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  1. Doesn't look as if any of us responded directly to your inquiry except by the positive inferences you may have drawn. Still looking? Pull the trigger? I have 82K miles on mine. A grand machine. Romped with it a week or so ago. Bill
  2. Well, rats. Kathi and I will be no-shows at this year's SSR. Not a C19 thing, but a family-events calendar that has us too far away to make it from here, there, and back, etc., in time, even in a Ferrari, much less our Fit, Mini, or any of our moto-harem. Regrets and best wishes to all. We look forward to the pix and tales. B&K P.S. I showed this to Kathi after I launched it, and she said "WHO IS THAT?" ... meaning the Cubanos. Naturally, I lied and said "That's another reason we just could not go, Dear; I was appalled." [Not]
  3. Good morning from the MGGG MMXX battlefield in Cross Junction, Virginia, where the National Park Service is already putting up historical markers. So, a group of Guzzisti friends and I got together for a “Guy-Only Slumber Party, Motorcycle Riding, Eating, Drinking, & Lie-Telling” weekend in the middle of July. It was grand. The CDC would not have approved, but while hardly keeping each other at arms’ length, everyone was mindful and courteous. We’ll know how that part goes within two weeks. Naturally, I took photos. Lots of them. As in nudging 500! But, lucky you, "on
  4. All interesting. I do note that no one from the Bundesrepublik Deutschland responded. Bill
  5. Wow! Gotta give the LEO's -- or tax agents, if one prefers -- points for style and technical merit for that garbage-cart-become-speed-cam. Bill
  6. Saw this today: https://advrider.com/germany-bans-gps-speed-camera-alerts/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_content=06_05_2020 Curious to hear what our Germans on this forum -- and FTM, of course, other Euros -- think of this. Bill
  7. Super guy! Thoughts, prayers, best wishes from the top of Virginia, Bill & Kathi
  8. Thanks for asking and suggesting a fix. That reentry-like glow was a one-time VERY brief run in shop after (partial) 6K service. In brief response to your question, I started it, listened to it run (crappily) for possibly 10 seconds, then tried using throttle to raise RPM's. No joy. Max running was c. 30-40 secs, if that. Scared me feceless when I saw the pipes glow like a cherry pie fresh from oven. I did not post details here, but, if interested in more, see https://www.grisoghetto.com/t5042-great-griso-minds-needed-for-a-v7-problem I got the new plug caps and plugs
  9. That was an interesting diversion. I have always liked the Coppas, but passed on at least two chances to replace my irreplaceable Ballabio. That listing sucked me in to read more.Was a bit puzzled by this sort of thing: “[H]e added understated touches like the silicone tubing on the Ducati.”But the oddest and most poignant bit of all of this was that the auction house’s sale blurb was the closest thing to an obit I could find out there: https://www.lelandlittle.com/story/a-life-in-motion/59817/There is always “the rest of the story” to all of our stories, but I hope for Mr. Szafran’s sak
  10. Second the "like Sandra Dee" motion, tho not sure enough to join this: https://www.fanpop.com/clubs/sandra-dee As I recall -- tho that is occasionally the problem! -- there are bacchanalian moments during every SSR that rival the best of MGTD. Kathi is now home and wandering about the house muttering. And, here I thought I had engineered a stupendous recovery operation following MGTD-III. I get the impression that there will be "consequences." Bill
  11. Howdy from the top of Virginia. I recently hosted and survived “MGTD-III” [Moto Grappa Tech Days], an annual (at least has been for three years) event that brings together some Moto Guzzi owners -- including Nobleswood here -- to work, à la Tom Sawyer, on my Guzzis. And, while feminists may groan, it’s a “no wimmen allowed” gathering. Kathi goes elsewhere (this time to Erie) because why would she (or any other woman) hang around 15 guys who mostly get greasy from wrenching motorcycles, eat lots of bad food, drink beer and bourbon, belch, tell lies, snore loudly, and worse? I c
  12. As docc says, all same ... at least when your Guzzi was crated in Mandello. Well, unless assembled after a grappa break! You might find the AWOL original fastener (and other items) in the "cleavage" between the jugs! I lost one or two of the upper ones and found 'em later loitering there. 1921! Bill
  13. Great vid, but I'm calling BS on that being Portland. Bright sun? No way. Kathi's visiting kids and grands in Edmonds (Seattle) and Portland just now. I declined. Have spent weeks there in several seasons. I think the whole PNW is a perpetual cloud bank. Love that tee shirt: "Seattle Rain Festival: 1 January - 31 December." BTW, yes, I know it can be pretty, and have seen (a few) days like that in June and July. Just not my cup of effete coffee. In counterpoint, have to say that the PNW and Minnesota seem to have more crazy weather-bedamned motorcyclists per square mi
  14. Yup re star pattern there and anywhere else fasteners are grouped. "Wrench art?" I'm not smart enough to make up that sort of word wizardry. Got it from John Zibell. It may or may not be original with him, but he must be smart as he's a (real) rocket scientist. I know what it means and can occasionally paint a passable picture. As for original gaskets, amazing. I just ordered one of these -- Motion-Pro Gasket Scraper -- because I can occasionally reuse a gasket, but mostly can't and thus worry about gouging the mating surface where the gasket residue resides. Bill
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