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  1. Hi Phil. Many thanks for the offer. I've got a brother who is fitter & turner. Will see if he can follow your solution
  2. So for a non technical person could someone summarise what the solution is.
  3. What happens to needle after 60 mph? If its like mine that's when it goes really crazy
  4. I've just order one via Peter Kelly at Moto Kiwi. He has found a supplier in Italy. Similar price to MG Cycle. Hopefully this cures my crazy speedo. Calm one minute swinging from left to right the next.
  5. I ran a couple of sets at 36f 42r as per Pirellis website. That's generally only me at 100kgs mainly open road running 60% no luggage Now running metzler Roadtec 01's about to fit 3rd set Love em.
  6. Or you could make your own stand like MartyNZ's. Couldn't find a picture of mine. Anyway Marty's is much better
  7. Rally has been cancelled for this year due to a restriction of gatherings of no more that 100 people under Covid level 2 here in NZ. Bugger.
  8. HI New Zealand Moto Guzzi Rally is on again this year (Covid allowing) See website for details of where and when https://tattleyrappet.wixsite.com/rally
  9. I live in hope that someone one day will work out a way to replace the chin pad . Something that's lower but still fills up the space in the tank. Maybe in carbon fibre
  10. I've got a centre stand fitted to my RM that i brought from a guy in Florida. Its not a Guzzi part. I believe TLM hand them made. Anyway its very hard to use as its got no way of levering the bike. You have to chock the left hand leg with your foot then lift the bike on to the stand. Very hard on the back
  11. I owned one for a while. My first Guzzi. Only problem I had was rear brake calipher needed rebuilding. Nice ride. Comfortable. Not much horse power (50 I think) but light so good trade off. Yes they only have a 2 valve head
  12. I'm glad I live in New Zealand. Only 20 odd cases currently (All from overseas and isolated) Life fairly normal (No overseas travel) And its a great country for motorcycling
  13. My Speedo is bouncing a lot like Tom M's. It settles down for a few k's then starts bouncing again from one side to the other. Any fresh thoughts on a solution or do I follow Doc's path?
  14. cash1000

    M Unit V11

    Interesting V11 on Trade Me I'v never seem one with Moto Gadget electrics before https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/motorbikes/motorbikes/sports/auction-2626287352.htm?rsqid=764dd7e326cb48c496c5fda587acb5e8-001
  15. Sorry to hear a about the accident especially when it involves a Tenni. And then to get touched by the virus' Hope your luck improves Fellow Kiwi & V11 owner
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