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  1. I have the answer to your need-miles conundrum. Our "B&B” has a room (with path to bath ) available. I'll even meet you halfway to escort you on some stupendous W.V. and Va. back roads. https://goo.gl/maps/xWasaho2TnYu6nai8 Bill
  2. Yeah, but his GPS may need an update if it took him off-road.
  3. Regrettably, as do other fond memories, time changes things. I'll save my Yvonne stories for the campfire ... after Kathi goes to bed. WRT roads in the SE USA, the Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS) has “improved” many of the roads we all so fondly (or not) remember from twisting, tummy-tickling (or worse) back-seat-riding experiences to dull straights. Mighty fine for the locals and farm-to-market needs, but painful to ride as they are often 4-lane slabs. My map was a quick look; "needs work." Before you all head up 25 or any other roads that way, recommend a google-maps recon. There are many — MANY — great roads in Kentucky, but some now make I-75 seem interesting. Bill
  4. Understand, and certainly defer — with unabashed envy — to your moto-miles experience. That said, SE Indiana has some lovely riding country. Moreover, slabbing it to vic. Cincinnati sets you up for some miles of smiles (and a few helmet screams!) in eastern Kentucky. So, mebbe Mikko might consider something like this: Details: River City to Tellico Quick pic here: I was on some of that in my mutton run in May; still grinning. Besides, Kentucky has — the recent tragedy at Jim Beam notwithstanding — some great “scenery.” Again, time may be a big deal to those of you still working for a living. I'm not ... but am happy still to be living! Bill
  5. Hoping you aren't compelled by "real life" to slab it. We are at the top of Virginia and only a 100 miles shy of your distance, but will take back roads the whole way there and back. Cross Junction to Tellico Lodge Yes, two days each way, but so worth it. Retired life has many advantages, and allows much more rose-smelling than our previous incarnations. Bill
  6. ^^^^^^^ Shouldn’t we be allowed to vote on that? Bill
  7. Dave's "espresso & grappa" is the best-looking of any Norge ever ... and I tend to think that the onluy "proper" color for an Italian motorcycle is red. Bill
  8. Yes, at least as opposed to Atlanta only. Hoping to be down there next week to deliver some excess furniture to Michael. Likely have Griso or V7 on trailer as it's hard at my age to ride with an overstuffed chair and large rug on the rear rack. Bill
  9. ^^^^^^^ Many thanks. It is easier here to get this at NAPA parts stores or on Amazon.: https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/FIL3032 Bill
  10. Just reserved our "usual room." Now, which Guzzi? The new V7 III wants to play, but Kathi says Norge. Oh, never mind; I know which Guzzi will make the trip. Just back from western N.Y. rally on it. Still runs like a champ. OBTW, my brother just bought a second home in Hiawassee. Said the ride from Atlanta to the mountains and back was just too much of a dangerous, boring, and maddening PITA. Bill P.S. Kathi says "hi" to all.
  11. Thanks to all. Seems hose was OK. Tho perhaps removing the clamps on the the OEM filter MAY have done some damage. Be that as it may, the culprit this time was the filter itself. The plastic half of the OEM was so swollen -- presumably from cursed ethanol -- that it split at the seam with its metal mate. Guzzisteve called in the NAPA part #[GOLD 3032] and all was well. I'll post some pix of this and more when I get back home on Monday. Bill
  12. John Wells recently sold his early 2007 Norge (sister VIN to mine) to friend, Ray. We are all at western N.Y. rally in Westfield, N.Y. On short ride this a.m., Ray’s Norge -- 11K miles; well maintained --- “died” underway. Checked all fuses and relays. All appear good. Ruled out (preliminarily, at least) sidestand interlock. Starter cranks; no start. John — who is on the scene and whom I cc — and others there believe related to internal fuel pump as I understand they can see fuel “swirling,” which they recall as filter failure? Given unavailability of OEM, might any of you know of clone that would work? Other ideas/suggestions? Bill 404.8ZERO8.8486
  13. Here are some pix of my recent V7 trip to Kentucky to eat mutton. I thought I'd posted here before about similar trips -- tho those all came after my Ballabio was history -- but don't see those.Anyway, if you decide to open the link, below, have at it. Just don't whine about "too many pix." It's a character & behavior disorder. On the bright side, you can see all pix at once when the link opens and “hover” over any to get (truncated) captions. To read all of those, click on first pic to go to slideshow mode.This was a grand trip of 1500 or so twisty miles with a boon companion, tho Lannis (on his Stelvio) and I would have preferred our Perfect Pillions, Fay & Kathi to have come along. That said, they were busy — hmmmm; or said they were! — and mutton waits for no woman. OK, here’s the link: Mutton In May Best from the top of Virginia ...Bill
  14. Lordy, how can one follow Pete Roper? I'll just sob quietly here, and make do with my moto-cement-mixers. Seriously, whatever the merits (or lack) of the V-7 & 9's, ditto the V85TT, they all seem to have a foothold in the imaginations (and wallet$) of lots of folks, including lots of younger ones. That seems to me not to be a bad thing even if retrograde in some other respects. Back to nursing a nasty deer-tick bite, and hoping that the little effer did not leave me unable to eat red meat or drink red wine. A pox on the creatures. Bill
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