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  1. I have one fitted to my RM. Got out of the USA a few years ago. It is differcult to use. I've put my back out several times trying to heave bike onto stand. They is no way to rock the bike on to the stand. The idea of using a 6 x 2 gets around that. Also they only fit 2000 & 2001 bikes. Its been a few years since I fitted mine but what I can remember is you need to remove the mufflers then you mount stand to the side plates. The outer ends of the red part of the stand fit to the outside of the plates.
  2. One reconditioned Fuel Tap. Many thanks to LuckyPhil for the research and to MartyNZ for the technical skills. The black heater hose is for added purchase. This is my original fuel tap which I replaced a few years ago. The replacement started leaking a few weeks ago. I mentioned it to Marty and he said right lets have a go at fixing it. He needs polygrips on his fuel tap so my spare is going to him to make a replacement for his bike
  3. cash1000


    My motorbikes
  4. Excellent. I won't let V11 know I'm getting grinder out
  5. To fit the battery cage under the frame below the rear of the tank do you have to file back some of the front straps of the battery cage to make it fit?
  6. New Zealand Moto Guzzi Rally is on Labour Weekend 2022 hopefully Motor Bike | Tattley Rappet Moto Guzzi Rally New Zealand | New Zealand
  7. Another Photo
  8. Or you could make your own factory stand or MartyNZ has an even better one that he might like to show here
  9. cash1000


    New one on its way but he happy if I return so If you up to a challenge!
  10. cash1000


    Yup came apart when I took tank off to solve fuel weep. I might take you up on that. I've emailed MotoKiwi about getting one but not heard back from him. Would bike run without it?
  11. Totally agree about the alternator cover especially routing the wires at the top
  12. Replaced Needle roller bearing in right hand side of shaft drive. I had noticed a bit of latteral movement. Used slide hammer to get bearing out (Only look 10 light blows with hammer. Bearing had no grease in it just dirty water. Got local mechanic to press new bearing in. Replaced missing washer. No movement now
  13. cash1000


    Its is a great photo isn't it. Its taken from hills around Lyttelton Harbour on Banks Pennsulia South Island New Zealand. Its an extinct volcano.
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