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  1. Or you could make your own stand like MartyNZ's. Couldn't find a picture of mine. Anyway Marty's is much better
  2. Rally has been cancelled for this year due to a restriction of gatherings of no more that 100 people under Covid level 2 here in NZ. Bugger.
  3. HI New Zealand Moto Guzzi Rally is on again this year (Covid allowing) See website for details of where and when https://tattleyrappet.wixsite.com/rally
  4. I live in hope that someone one day will work out a way to replace the chin pad . Something that's lower but still fills up the space in the tank. Maybe in carbon fibre
  5. I've got a centre stand fitted to my RM that i brought from a guy in Florida. Its not a Guzzi part. I believe TLM hand them made. Anyway its very hard to use as its got no way of levering the bike. You have to chock the left hand leg with your foot then lift the bike on to the stand. Very hard on the back
  6. I owned one for a while. My first Guzzi. Only problem I had was rear brake calipher needed rebuilding. Nice ride. Comfortable. Not much horse power (50 I think) but light so good trade off. Yes they only have a 2 valve head
  7. I'm glad I live in New Zealand. Only 20 odd cases currently (All from overseas and isolated) Life fairly normal (No overseas travel) And its a great country for motorcycling
  8. My Speedo is bouncing a lot like Tom M's. It settles down for a few k's then starts bouncing again from one side to the other. Any fresh thoughts on a solution or do I follow Doc's path?
  9. cash1000

    M Unit V11

    Interesting V11 on Trade Me I'v never seem one with Moto Gadget electrics before https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/motorbikes/motorbikes/sports/auction-2626287352.htm?rsqid=764dd7e326cb48c496c5fda587acb5e8-001
  10. Sorry to hear a about the accident especially when it involves a Tenni. And then to get touched by the virus' Hope your luck improves Fellow Kiwi & V11 owner
  11. Good to know I'm not only one who has had this problem
  12. With a little help from MartyNZ I have solved my gear box problem. The cause was a peg that had fallen out of the gearbox selection panel. When I took the panel off I found the peg in the bottom of the gearbox. It had fallen out of the hole that's indented it the middle the panel. Thankfully it had not caused any damage to the gears. After we had checked there was nothing else wrong with the panel we hammered the peg back into the panel after coating it with medium Loctite. I see later model V11’s have a nut & bolt to replace the peg. I presume that someone else had this problem. Anyway bi
  13. Thanks guys for the input The link to the recall notices is unavailable but found it here https://www.webbikeworld.com/moto-guzzi-v11-sport-recall/ Will follow up on it and report back
  14. On a ride with a few of the local Guzzi guys on Sunday I noticed I was getting a lot of false neutrals. When I went to reengage gear it was with a load grunch and then gear would be engaged but it had shifted 2 gears i.e. 5 to 3 or 2 to 4. This was happening either shifting up or down. Most gear shifts are happening like this. When taking of from standstill clutch engages fine. Gear shift linkage appears to be fine. I put bike on workshop stand and tried to shift gears with motor not going. It would only select 1st. With motor going shifting up and down gears was fine. Bi
  15. Fellow RM owner here Where did you get the fairing from? What was involved in fitting it? I've looked at the Magni fairings but been blown aware by the price and not been happy about lowering bars
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