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  1. I've also got my '94 Miata (owned since new), but that's not for sale.
  2. @fotoguzzi, are you still looking? I'm about 95 miles south, in New Ulm, and have been thinking about selling my 2001 Rosso Mandello. I'm the second owner, 17K, factory bags and tankbag, Teo Lamers centerstand. I'm just about to order a new rear tire for it. I love the bike, but I'm turning 70 this year, and maybe the riding position is getting to be a bit too much. On the other hand, when I had it out yesterday it was such a joy.
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  4. I'm also in Minnesota, and have a 2001 Rosso Mandello. I haven't ridden the 1200 Sport, but owned a 2013 Stelvio. The Stelvio was full of quality stuff, but just too heavy for my taste. All of the comments are probably right on - the V11 is rorty fun....you've got the BMW for sane riding, so I'd suggest the V11. Try to make sure it's sorted out - but I think more than any bike I know, the build quality varies tremendously on these, and it may just be the luck of the draw. I've had no problems at all with mine over 8 years of ownership, except the waiving speedometer needle. I think almost every Minnesotan with a V11 Sport must have responded to your post. Wheere do you guys go for service? I've always used Ron at Judson Cycle (great guy and excellent mechanic), but he's cutting his hours.
  5. Great story. When I saw this bike revealed at the bike show, I thought "At last, Guzzi has a winner!" But, as always, no bikes have been released. As is so often the case, the company is just a year or two behind everyone else when a new design is first unveiled - and by the time production starts, 4-5 years later, the rest of the industry has blown past it. I still think this will be a very nice bike, but that 80-85 horsepower is rated in Italian ponies, which are always optimistic, and when its finally put on a dyno, I think it will more likely be 70-72 HP at the rear wheel, which is still a whole lot better than the V7. It's hard to believe my 1973 V7 Sport was rated at 70, would comfortably pass the Ton, and would eat an R80 BMW for breakfast. Progress?
  6. I'll be there, but not on my Rosso - 1200 miles is too far when I'm on a limited schedule and need 4 500 mile days. Will try my 2016 Street Twin - no RT, but it's still two wheels.
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    I haven't tried the new Roadsmart, but I always had the last version on, and its a good tire. My buddy with an XR 1200 has gotten 12K on the rear and 17K on the front (my mileage was about half that). I just switched to Pilot Road 4's, and they have transformed the bike. Smooth, comfortable, solid in the corners and have added a precision to the handling that I didn't know was possible. I can't recommend these enough.
  8. I'm not sure how we got from a Scot's knee pain to what's naked and what isn't, but that's the joy of this forum. Docc, you got me on the label - mea culpa! I did learn something else - all of the later models forks must be the type used on the LeMans - the ad shows enough room above the top yoke to mount the clipons. My Rosso's tubes are flush with the top, so the bars go under - but with the dogleg design, I think the height is about the same as on a LeMans...and I bet someone out there has measured it!
  9. Docc, you have described the three alternatives much more accurately than me. I don't want to split hairs, esp curly ones, but what makes the last four models "nakeds" when an original V11 Sport had no wind protection at all, not even the bikini fairing on my Rosso? The Cafe Sport has essentially the same fairing as on my RM. I can assure you, that when the weather gets foul, except for the folks on a LeMans, we are all riding naked.
  10. Sending them a report that they are showing a Sport instead of a Naked. I'd say both the original Sport and the other versions with a regular bar are "nakeds" - but you obviously have a point in that the relationship to where our hands go is very different on those two machines. I think that the clipons on the LeMans are also slightly higher than on my RM. This site is interesting, and would allow comparisons of the ergonomic measurements between bikes, but comfort is in the posterior of the sitter, so there is no substitute for actually riding the beast.
  11. I put the 30 mm Varios on my Rosso Mandello. They do help, and can be rotated forward or back. It does mess up the relationship with the shift and brake levers - you eventually adapt, but it takes a while (if anyone can tell me how to adjust them for this setup, please do so! ). I tried using my Airhawk pad to get a bit more room, and to make the seat more comfortable - it does both, but then I find the reach down to the bars becomes more extreme - on longer rides, I usually prefer having the bars higher up than saving my bum. After about 200 miles, I am stopping every 60-100 miles to get off and stretch, which really eats into the miles you can cover in a day. Whatever you do, before you leave on that length of trip, I'd make sure you are comfortable. I'm surprised that the Triumph bothered you, but not the Ducati, which has much sportier ergos - maybe you need your Guzzi's pegs farther back, if the setup on the Duck works. And hey, taking that Ducati through the Alps wouldn't be too shabby if you can't get the Sport sorted.
  12. At around 70, it begins to dance, gets worse as the speed increased. During a particularly spirited run, I glanced down and saw it was pegged at 160 (I wish). It did come back to reality once I dropped down to about 80, but this condition is gradually getting worse. I hav the original cable in, about 14K on the bike - is this a cable issue, something with the drive, or the instrument itself? Any point in replacing the cable? Thanks!
  13. What, I can't say "@#$$#!" on this forum? If it bleeps it again, that would be 'Richard".
  14. That's @#$$#! Cooter's bike, at a First Thursday I must have missed. He had it dyno'd with a Power Commander, and eventually got some decent HP produced.
  15. I've found that using an Airhawk helps a bit - improves the seat, and a bit more room to the pegs. With the stock setup, I have no problem with the bars at all, but my knees also ache. I dropped my pegs 30mm, which helps, but is still not ideal. I have found that just raising the seat height exacerbates the lean to the bars, and diminishes that feeling of being one with the bike. Keep trying - it's worth it! All the comments on your weight and condition are legit, but what do these guys know unless they are MD's who have examined you? Hey, posting kitty photos always helps - as long as you don't plan to sit on her!
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