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  1. Lordy, how can one follow Pete Roper? I'll just sob quietly here, and make do with my moto-cement-mixers. Seriously, whatever the merits (or lack) of the V-7 & 9's, ditto the V85TT, they all seem to have a foothold in the imaginations (and wallet$) of lots of folks, including lots of younger ones. That seems to me not to be a bad thing even if retrograde in some other respects. Back to nursing a nasty deer-tick bite, and hoping that the little effer did not leave me unable to eat red meat or drink red wine. A pox on the creatures. Bill
  2. At least that's how I phrase My Problem to Kathi, my indulgent Perfect Pillion and Polish Princess. Just bought a V7 III Special from my brother -- who thought it "vibrated too much" See attached. We are spent last night in Hillsville, Virginia -- where we still lounge around the hotel, in no hurry -- after annoying other folks on the interstates yesterday. It is interesting maintaining 62 mph on the slab. Stream after stream of 80+ mph cars and trucks pass, with many minutes of calm solo travel. Odd. My biggest concern out there is oblivious folks rear-ending us! Anyway, the new sweetie will be in the Moto Grappa tonight. Bill
  3. Bill Hagan

    Bill Hagan

  4. Yes, and I would be curious to hear from someone who went that route and is happy with the results. I also note that WRT "our" tanks that "there are additional considerations," that, as one must "call for pricing details," might make this pricier than finding an extra. I am not being negative, as I hope someone has figured out how to do this right. Bill
  5. all the factory tanks are painted?? the only bubbling I'v e seen personally is the Rosso Corsa graphics, a film applied over color and (I think) under clear coat. Clearly this is complete rubbish as std tanks are painted and mine is 20 years old without bubbling paint. I've also had plastic Ducati tanks painted without issue. Ciao WRT paint damage, my Norge and Griso tanks have had the pox. The swelling of the tanks is a greater concern than the cosmetic "bubbles," as it's difficult to impossible to bolt the tank back in place. Ethanol is evil. Make bourbon from corn, not ICE fuel! I bought "spares" and swap them out after a year or so. After removing, I rinse them well with water and allow to dry. Have not tried the various internal coatings as they are co$tly and, it seems, also problematic with mixed results. My "fix" isn't cheap, but it's weasy and works. All bubbles disappear and the tanks shrink back to original size. WRT "wrapping," I have used the Plastidip https://www.dipyourcar.com-- assume this or similar what Walter means by "wrap" -- on Norge panniers and fairing after a gravity experiment went awry. Interestingly, the Plastidip red is almost identical to the Norge's red and with a the clear-coat Plastidip follow-on, the result isn't bad at all, especially for an on-the-road hiding of one's riding incompetence! That said, my level of application skill was, at least when I tried it last, insufficient and I have had those items repainted bu folks who knew what they were doing. It is nigh on to impossible to "feather" the stuff for a blended finish, so one must apply several coats over an entire surface to get the coverage and removal benefits. Hope the above was lucid, but no time to reread for accuracy. My "supervisor" wants breakfast; must go or pay the price. Bill
  6. [Apologies to those who have already seen this email or posts on other sites, but I became confused — more than my usual state! — in remembering whether I had sent this to some here by email, and also managed to delete my sent files. Doh. That led to the present barrage of the same thing. As I said, sorry.] Good morning from the top of Virginia. MGTD2 in the subject line is what Kathi (somewhat insensitively) calls the just-concluded Moto Grappa Tech Days 2, a four-day, guy-only conclave of Moto Guzzi nuts enthusiasts at our home. Kathi wisely escaped to Erie to avoid this event! Anyway, if still reading, aside from locals, we had a number of fellow Guzzisti from Md., N.Y., N.J., Fla., Penna., visit and spend a night or three in an Old Flatulent Slumber Party. During the days, they all worked on my Guzzis, à la Tom Sawyer, and another one — a vintage ’67 Guzzi that was voted “Best in Show." So, I just finished culling about 700 pix — no, really! — and got them down to a more manageable (but no doubt still, for some, daunting) number. Be that as it may, the pix come up in what Smugmug