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  1. The ball bearing on the break leaver side does it go before the rod pin or after it? The brake light is staying on after using the front brake.
  2. Thanks for the info you guys, when me and my bud put the lever on we found a small ball bearing on the ground after and wondered where it came from, would this be part of the issue. Stu.
  3. So I finally got my 02 LeMans going, still no neutral light, disconnected the side stand cutoff. I've put a new brake and clutch levers on and going for a test run which included a Klm of gravel road which I was a little apprihecive about though the first part was tarmac. Sure enough as soon as my front wheel hit the gravel down I went WTF, I've been riding for many years being 73 so was being very cautious, I'm ok but the Guz not so much, dinged the left Titanium muffler, front signal light thrashed, scraped the fairing, bent footpeg. Eventually someone came along we picked it up called a friend with a trailer and dragged it home but here's the thing the front brake is jammed on and that's why I washed out not my incompetence sot of Lol. We had to bleed the brake just to get it on the trailer, sorry this is a bit convoluted but can anyone explain what might be going on, I assume I screwed the install of the new front brake lever but how. Thanks Stu
  4. Ok thanks, the relays are the upgraded ones I forget the name and the battery that I have coming is a Yuasa AMG same as what's in there already.
  5. Yes that would be my next move but had to quit yesterday as it's in a friend garage and he had to go to work, tomorrow I'll check, just curious why it just shuts down and wont start, got new battery coming so might wait till it arrives. Our season is short hear Lol so need a fix ASAP.
  6. Went to start my 2002 Le Mans after charging all night nothing, noticed no neutral light, made sure it's in neutral clutch in not, disconnected side stand cut off started up, left it running got gear on then it shuts off and wont restart. I'm thinking battery as there doesn't seem to be much go even after charging over night, any ideas please, I spent $2.500Cnd last year on a general overhaul and the dreaded gear shifting problem amongst other things, thanks in advance, Stu.
  7. sullvarni


  8. Count me in, my 2002 LeMans is in for work right now and would be great if we could get these sooner than later so i can get it installed while It's being worked on, thanks S.Sullivan
  9. Yes done all that i have the Tranni side panel off and checked the Pawl spring with a friend who's more knowl'edgeable on internals than me it appears to be OK...and when i said i'm not a mechanic i mean not great on internals but do have some knowlage of motorcycles in genral as i own four just never worked on the Guz before. We followed all the insructions on this topic but have not managed to fix the problem as yet.
  10. Got a 2002 V11,was on a ride last year it locked in third gear,limped home pulled tranni cover off pawl srings good screwed around with it gettin it in neutral and so forth line up the dots and other stuff but when i put it back together It's in gear and nothing moves...been to all the info topics on same,I'm not the best mechanic on the planet so don't know where to go next except to a Guzzi shop...I'm in Northern B.C. Canada so nothing near me here so i suppose It's Valley Moto in chiliwack for me Or! "Any ideas" I'm thinking shift fork though cant' see anything obvious,also i've been told that the motor has to be pulled and the cases split to get at the Tranni is this true?. Thanks in advance Stu.
  11. Was visiting my Sister in Newton Stewart Scot july of last year and touring around in my rental car headed over the bridge to Skye as opposed to the sea to Skye...anyway was pissing duwn with rain so turned around and ended up in Plockton at the hotel their and after dinner i was in the bar and looking for a wee dram and spied the LochNagar on the shelf which had maybe 1/4 bottle left i orderd one then ended up with the rest of the bottle in front of me. "Nuff said"...finished it and a few others and waddled off to my room plesantly pissed...also brought a bottle of 21 year old Glendronach back with me to B.C.Canada,a mighty fine whiskey it was to.
  12. I put it all back together today and alas when i was done it appears to be in gear "F#*K^#G BUN of a SICH" don't know where i screwed up but I'm done with it for now...the snow will be flying soon enough here in Northern British Columbia so will just have to get by with my KLR till the end of the riding season...there's one good thing about all this It's going to be a low KLM bike if i ever sell it"LOL". Stu.
  13. No rust their and thanks for your reply...for someone who's mechanically challenged i figured it out with a little help from a friend...got it in neutral and set the gears on the side plate with the two dots strait up and down which i believe is correct for putting the side plate back on..."Yes". Stu.
  14. OK here's the thing I'm not much of a Mechanic on engine internals and i inquired in an earlier post on the dreaded pawl spring issue which i thought i had "IE" wont' shift...but when i pulled the Gear Box side plate off and checked the Pawl Spring it appears to be OK. I see in the Pawl Spring fix posts that the bike has to be in neutral when reassembling...as i don't have a clue what I'm looking at in the Gear Box "IE" Gears,Fork shifters or whatever there called and all the stuff on the side plate...can anyone explain in layman's terms one...how to find or get the bike in neutral and if It's not the Pawl Spring issue what else might it be...i realize it could be all kinds of things but an estimated guess from one of the Guzzi Gurus will surfice,thanks in advance. PS. I'd take it to a Guz dealership if on was near...700 miles is my closest...some local bike stores...but wont' even look at my Guz. Stu.
  15. Christ Europe never ceases to amaze me for prices...I'm in British Columbia Canada and use our Ferries over to Vancouver Island once in a while not only do i get a seniors rate which helps and the distance Isn't as great but not any where near as expensive as your quoting...could you not take the Chunnel train or is that just as expensive to? Stu.
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