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  1. First long ride since last summer. Tacked on a couple of days to last weekend and headed for Blenheim to visit family. East coast north of Kaikoura still has a lot of road works as a result of the earthquakes a few years ago so you have to be patient with numerous stop/go guys. What was a 4 hour trip is now 6 hours. Return trip was quicker but colder from snow that had fallen previous day. Bike went well. Just clicked over 60,000 ks. Rally season coming up here so should be able to get a few more rides in.
  2. Thanks guys for the advice. I surpose torque on these bolts wont be that much so helicoil is way to go.
  3. Hi MartyNZ I won't have time this weekend so no panic. But many thanks for the offer Time sert is not cheap. Best price I've got is $220 for kit. That's from Wurth with works discount. Rep trying to get me a better price (Fellow motorcyclist) Will be worth it if I have to end up replacing all 16 threads!
  4. Many thanks Doc. I want to order kit today and forgot to bring bolt to work
  5. I've got 3 bolts in tappitt covers on my RM that the threads are stripping out. As these bolts are being taken out each time I do valve clearances I'm thinking a Time-sert thread repair is the way to go rather than helli coil as they are stronger. What size do I need?
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    Dirider High Vis jacket and trousers, TCX boots, Shoei GT Air Helmet, 5 Gloves plus Alpine ear Plugs
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    Hi Do you know your V11? See attached photo of bolt Where does it go on your V11? Question I really want answered is how do you tighten it when there is nothing on head to use a spanner etc on? Mine have come loose. Otherwise I could replace with something else like a Button Head Cap Screw
  8. Oil leak has not gone away. I now suspect its the Neutral switch/sensor that is leaking. I've read of this happening with Aprilla's & late model Triumphs. Does anyone know of it happening in Guzzi's? I've ordered one from Moto Kiwi. I'm planning on going to Sundown Retreat Rally this week end so hopefully its here before then. Hi Tinus89 - Thanks for the confirmation. I will contact Don at Motiv and see if he has any left. I see it was welded with engine still in place. What did you do to protect electric's?
  9. After taking Tank, airbox & starter motor off found leak was coming from sensor on left hand side of gearbox. Great that it wasn't a cracked gearbox. Gasket/washer was not doing its job. Used RTV & thread sealant until I can get replacement washer/gasket. While I had every thing off I checked about mounting the plate under air box. Found on my RM that there is no mounting points on the frame. Is anyone else's like this?
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    Needs a clean
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  12. Hi Rolf, Thanks for that. I read on MG Riders FB page here in NZ that someone else had same problem. I need to remove remove tank & airbox to determine that crack in gearbox is cause of problem. Then I can decide what i'm doing
  13. Hi Nigel, I see a reference to a supplier here: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20337&do=findComment&comment=231113 You may have to paint the red finish black for your bike. Hi Marty, Thanks for the link. We should go for a ride sometime. I promise not to cover you with to much oil
  14. Can anyone find someone who stocks the plate? i.e. part no GU01202830 I have had no look - all manufacturer does not stock this part. My RM has the leak. Need to find/make a tray to go under gearbox and on exhaust to stop dip and subsequent blue haze.
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