calls “collage landscape,” which means you do not have to plow through all — or, FTM, if you leave now, any — to wander among the few that you might find worthy. Use your cursor to hover for captions that, with the pix, tell the MGTD2 story. You'll have to “open” the pix in preview mode to read the longer captions. Still reading? Go here: https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/MGTD2-February-2019/n-78RTZt/ “Preview” is also the only way to watch and listen to the four very short vids I embedded there. I think those are fun to watch and hear, but YMMV. Just light up the first, https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/MGTD2-February-2019/n-78RTZt/i-bd2Pxqb/A, then go to the next three. Kathi got back from Erie after the MGTD2 closing ceremony, and — somewhat to my surprise — the house passed her cursory inspection. Bill P.S. If you found that worthy, and/or are terminally bored, here are pix from the 2018 event: https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Moto-Grappa-Tech-Days-Feb-2018/n-tRCvsm/ --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Bill Hagan
  7. Thanks for responses; keep the guesses coming. The side cover made me think it is was a 850T. Are not many valve covers interchangeable within certain series? Bill
  8. Dennis -- "Der Kanzler" -- a SSR alum, sent this from Thailand. Any ideas which model/year, etc.? Grazie ... or, under the circumstances, vielen Dank u. ขอบคุณ. Bilhelm
  9. 1. Take twice as long as you need to. 2. Stay twice as long as you thought you would. 3. Stop for more pictures than I did. 4. Consider installing the INNOV K2 cameras. I still haven't put together all the segments, because...well I didn't have enough discovery before I left and have to stitch together a bunch of short clips. The camera isn't terribly expensive nor hard to install, and if you give yourself a week with it around home to tune the settings- and remember to clean the lens every time you ride through something you're sure you want to keep- you'll have some outstanding video of the ride with zero effort while riding. Thanks. Great points, sometimes forgotten, especially when one realizes there are more miles ahead than hours on the clock. I have an older vid cam, but went to product's website to see about the INNOV K2: https://www.innovv.com/innovv-k2 Looks like a great system and is obviously several digital generations beyond my present one. I especially like the "no hands" piece as I almost (rather literally ) killed myself on a W.V, twisty fumbling with that cam to get a still pic! Gave up on-board pic taking moments after I realized I had survived that experience and changed my underwear! That said, fortunately (but unfortunately for moto-purchases) we are in the middle of some major home renovation$, so that cam may be too dear just now. Oh, and I forgot , I'm up-gunning the Stornello's suspension front and rear, adding bash plate and crash bars (and rim tape for tubeless tires!), all with Kathi's smiling approval ​ ... but a new cam just now might be buck too far. Anyway, your "practice time" suggestion for it is duly noted, and I am months away from launch, so have time to build up the fiscal (and marital ) wherewithal for that system. Thanks again. Bill
  10. It's a delight! Dave told me he has them made by Dennis Stubbelfield Tools in L.A., CA, USA. No "index lines" were needed. The tool has a a nice *feel*. I am an Imelda Marcos of tools. Pity I don't know how to use them. OTOH, it does make life easier on my more skilled visitors when I look pitiful and wring my hands. So, naturally, I just bought one of those. Bill
  11. Still working on the route and timing. As of now -- but I am wishy-washy -- will take Griso and Kathi will drive (but not in a convoy; nothing good could come of that ). We'll bunk together at overnights, but otherwise let our tummies, bladders, and other draws determine other stops. Here's the tentative plan now, but needs tweaks to ensure we get in super roads, especially in the west. Thanks to Pressureangle and Chuck for ideas. https://goo.gl/maps/Ho2UdHenH3P2 We are losing some mooching opps with friends in QC and Vermillion, but they and we will get over that. Bill
  12. Are you possibly suggesting that when Raiders arrive, the yahoo count goes up? Bill
  13. I recall that Tim Hayes and his wife, Bonnie, from Spruce Pine, N.C., came to two SSR's -- Vonore and Newport. Bill
  14. "Fifeenth," huh? From Tennessee, aren't ya, boy?
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