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  1. OMG - is this the famous Chuck From Indiana, from Indiana???? Who likes some fine scotch after a fun day of backroad twisties??? Hello!! Great to see your voice!!
  2. Lots of good information to digest and further research - thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts and info. My husband and I just took a 7-day ride to eastern Oregon (from NW Washington) - rode every day, mostly all day (to ensure social distancing, of course....) - he on his new Yamaha Tracer and me on the BMW, and I felt good when we got home - just a little fatigued in general, so I can hardly complain, actually!! Would be awfully greedy to be able to still do a trip like that on the Rosso..... LOL. Thanks again, everyone, and HAPPY RIDING!!!
  3. I have a 2003 Rosso Corsa, which I've had for 12 years and dearly love. However, the ergonomics are getting a little challenging for my 64-year old neck and left knee. What are anyone's recommendations re risers for the clip-ons vs. handlebars (if even possible?), and moving pegs forward a bit? I'll also have to engage in a cost-benefit analysis, ie, if one method cost a lot and only gets me 2 more years on the bike, I'd have to think long and hard about it, as opposed to some method getting me 5 more years on the bike, for instance. Even now, I just ride it on dayrides no longer than 6-8
  4. jami


  5. I brought my Rosso home from the dyno shop in Fresno, CA last Friday night, and it is running just superbly. The one pre-mapping issue it had - power flattening out around 5300 rpms and above - is gone. It pulls strong and uniformly all the way through the power band. Coming home on the freeway Fri nite, I chickened out at 6500 in 5th gear, coz I was moving so fast and still accelerating (speed unknown coz speedo is still dead). This weekend, in the daylight, got past 7000 rpms and same thing - it was still pulling as hard as at 4500. The bike now is only limited by the quality of the rid
  6. Great - thanks for the info, WWW - very helpful!!
  7. Thanks for your tips. WWW, came across the Sigma 1606L also, at Aerostich - I may go that route - thanks for the info re it. Also having a hard time finding any Sigmas at any stores - will have to order one online.
  8. Hey G and Tom - Now i'm thinking about just getting a whole new digital motorcycle unit, not a bicycle unit. A friend referred me to Electrosport for their speedo/odo units (with a number of other features as well...). I looked at their website and talked to one of their sales guys. Do you have any experience with that equipment? Maybe i'll throw out a general post, asking if anyone has gone that route. Electrosport said the old gauges would have to come off, and the new unit mounted - single-stalk mounting, i think. Any thoughts? So, G, what do you use the unit for on your
  9. G- Which one are you referring to? Yes, I'd like to see it (do you mean a picture of it?) I read your earlier post about the Cat Eye... At my age, my eyes are failing a bit, as are a number of other things!! The odo function is actually more critical to me than the speedo, though I'd like the ability to at least ballpark the speed (having already gotten one ticket on the RC after the speedo broke....). G, i'll pm you re your other pm question. I'll look into the sigma. Thanks for the info!! Any other thoughts greatly appreciated.
  10. Any suggestions for the best bicycle speedo/odo to put on my 2003 Rosso Corsa till I get some working gauges? (I did read a couple of threads on this subject; saw mention of a Sigma (BC600) speedo....) Just wondering which ones actually work/don't work on the RC. Thanks a bunch!! Jami
  11. I'll start with a disclaimer: I'm pretty mechanically-challenged, so may not explain things correctly or use the proper terminology, but hopefully you can all get the drift!!! The entire pipe system was replaced, from the head pipes on back. The stock head pipes were clattering and flapping around pretty badly, coz they were loose at each connection to the front perpendicular pipe. there was a stock crossover, i believe. P. Sloan did a whole new exhaust system. I told him I didn't want it to sound obnoxiously loud - he hit it just right somehow. The sound is throaty and wicked, not obno
  12. I got to ride my RC home from Los Angeles last Sunday, after getting some custom pipes put on, having a PC installed, and some adjustments made. The sound is now completely out of this world, it looks even better than before, and it rides so sweet, I grinned the entire 7-hour ride home (yes, I took the VERY long way 'round...even got lost on purpose a couple of times). Pipes courtesy of P "the PipeMaster" Sloan - an absolute genius. The ride - courtesy of Todd Eagan - he worked his usual magic and turned the bike into a very smooth, pulling, spot-on beast..... I'm a very lucky girl...
  13. Well, i don't know about the "hot" part, but thanks for the sentiment!! And apparently, I'm in good company with the helmet - thanks for posting that!!! The RC is actually down in LA as I write, getting some custom pipes made for it by a Guzzi friend and welding wizard. Then it will go to Todd E. for a complete "physical", PC III installation, and mapping. Can you imagine how badly I cannot wait to get it back??
  14. BTW, I have been told - and I agree - that I need to lose the pink helmet to do the bike justice, but aftermarket pipes are a little higher on the priority list right now..... It was a gas on the track!!
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