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  1. Rats, she's fickle. No longer even interested in me. Sigh. Bill
  2. Elsa has dropped you and come after me. Her profile says "she"'s from the UK Figures. She is a desperate woman ... tho I am uncertain of the adjective and noun. Bill
  3. Well, I was curious if M-C shipped to Europe. It seems not. At least three workarounds. 1. A possibly similar European counterpart or forwarding agent, e.g., https://www.raptorsupplies.com/b/mcmaster-carr-europe-uk-distributor 2. A EU middleman, e.g., https://uniexpressgt.com/mcmaster-carr-ship-to-europe/ 3. I would be happy to help if those other two don’t work after you look into them. Not sure how inexpensive that would be as you’d be paying for M-C shipping to me then me to you plus whatever the customs leeches might charge. Still, if you
  4. Oh, boy ... a fastener thread! I like those more than oil and tire fests. And. I somehow missed this thread in its original incarnation. That said, having all sizes, types, etc., of all fasteners makes me -- almost certifiably OCD -- feel near normal. While not sure, Jens (and congratulations on your new moto-acquisition! ) about their OCONUS shipping co$t$, I have yet to have a need for any fastener that McMaster-Carr doesn't have and can't get to me ... the next day without surcharge! Besides, what a great website. If I were a better planner -- maybe in my next
  5. I suppose, but I'll confirm your suspicions about my ignorance by saying I didn't even know the expletive-deleted had a belt! Now, that said, I think it is a failed seal/gasket or something of that sort because the screeching begin when it hits whatever PSI that displeases it on any given day. I'll get a sound byte somehow for your entertainment after Chris and lady leave. Bill
  6. It didn't take long to get the first victim ... erm ... I mean volunteer to use the new changer. Chris B is coming over (with his girlfriend) to swap some tires on the wheels of his Honda AT. Sure hope she's been watching the No-Mar videos! Pretty sure I am hopeful that we can R&R the tires, but way less sure that we seal the beads. My old and large Craftsman vertical compressor ... ... is hors de combat with something seriously amiss in the control valving. It screeches like [Kathi made me delete the first three analogies I used here! ] at relatively lo
  7. Meant to post a slideshow of pix of installation, etc., but forgot. Here they are. Moto Grappa & Moto Gomme Open the link to see in "collage;" hover cursor over pix for captions. All best viewed in slideshow mode. Peter Youngblood is a Guzzista saint. Bill
  8. This is about tires and changers. I have had a slow leak in my EV’s front tire. “Slow” as in flat in a week. I failed in finding a nail, etc., and, after consulting my texting brain trust, pulled the wheel, and gave it a bubble bath in the utility sink. Found a stretch of several inches of faint air going AWOL. I then watched a bunch of youtube vids and, again, consulted my virtual enablers, all of whom said “go for it, Bill.” Well, I did, but now think they just wanted the post-disaster entertainment. So, after thinking about Dirty Harry’s admonition, I gave up.
  9. On the road -- in a cage, not Guzzi --in Erie, and just catching up with the forum. As for this thread, BTDT with my Norge. I did NOT stop in time. Paid the price. Well, Guzzi did as it was still under warranty. Only extended, tho, because of "settlement" following oil-pump failure. Yes, it was rocky beginning. What a great example of "for want of a nail," etc. Bill
  10. I meant to post this yesterday, but let’s just say celebrating got away from me. In fact, I’m glad Kathi’s in Alexandria with some of the grands, as some of the “rest, residue, & remainder” are still painfully with me this afternoon. Anyway, here’s a tailored version of how I spent most of yesterday in an Moto Guzzi centenary celebration … by improving the Moto Grappa. For years, I have wanted to have a concrete pad at the front. I often made fun of visiting Guzzisti who fretted about the gravel approach. But, if the truth must be known from time to time,
  11. Things are in a high hover here as we ready for The Centenary. More later … Felice anniversario, Guzzisti! Bill
  12. Roger to all of that. BTW, took my Stornello out yesterday for my first ride of 2021. As TR was wont to say, "Deeeeeeligghtful." A (few) more pix here if inclined (and bored ) ... Stornello's First Ride of 2021! Bill
  13. We still have that 209 Honda Fit ... with 254K miles! It's a C-130 of automobiles. All go, not show. OK, it doesn't go fast, but is astonishingly practical. We like it so much that we just bought a 2020. No longer on NA market, but still sold in Europe and Asia. We'll spend the "leftover" transportation money on motos. Off now on Griso on a cross-border breakfast raid into Pennsylvania. Ciao ... and chow! Bill
  14. Don't disagree about no EDP, and I'm not overly fond of all new Guzzis these days, but some of the V7 and V85 line are, IMO, mighty fine machines. My Stornello (a II) and III are delights to ride ... and way easier on my aging body when doing the Rubik's Cube routine in the Moto Grappa! 1921 - 2021! Bill
  15. Buon Giorno, Guzzisti! When Kathi starts a conversation with “Bill, I’ve been thinking,” I get nervous. The reverse is likely true, too. So, I’ve been thinking. For lots of reasons, only a few lucky among us will be going to Mandello for the big party in September, or, FTM, the one in Genoa next week that marks the actual 100th anniversary of Moto Guzzi. Sadly, I won’t be among those. And, quite frankly, I am not ready to take the body-art plunge that The Great Nick of N.J. did … My present plan to celebrate includes flying our large Italian flag on the b
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