the front I just haven't put it on yet. I have found that the older Lemans will flat surprise you with its capabilities until you hit a bit of a straight stretch then it just doesn't have the HP to stay with the modern bikes. But in the tight stuff it really surprises folks. I just wish I could get modern rubber for it. Im running Sport Demon which seem to stick pretty well, I have never had them slide on me and I generally wear out the sides before the center.
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