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  1. Btw, just now found the WTB area. Oops.
  2. My eBay searches were filtered for 00-01 years, so I missed that one. I could probably get a nice repaint on mine for $600. The Tenni tail fits pretty well on my 01, so when did the mounting change? When they went to in tank fuel pump?
  3. Thanks, I wasn’t clear, the Tenni tail was installed by the PO. I’d like to find a 00-01 silver or black Tail, preferably silver, to replace the Tenni.
  4. In good or better shape, to replace my mismatched, scraped Tenni.
  5. https://st-paul-harley-davidson-buell.myshopify.com/products/n0006-1ad-buell-rider-footpeg-pair-kit-for-xb-models-l19b?_pos=44&_sid=b5bcae7fc&_ss=r St Paul’s only have the right peg in stock. They also force you into a pidgeon toed stance to shift and brake.
  6. Much better than the Boss Hoss that I made the mistake of paying ten dollars to demo at Americade many years ago. This is wild but not a caricature of a motorcycle.
  7. Title says it all, need both, but don’t necessarily need pegs. Bob
  8. McMaster.com has unthreaded stainless or aluminum M10 spacers, but od is 16mm. Might not be hard to take a mm off aluminum, even without a lathe.
  9. I installed a set of Verlicchi Touring clipons that I found on eBay, similar to Convertibars but have the MG eagle engraved on them. They’re very comfortable with the fork brackets turned back to near the tank and the bars raised to limits of cabling. I also installed the Buell pegs and probably will take them off. I liked the inch drop but I dislike working the shifter pigeon toed. Here’s another bar option: https://spieglerusa.com/controls/handlebar-conversion/handlebar-conversion-kit-4317.html Oops, left out LeMans when searching Spiegler. Never mind.
  10. Many years ago, a leak around the shift shaft was one of the things that stopped me from buying a nice greenie. Which I regret to this day. Don’t know how common it really is.
  11. Thanks for the link Jorgen. I’ve read the posts stating ‘sounds normal’ and watched a couple of videos where the V11 sounds just like mine, so I’ve decided to live with it and get on to the normal maintenance this bike needs. And hoping Andy replies to post above. Bob
  12. Okay Andy, I’ve got to ask, was your FJ ever hit by a dog driving a pickup truck?
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