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  1. Thank you Scud! Springs arrived today. Look very nice. Much appreciation for your efforts. Now if you would ship some summer winds to my garage I’d be able to install one. Bob
  2. Payment sent for two springs, hope they end up rusting away in the toolkit, never needing to be used. Thanks for going to the trouble, it is appreciated. Bob
  3. My 01 is not faded, but looking at your beautiful bike reminds me that mine needs a wash/wax before winter truly sets in.
  4. I’m in for two, sounds good to have one in the toolkit. Thanks Chuck.
  5. Thanks Chuck, I have two pairs of suspenders, but don’t wear them much anymore, I’ve switched to sweat pants and shorts with elastic waist bands. Reason being, besides completing my old fart look, a left turn car totaled my previous FJR and busted up my pelvis. Two plates, ten screws and a very good ortho surgeon left me with an aversion to belts. Found one brand of jeans (Duluth)that ride high enough that I can wear comfortably, but I’ll never look as good as the young lady above, even if I wear heels. Anyway, I was dialing out a boatload of compression damping up front, the rest will wait for another day. It sure was good to ride the mg at a sporting pace through some twisty roads.
  6. Took my new to me Sport on it’s first semi sporting ride into central Ohio. Tired my old body out, but gelled better with the bike by the time I got home. Sorting out the suspenders along the way. 😀
  7. Thanks all for the advice, quote above is my situation, and I’ve decided to wait until spring, remove the crimped on clamps and hose, then do a decent tuneup and replace with caps. Riding time is getting shorter now, need to enjoy before you know what starts falling.
  8. My new to me Sport has a piece of fuel line joining the left and right vacuum ports together. Any advantages to this setup? I’ll disconnect this to balance the tb’s, but wonder if it’s worth putting back on. The PO went to trouble of installing with a clamping tool instead of regular hose clamps, makes me wonder if he may have known what he was doing. TIA Bob
  9. Thanks, I’ve messaged Don thru the website, if I don’t hear from him, I’ll give a call.
  10. Thanks, I have a quart bottle ready to go. Rather throw some away than run out. Was thinking I was going to grease the u joints today until I got a good look and tried to fit the gun onto the easy zerk. Found some good info here on that job, not sure my swearing vocab is up to it, probably wait until I have time to pull the wheel again.
  11. Hi, Bob here. 66, retired. Bought a project Sport about 3 weeks ago. Have owned around 15 motorcycles over my riding years. The MG is my third Italian bike, the other two were dink’s, a HD Aermachi 65 and a Sears Gilera 106 I owned around age 15/16. My other current bike is a 2006 FJR1300. I’ve looked at 4 Sports and a Ballabio over the past 11 years, but never pulled the trigger, very happy I have now. Member of this forum since 2008, sure wish I had picked up that greenie I looked at back then. My Sport is a 2001, 9100 mi, has a Tenni rear cowl with a black tank, Ti cans w/Ecu. I assume it may have been dropped somewhere in it’s past. I bought it with a leaking fuel pump, dead battery, and 15 year old tires, plus 10 years in storage, from the daughter of a gentleman who was supposedly incarcerated for running a Ponzi scheme. He did not put any miles on it, just stored it away in a climate controlled warehouse, along with all kinds of other vehicles and stuff. All this was reflected in the price. Despite all this, I feel the owner previous to the last loved this bike. I’ve put a fuel pump, new tires and about 400 miles on it. The driveline fluids looked good enough to run temporarily as I feel it was prepped properly for sale/storage, but I really need to flush the root beer out of the brake and clutch lines, which I will start tomorrow. Anyway, happy new owner looking forward to riding, and reading about this charismatic motorcycle. Bob
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