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  1. Hi Ben. I did find a used Rh Bar from a private seller.Have you tried Peter Macolme? He is rebootguzzispares2@hotmail.com.uk www.rebootguzzispares.com He's a Guzzi Breaker. I have bought parts from him in the past at reasonable prices Good Luck
  2. Thank you Docc.I'll take a better look at it tomorrow.Since it doesn't rotate all that far i think it may be ok Thank you so much again for all your Help and Effort you're putting into my question.I truly Appreciate it. Mike
  3. Does the washer rest against something underneath the needle Bearing outer race,as the washer is still captive and did not fall out after i removed the Needle bearing outer race.I'd hate to tap on it if it's against Aluminum. With my Luck i'll crack the Case.
  4. It's totally up to you.I'd hate to have you tear apart your rear drive on my account. I ordered some extreme pressure grease and it won't be here until next week anyway. I really do appreciate the help i'm getting here. Mike Crosby
  5. That's correct,with the Needle Bearing still installed,you can just see the inside diameter of the washer looking past the "Lip" of the Needle Bearing outer race.
  6. The spacer that is below the Washer does not move as freely as it did.I might be able to tap it with a drift from the Flange/Cover side if i can move the spacer of to the side somewhat.
  7. I had to split the Needle bearing outer race to remove it.In the process i dented the washer that is below it.I'd like to replace it.
  8. Well,the Bearing puller didn't work.I ended up having to split the outer race of the needle Bearing and removing it that way. Not Fun in the Least.I do need to replace the washer behind the Needle Bearing.Is it a fairly straight forward job to get to , by removing the flange to get to the Washer?
  9. Would you know if it requires heat,like a Heat gun applied to the Bevel Drive,or would i even need to do this ?
  10. I took your Advice and Removed my Rear Wheel assembly again to Lube my Needle Bearing and Found this. When i rotate the Needle Bearing i can feel the Notchiness so the Outer Race is no Better. My Bike,2004 V11 Lemans has around 20,000 Miles on it. I have a New Inner Race and Needle Bearing on order. I also ordered a "Blind Bearing" Puller hoping that will work. Thanks Again for your Advice. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.
  11. Thank you Pete.THat's where the IPC shows it and that's where i put it.It just didn't look right to me.And thanks Weegie.The more i thought about it,it can't be a differential,lol.Thanks for your Quick response and clearing that up for me
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