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  1. Thanks everyone. I like this option as a starting point. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers.
  2. Here is one more video. I will get back tomorrow. Need some sleep.... VID_20210214_212411140_3.mp4
  3. the red arrows turn independently from the blue arrows
  4. Hi, nothing in the wheel is turning. It is only the big bevel gear (#29) that is spinning on its shaft
  5. 2004 Ballabio with close to 40K. Pretty sure this is not supposed to do this. I thought it was the clutch at first, but the driveshaft turns while in gear but the rear wheel doesn't. I pulled my rear box off and found the 32 bevel gear spins on its axis. Did I shear a key? Has anyone seen this before? I don't drag race all the time... I haven' been able to find the part. I may buy a complete assembly and rebuild. Does anyone have any thoughts? thanks in advance. VID_20210118_151646469.mp4
  6. Antonio


  7. All paid up Chuck. Thanks again. I'll throw it on when I install my Roper plate. That is going to be a nice weekend. Cheers, Anthony
  8. Thanks Chuck. I'll check back often. You don't have to tell me twice.
  9. Hi Chuck, Put me down for one if there are any remaining. Thanks, Anthony
  10. Mine arrived today. Thanks again Pete and Scud! And thanks for making a donation to the forum. Cheers.
  11. I will definitely take one. Thanks to you and Pete.
  12. Yes. But I have to jump fast, which I normally do not do. I will hear about 3 to 4 valve clicks as I rocket out in front, then it goes away. I assume that the oil is sloshed back during the initial acceleration and the engine is starved for an instant. I hope the Roper plate will alleviate this. Hey, I lane split here at every light and I have to get out in front. Sometimes I have to drag race.
  13. That takes us to about 20 plates. Not meaning to turn this into too much of a tech thread, but are you assuming that fast starts are starving your engine of oil and contributing to some sort of mechanical noise? Hi ScudI can occasionally hear a little valve chatter if I take off too fast. It only lasts a second. I usually slow down before the red light comes on.
  14. Oh yea, I am in California.
  15. I would like one too. I'm tired of the chatter during fast starts.
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