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    '04 V11 Ballabio [gone], '98 V11 EV, '07 Norge, '10 Griso, '16 Stornello, & '17 V7 III
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    Above Pott's Camp along Braddock's route, Virginia

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    Military law, history, gardening, & riding my Guzzis while waiting (impatiently) for (more) grandbabies. OK, maybe 13 are enough!

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  1. I've been to SSR's on my Ballabio, Norge, Griso, EV, and Stornello. Not sure which this year, but my V7 III is a SSR virgin, so mebbe. I found it humiliating at first to be made to sit outside the covered area by the fire pit for post-ride benchracing and belching, but have gotten over that. Bill
  2. I sent the following around a few days ago as an email to some “usual suspects." Decided to post it as a thread on some Guzzi websites in case I missed someone. These “Mutton Runs” are always a highlight of my motorcycling year, and I think that anyone who has to been to one agrees. Let me know if interested, though there is no effort to make it a group ride … well, except possibly on Sunday morning to the picnic itself. I might need to alert the parish lest they think Hollister 1947 has morphed into Whitesville 2021! Three Guzzisti have already indicated a desire to leave from here, another will meet us along the way, and several others have said they will meet us in Owensboro. ======= Well, there are several ways to sate that mutton urge, e.g., have some delivered to your door; see https://www.moonlite.com. We’ve done that ourselves. Mmmmmutton. But, a more fun way is to ride your motorcycle to Daviess County, Kentucky, and smack your lips at the biennial picnic at St. Mary of the Woods in Whitesville on Sunday, 26 September 2021. This will be a return to the great picnics of old after three Covid-cancelled or modified “drive-thru” events. Several getting this have been on previous “mutton runs” over the years. Those lucky folks know what it’s all about. If, OTOH, you have no clue about this and want to know more — and, heck, if you are still reading this, you must care at some level however small — take a look at one or more of these slideshows. May 2016 - https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Men-Motorcycles-Mutton/n-GRNH7j/ May 2018 - https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Mutton-Running-May-2018/n-dHftGV/ Sep 2018 - https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Muttoning-Sept-2018/n-7HZKSL/ May 2019 - https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Mutton-Run-2019-/n-9V3j52 I plan to leave home on Thursday, 23 September, RON somewhere — Maysville, if doable — then RON at the Holiday Inn Riverfront in Owensboro, “in 24, out 27 September (Monday);" https://www.ihg.com/holidayinn/hotels/us/en/owensboro/owbdt/hoteldetail Owensboro has lots of other lodging available. See, e.g.,https://tinyurl.com/Yellow-Banks-Lodging The plan is to take (something like!) this route (from here, anyway), tho this may be of the “Bridge Too Far” sort of plan: https://tinyurl.com/Cross-Junction-to-Mutton-Land The route includes a cameo on the second day at the Kentucky Guzzi rally near Frankfort. We usually stop only for fueling (the Guzzis and a quick snack), hydration, bladder maintenance, and occasional overlooks, compelling photo opps, and some historical markers (my personal flaw!). In other words, no leisurely Italian lunches followed by Riposo! We travel almost exclusively on tertiary back roads, and only hit major roads or the slab if WAY behind or to avoid trafficky city centers, tho places like Lees Lick and the like have little traffic unless the daily freight rolls through! Return routing to Cross Junction TBD. Questions? Ask. Let me know if you are interested in joining me on all, part, or meeting me along the way of this motorcycle curve-carving, culinary, and corn-sipping* trek. Bill 404.EIGHTZEROEIGHT.8486 wrhagan-AT-earthlink-DOT-net * Yes, it is possible that some a-maizing liquid will be tested, tasted, & toasted!
  3. Yes. Juvenile. See good piece about those here: Copperhead Snake Factoids Yikes re daughter. That would make any mom & dad nervous! We respect snakes, spiders, and other less lovable creatures, but, especially for our grandkids, draw the line at venomous ones in the house and curtilage. There are various versions of black snakes on the property that prey upon all sorts of rodents and, interestingly, copperheads and rattlesnakes. We are happy to see those constrictors, and -- no doubt in part because of them -- this is the first venomous snake we've seen here. That small copperhead was not, of course, an "only child," but juvenile snakes have many predators and there probably aren't many left. I am still being more careful about footgear, at least for awhile! Bill
  4. I have a new security system at the Moto Grappa. It was on duty about 7 a.m. this morning when I went down there.I don't think I'll wear sandals down there anymore.Bill
  5. Yup. Wayne's the surgeon; we others, nurses. Bill P.S. Just realized that my wrenching skills make my reference to nurses unintentionally insulting. I am often mystified and occasionally mortified by how little I know when I listen to Wayne or, as shown in that and related pix, watch him work. Perhaps even more impressively, he is remarkably modest about his talent.
