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  2. Btw, no MyECU activity here? I`s all over at http://cajinnovations.com/yabb0/YaBB.pl or what? I do think there`s alot of MyECU users still here, or? But everybody`s just happy w their MyECUs, or?
  3. FYI: New chip f MyP8 mentioned here http://cajinnovations.com/yabb0/YaBB.pl?num=1258118188/15#15 & http://cajinnovations.com/yabb0/YaBB.pl?num=1277072713 does improve starting. Free upgrade!
  4. That`s real handy. I was mixing up gadgets earlier (5-6 beers might have contributed). I meant that a LM-1 w RPM kit http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/products/lm1.php & a LC-1 you can log & alter as you`ve done. But that`s no news, I guess.... Seems real practical, though, w that average function you mentioned. Borrowed this setup, gonna give it a try.
  5. So this is the average Lambda value of each cell fr 45 min ride? http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=9730 I believe the LC-1 & Logworks/Innovate software can do that, too. Log w LC-1, download to PC & open w Logworks/Innovate.
  6. After I got the accurate parts in my starter mechanism, I`ve had no kickbacks & good starts. Luhbos advice also helped. Just in case someone searches f answers regarding Duc 2V starts.
  7. , many thx f sharing & effort! When my bike is starting (close now) , Logworks logging will be the next subject. My main problem is, what to do w all the data....
  8. I'm visiting GellerĂ¥sen for Classic Racing this weekend (how about you? Your Ducati club will be there!) and I'll test this on that trip. Been having almost a summer vacation like school kids, 7 weeks at my countryside cottage so really have to start working now. Although I know we have our Annual meeting & Club championship race Sunday...
  9. IRL on the road readings on the Optimiser? W 150mV TPS base setting as a starting point? RPM breakpoints only that is, not TPS? Just tryin to follow your thoughts...
  10. So, bike really feels good now, even reached the state where I have to add fuel. Fuel ec now just over 0,60L/10km`s, what`s the secret f better economy, any tips & tricks? What ec do you have w MyECU?
  11. Think I`ll stick w the factory sealing, no silicone etc, thx. My box is like yours, lubho.
  12. Thx f sharing, punch! And now, something completely different: What type of sealant is best for waterproofing the case? I have a P7/8 case and I guess I need to open after sealing it since I have no custom fittings f connections. From factory there hardly seems to be any so how anal do you have to be? Loctite/Plastic Padding preferred as easiest to find. I have thoroughly laquered the PCB.
  13. Read a book today and learned something, maybe. My thought: Why do some ign maps have 1 or 2 rows between start & idle, like 2 between 600 & 1100RPM? Book said if/when idle is weak/dropping, if the row below ideal idle RPM has higher ign than idle row, it helps keeping idle steady if manifold pressure or if A/F is weak at idle etc, acc to book. True or false? EDIT: Tried 217 Ign Adv at top 4 TPS & from 5500RPM, throttle response seems killer when I just started. Cheers, mates, a little drunk on my birthday.
  14. Yep, thx, not touching Optimiser while driving. When WOT f 10 secs, then just no throttle f 5-10 s, and then a little cruising throttle: How low Inj dur can you set in 6-9k RPM, les than 500 TPS without hiccups/hesitation, like 1,5 or what? You guys who log: Tested w A/F meter & Optimiser to see TPS, hard to drive & check data I`ve realized. But logging, don`t you get to much info to handle? Do you do very short runs or what?
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