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    '04 V11 Ballabio [gone], '98 V11 EV, '07 Norge, '10 Griso, '16 Stornello, & '17 V7 III
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    Military law, history, gardening, & riding my Guzzis while waiting (impatiently) for (more) grandbabies. OK, maybe 13 are enough!

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  1. Ah, yes; I remember that last pic. I had just told Josh that if he couldn't keep up with an old fat guy two-up on a Norge, perhaps he should consider another sport. He took it well, actually. Bill P.S. Hope to post my SSR XV slideshow soon.
  2. Kathi waves at the 129photos guy on the Cherohala. I was focused on and praying that leaky rear tire would get us safely to Wheeler's! Bill
  3. ^^^^^^^ THAT is funny! And a nice pic, too. We are at my brother’s home In Hiawassee. Will head nawth to home on Wed. Will try to post some pix soon. We had a fine time at the SSR XV! B&K
  4. Left Cross Junction this morning; overnighting in Fort Chiswell, Va. Will arrive in Tellico late tomorrow afternoon. Took back roads. Lovely. Map here, tho the 6 hours, 43 minutes is a Google Giggle: Detailed route here if you care: Cross Junction to Fort Chiswell via Back Roads Well, lovely except for the four miles of terrorizing and unexpected "plush" gravel on Va. CR 610 from Pulaski to vic. Max Meadows. Simply awful and no road for a Norge with just repainted painnier$! I took the pic at the only flat and relatively clean spot I could find. See you tomorrow. Bill P.S. Kathi is caging it; may beat me there.
  5. Are you there now? Mighty good time from Zanesville! Bill
  6. It has been my experience that God does not watch weather channel. Besides, I view meteorology as a notch below alchemy and astrology as a science. On the other hand, I am considering bringing rain gear just to keep it from happening. Bill P.S. Weather’s mighty fine here!
  7. Ha! I deserved that. But not. Four Roses, Single Barrel. Bill
  8. “We?” I am, btw, in Zanesville for Ohio rally. Sitting outside hotel reliving day with the (stupendous) V7 III. The mug has in what you might suspect. Bill
  9. What? I don't remember that ... tho the explanation may be right there. As for certain other spirits, see Whisky or Whiskey? Bill
  10. Well, in our case, it'll probably a V12 singing arias. Think all my Guzzis except my new V7 Special have been to SSR's. And, if I can't get my Norge's panniers back from the paint shop in time, that one will make its intro, too. . Bill (& Kathi )
  11. I have the answer to your need-miles conundrum. Our "B&B” has a room (with path to bath ) available. I'll even meet you halfway to escort you on some stupendous W.V. and Va. back roads. https://goo.gl/maps/xWasaho2TnYu6nai8 Bill
  12. Yeah, but his GPS may need an update if it took him off-road.
  13. Regrettably, as do other fond memories, time changes things. I'll save my Yvonne stories for the campfire ... after Kathi goes to bed. WRT roads in the SE USA, the Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS) has “improved” many of the roads we all so fondly (or not) remember from twisting, tummy-tickling (or worse) back-seat-riding experiences to dull straights. Mighty fine for the locals and farm-to-market needs, but painful to ride as they are often 4-lane slabs. My map was a quick look; "needs work." Before you all head up 25 or any other roads that way, recommend a google-maps recon. There are many — MANY — great roads in Kentucky, but some now make I-75 seem interesting. Bill
  14. Understand, and certainly defer — with unabashed envy — to your moto-miles experience. That said, SE Indiana has some lovely riding country. Moreover, slabbing it to vic. Cincinnati sets you up for some miles of smiles (and a few helmet screams!) in eastern Kentucky. So, mebbe Mikko might consider something like this: Details: River City to Tellico Quick pic here: I was on some of that in my mutton run in May; still grinning. Besides, Kentucky has — the recent tragedy at Jim Beam notwithstanding — some great “scenery.” Again, time may be a big deal to those of you still working for a living. I'm not ... but am happy still to be living! Bill
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