  6. Many of you have told me how you and others have been near distraught at the delay in getting pix posted of the recently concluded Moto Grappa Tech & Tire Days, 2021 [abbreviated confusingly and saving only few letters as "MGTTD MMXXI."] OK, OK, maybe only person has, and he was being facetious. Still, I felt obligated to get those out there. Besides, Kathi, freshly returned from Seattle, thinks “working” on the slideshow was simply yet another ploy to avoid knocking items off her “List," so I had to finish quickly. A word for those who — rather understandably — see my slideshows as the pictorial equivalent of TLDR: don’t open the url. But, know that it could have been much worse; I started with 500+ photos, and now have “only” 155. The link opens in “landscape collage,” and captions appear when hovering your cursor over a pic. You can go to fullscreen and play the show or advance manually, but captions often “fall off” when doing that so it can be problematic. That said, if you have any interest in viewing the three brief (a few seconds long) videos, you have to go to fullscreen to see those. Enough “legals;” I can’t help it. Here are the pix: MGTTD-MMXXI Bill
  7. And I thought I was old! Still, quite apt. Well played, Sir; well played. Bill
  8. Perhaps I misread your post, Cabernet, but it seems to me that your statement would mean that one would need to approach every crest at walking speed to ensure nothing sinister awaits. Surely the traveling public may rely on a reasonable supposition that the road ahead is clear in the absence of various warning signs, e.g., "Hidden Driveway," etc. In the OP's case, he "crested a hill to find someone attempting an (illegal) 3-point turn in front of" him. I recall some years ago Pete Roper reporting the death of aan Aussie friend and Guzzista who had a less fortunate encounter with a u-turning vehicle just over a hilltop. It seems ludicrous to me that the late rider and the OP -- on the facts presented -- would be liable to prosecution for their riding. [Edit: I just read Pete's post!] My only quibble with the OP's rendition was that he "laid the bike down." I have no doubt that he lowsided, but having BTDT on other occasions, suspect he was not in charge of the applied-physics lesson happening to him at the time. Bill
  9. It really was an amazing coincidence to come out of -- I am somewhat embarrassed to admit this publicly -- Denny's after breakfast and see the unidentified-until-now Nick on his Norge with a Duc riding with him. Nick told me on the phone that he had left his home in the N.J. Philly burbs with the intention of meeting his Bologna buddy -- from a different part of Pa. Philly -- somewhere along the way. Nick came off I-81 northbound onto U.S. 11 just as his Ducati friend rolled off of I-81 southbound. That's a four-or-so hour trip meshing serendipitously at the same moment. Add to that our own puling out of the Denny's parking lot to see a red Norge. Not quite to Twilight Zone level, but a nice coincidence anyway. Bill
  10. ^^^^^ It was "N.J. Nick." He and buddy were en route to a beemer rally near Greenbanks, W.V. Nick reports that may have been more Guzzis than BMW's. The man rides all the time, and everywhere. Bill
  11. Saw a red firstgen Norge -- keeping questionable com[any with a Ducati -- in Winchester day before yesterday (Thursday, 27 May) southbound on U.S. 11 vic. I-81. Anyone here? Bill
  12. ... and, I would hope, too, among courteous and thoughtful folks of all sorts. I count myself as among those, and thus find no shame or "sneakiness" in that. YMMV and, seemingly, does. Ces't la vie, just not my vie. I am, BTW, done with this thread as I view the horse beaten to death, butchered, and packed for resale. Best, Bill
  13. I'm thinking that if we all "don't necessarily disagree" enough, maybe we'll soon all think the same. My way, of course. As so much of what we all "think" is often less cognitive than that, all of this reminds me of ... What Was I Thinkin' Bill
  14. ^^^^ I understand and do not necessarily disagree. That said, I view all such things through a "time, manner, & place" lens. What I say around my supper table, fire pit, and the like to friends are not things I say in motorcycle forums outside of "BS" subtopics. I loathe PC and all its fellow travelers, and, regrettably, it seems to have driven speech underground. Sad. But I also don't view every venue as a soapbox for my pet rocks ... and I assure you that I have a rock garden of those. So, if interested in any of those or in sharing yours, you and others here are welcome to come visit me in the Moto Grappa at the top of Virginia sometime, sit on the porch a spell, and sip something pleasant while we rant on about the decline and fall of western civilization. 1921 - 2021! Bill
  15. Cool pic and story on the merits, but, regrettably, if it follows its present diverging course, perhaps it and follow-on now belong here: "Special place for banter and other silly remarks"? Bill
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