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  1. Motokiwi had been trying to get one but apparently when it turned up wasn't the right one apparemtly. Scrambling around for an alternative.
  2. Hi Pete, Just messaged you Cheers Andy
  3. My understanding is that is the single plate clutch (Guzzi part no GU01084440/ Surflex clutch plate part no 83M4) Thanks for the suggestion of MGCycles
  4. After a bit of help, could you recommend Guzzi part suppliers in Aussie/US/UK that might be able to supply a clutch for a 2001 V11 Sport (Rosso Mandello) my mechanic in NZ is coming up empty on after market clutch plates, and has been quoted NZ$3500 for a complete clutch assembly from Guzzi NZ. Any options for where I might be able to source a clutch without selling a kidney would be much appreciated. Cheers Andy
  5. gsp0702


  6. See I reckon they are looking to steal sales from the R9T Urban GS rather than the F800GS, as it looks a little retro so full on adv bike is probably not where they are going, but that's just me.
  7. Found this via Twitter, and forgive the Google translate :- The novelty starts with the engine - which will see a potential (1000-1200 cc) capacity - that will have nothing to do with current Big Bore or Small Block and will adopt a mixed cooling system with the head part cooled to liquid while lower air cylinders should remain cool for the cylinders So looks as the majority suspected a new air/water cooled V-Twin a la BMW approach, which will be shown in a concept of which the article had no details. (Original link :- https://www.gpone.com/it/2017/10/16/news-prodotto/moto-guzzi-ad-eicma-un-concept-rivoluzionario.html#.WeXKXlZHabo.facebook) Plus looks like last years V9 X-Track concept is a production bike for 2018.
  8. Received the Clan email today and it's bit on EICMA had the following:- "To start with, those of you that joined us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary V7 are going to find many more good reasons to carry on celebrating, in fact, as many reasons as the number of new special editions of this iconic model that will be on display at the fair." So looks like more V7 special editions, and a little cagey on other stuff, but hey who doesn't love a V7 special edition, new Stornello anyone.
  9. We had a local dealer here in Wellington that had these new around 2008/9 he struggled to move them, I think people liked the look but generally went with the Ducati Monster which he also sold if they went italian. Because like Benelli and Bimota they seem to pop in and out of bankcrupty/insolvancy at an alarming rate people were even more reluctant to splash the cash than they would be on a Guzzi because of dealer support/spares issues. Reviews at the time were also somewhat lukewarm.
  10. Tough at the moment, I have ridden the 8v Griso and it's a nice bike, so if I didn't have the V11 would be in the mix it was just to similar to the current to change, otherwise rode the V9 Roamer/Bobber and was actually quite impressed so they would be in the mix.
  11. Always thought the original T3 Speed Triple was a similar sort of animal to the V11, quick enough, has a presence about it a little old school and relatively rare.
  12. Thanks for all the comments, was never really keen on the take offs, so the bike goes in on saturday for a conti road attack, (160/60) I have had good experience with these on my last bike. Cheers Andy
  13. I'll check the rim size later, If I could get a reasonable deal I would probably change both front and back, however NZ doesn't have the level of competition you see in the states or the UK where for what I would pay for one tyre here I could get a pair. Fundametally I don't like the idea of second hand tyres I am just feeling ripped of by the local tyre suppliers. Cheers Andy
  14. I know, another tyre thread, but I am a slightly confused V11 owner at the moment, current rear tyre (BRIDGESTONE BT57) is only just legal, phoned around and looking at $340NZ to get a new bridgestone but can't match the front as thats running a BT45 or replace with a BT57 as they are no longer available so next best option is BT021. Different tread pattern so would be the same as running a different make on the back is the way I am thinking. Or look for a decent used pair on the local equivalent to EBAY, being flogged of by trackday guys or racers. Downside probably stickier than I really need, biggest problem is that 170/60 seem relatively rare but 160/60 not so. Would a 160/60 fit onto my second series Ross Mandello? Will the smaller section make a discernible difference to the bikes hadling. Especially as I generally don't ride it like i stole it and i won't be hanging of it in corners. Again apologies for the tyre thread. Andy
  15. I thought I would relate my experiences with Hagon shocks, I had to replace the completely Knackered O/E shock on my Triumph Tiger, choices were 600GBP for the Triumph part or 25O GBP for the Hagon which has more adjustability is somewhat tailored to your size and type of riding. So a pretty easy decision, went with the Hagon which was supplied very quickly and was a good upgrade, shipped the bike to NZ, and when it was compliance tested the shock was found to be leaking, which isn't great but Hagon's customer service couldn't be faulted, new damper unit supplied and shipped to NZ (bear in mind purchased in UK) free of charge, bike shop refitted and it has been fine since, well until I sold it and got the V11. Would i fit another Hagon, yep
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