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  1. Just got this in an email from Motorcycle Classics: "How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop" Bill
  2. All the Way, Sir! Airborne! A master parachutist ... but vintage 1976, i.e., in the days we leaped from biplanes. Inexplicably to me, too, that sweatshirt has shrunk in astonishing ways since I ran down Ardennes in it.
  3. Yes and no. It's a Carl Allison work for the Norge. Naturally, I have there for folks who help me as it is gibberish to me. Oh, I meant to add to my most recent post a comment about the sound system you and others have mentioned as critical to a shop. Well, yes, nice, I suppose. But nothing much in this forum's music thread gets played on the hand-me-down radio (with broken CD player) I have in the Moto Grappa. Instead, I have that old radio set to WETA Classical Washington 90.9 FM 24/7. My Guzzis prefer it. Bill
  4. It is bigger than I need -- as if anyone really needs a motorcycle-specific shop -- but the uninsulated, cinder-block building came with our house. The size of the improved space for the shop within that structure was more the result of (too) hasty "thinking" than a deliberate plan. Details provided if desired, but only in person and fueled with bourbon. All of that said, it's been a great place all around. The mini-split handles the heating and cooling more effectively and less expensively than I expected. I usually keep two Guzzis in the "Moto" side, with one on the lift, and t
  5. When we moved here to the top of Virginia, I left behind my beloved GarageMahalo in Atlanta. Our new home included a detached -- code for "built-in early warning of spousal-unit visits" -- outbuilding, c.48'x28'. Closed off c.40% for shop. Since added a mini-split (and a Guzzi or two ). Here's a slideshow/collage of the construction followed by more recent pix of it in use, including two of my able assistant at work and play. Think those show more or less 360º. Among the "lessons learned" from the GarageMahalo were that, as with artillery, you can never have enough lights and power outl
  6. What?! VIGILI URBANI? Real Guzzisti emulate the Carabinieri. OTOH ... I am willing to entertain other views. Bill That said, there are comely lasses in the Carabinieri, too. I am thus (almost) willing to forgive them for riding beemers now. Sigh. Oh ... welcome, Picasso Bull. Bill
  7. Sent this as an email to some UnGuzzisti friends -- mostly because I enjoy annoying them -- and others, and posted on another forum, but thought (despite no spine-frame content) I'd post it here, too, especially as ride reports are getting scarce above the Mason-Dixon line until spring. So, a Guzzi buddy in Rochester, N.Y., has a wife who is as indulgent as my Kathi. She and their daughters surprised Bob 10 years ago on his 60th birthday with a new Guzzi. They recently reprised that gift with another on Bob’s latest. Guzzista and N.J. friend, Nick, and I saw this as an oppor
  8. Yesterday was a tragic day for another motorcyclist. I am posting this on several Guzzi sites and sent email to same effect to folks I know: Kathi and I had gone to Lexington, Virginia, on a spur-of-the-moment anniversary getaway. She was in the Mini; I, on the EV. I got a great fall ride in; we both walked the BRP for a few miles. It’s a lovely area at near-peak fall foliage time. It was a very nice overnighter. My return ride became a nightmare. After I left Lexington and did a few miles on SR 39 — a great twisting delight I knew well — I turned north on SR 252.
  9. Doesn't look as if any of us responded directly to your inquiry except by the positive inferences you may have drawn. Still looking? Pull the trigger? I have 82K miles on mine. A grand machine. Romped with it a week or so ago. Bill
  10. Well, rats. Kathi and I will be no-shows at this year's SSR. Not a C19 thing, but a family-events calendar that has us too far away to make it from here, there, and back, etc., in time, even in a Ferrari, much less our Fit, Mini, or any of our moto-harem. Regrets and best wishes to all. We look forward to the pix and tales. B&K P.S. I showed this to Kathi after I launched it, and she said "WHO IS THAT?" ... meaning the Cubanos. Naturally, I lied and said "That's another reason we just could not go, Dear; I was appalled." [Not]
  11. Good morning from the MGGG MMXX battlefield in Cross Junction, Virginia, where the National Park Service is already putting up historical markers. So, a group of Guzzisti friends and I got together for a “Guy-Only Slumber Party, Motorcycle Riding, Eating, Drinking, & Lie-Telling” weekend in the middle of July. It was grand. The CDC would not have approved, but while hardly keeping each other at arms’ length, everyone was mindful and courteous. We’ll know how that part goes within two weeks. Naturally, I took photos. Lots of them. As in nudging 500! But, lucky you, "on
  12. All interesting. I do note that no one from the Bundesrepublik Deutschland responded. Bill
  13. Wow! Gotta give the LEO's -- or tax agents, if one prefers -- points for style and technical merit for that garbage-cart-become-speed-cam. Bill
  14. Saw this today: https://advrider.com/germany-bans-gps-speed-camera-alerts/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_content=06_05_2020 Curious to hear what our Germans on this forum -- and FTM, of course, other Euros -- think of this. Bill
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