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    '04 V11 Ballabio [gone], '98 V11 EV, '07 Norge, '10 Griso, '16 Stornello, & '17 V7 III
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    Above Pott's Camp along Braddock's route, Virginia

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    Military law, history, gardening, & riding my Guzzis while waiting (impatiently) for (more) grandbabies. OK, maybe 13 are enough!

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  1. I have a tech question. You say "Free to whoever can come get it in Carlsbad, CA." Wouldn't that be "whomever?" Seriously, on the merits of tire changers, I bought a No-Mar a few months ago. Have not used it (successfully) in combat operations, in the sense of fully swapping an old tire to a new tire on same rim, though I have removed a tire from a rim. While not (quite) as disgusted a Motormike over on wildguzzi ... Cursing His No-Mar ... it's been a struggle. I have some adult supervision coming over tomorrow to help me change out a front on my Griso and, possibly, if time permits, the rear on my EV. Will be curious if you can break the code along with the bead. Best, Bill
  2. I think that I am "that person." I've ridden my EV, Norge, Griso, Stornello, and V7 III on those roads. All enjoyed it. If ever near the top of Virginia, stop in at the Moto Grappa. Bill P.S. Given your North Aurora location, presume you know Jim Barron and Rose Fam Classics.
  3. Here is a photo-show ride report of a(nother) run from the top of Virginia to Owensboro, in western Kentucky and back for — yes, really — mutton. Oh, and for bourbon, beer, and more. Why? Just because, of course. On Tuesday, 21 September, Larry flew in from Ormond Beach, Florida, and Bob rode his V7 III from Rochester, New York. Lannis (Appomattox, Va.) and Dennis (Atlanta, Ga.) joined us along the way. Then, Sarah, Doug, & Tina — Kentuckians from Glasgow and the first two on Guzzis — met us at St. Mary’s picnic in Whitesville. Two others had to bow out, but are likely attendees for the next Mutton Run. So … as Wednesday was an all-day drencher, we launched on Thursday morning. Kathi spent most of the "Guys Gone" time in Erie with her dad. The photos pretty much tell the story. And, yes, of course, as usual, “too many pix;” you don't have to open it. But I did cull the original bazillion pix — seriously, 500+ something! — into a much smaller slideshow. Link below. The run from here to Owensboro and back was about 1300 miles, plus another 200+ or so of local riding. I also added some with my backtracking to Lexington for that new tire. Bob, with his r/t from New York did 2200 miles! As with most of my photo stories, this opens in “landscape collage,” so one sees all at once. You can see captions when hovering cursor over pix. Can also just go to larger pix by using the slideshow option. Here’s that link: Muttoneering in Kentucky I’m still grinning about these past several days of riding for mutton and more with some grand friends, the Muttoneers! What a wonderful memory Bill
  4. It is my understanding from posts elsewhere that Sloan's uses 10W50 when servicing Guzzis. I am NOT starting an oil thread, but, if true, it seems odd for a dealer to use oil contrary to the manufacturer's recommendation. That could become interesting in the event of an engine failure within the warranty period.l Lawyers make money in "interesting" disputes. Few others are happy. Bill
  5. Our time at the SSR is pretty much in these pix: The Ride to the XVII SSR and Back If you care, hover cursor over pix for captions. Of course, there are too many; that’s how you know that they are genuine and from me, not some imposter. In defense of what may seem a complete lack of discipline, I started with 500+, so it could have been worse. Ciao! Bill
  6. OBTW, we rode today, too. Lake Chatuge; Hiawassee, Georgia. B&K
  7. More -- actually, way more than needed, of course -- will follow after I get home. In meantime, did buy this from the 129 guy ... Bill
  8. Yes, the OO -- who was second to the last man out -- did.
  9. Princeton, W.V, tonight. Tellico Plains tomorrow.
  10. Radio silence is delayed a bit in my case on account of this: I am not a mudder ... tho have been called now and then something that sounds like that. Hope to launch this morning sometime, but tomorrow will likely be a longer road day. There are worse things. Bill
  11. Good morning on Departure Eve, well, mine, at least. The Norge is ready ... ... Kathi's car and the two of us "need work." Apropos morning and breakfast, I just talked with Brian at the Lodge about that. He said that while they are not doing breakfast -- and the jury's out if they will ever go back to the spreads of yore -- they will have coffee; hot water for tea, etc.; oatmeal; commie (oops, I mean granola) bars, limited pastries, and the like. They would time center-visible-mass of that for what our group or others might want, i.e., crack of dawn v. teenager wake-up hours. I told him that I would pass that all along and ask for some consensus -- assuming such is possible -- about how many would partake (assume all), and preferred best serving window so as to make it easier on them. Don't think it's a big deal as coffee and pastries have lengthy shelf lives, but it probably helps them plan. So, if anyone reading this has firm ideas about time and the like, post here and I (or docc, to reduce span-of-control issues) will get back to Brian. Brian added that when he wants "real manly 'Merican food," he goes to Linda's Cafe in Madisonville. Even I, however, would likely find the Lodge fare fine enough for the two days we'll be there. I'll get my carb and fat fix on the road there and back. A domani ... Bill
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^ Both https://troutmountain.net and http://tellico-grains-bakery.com look a bit effete for my tastes, tho Kathi would probably approve. Sigh. I think I'll pack in "real 'Merican food." Bill
  13. OK, let's talk about something even more important than motorcycles. Yes, I know. But it is not an unworthy topic: breakfast. I suppose I could ask the new proprietors if that's back on, but thought someone here might know. If not, I can't find that any place in the area serves breakfast, at least of the manly, sit-down, wives-wouldn't-approve sort of menu. Seriously, this affects a bit how and what we bring. Anyone know or have ideas? Bill
  14. I'll do a show & tell at the lodge, but mostly a one-off issue. I tend to have those, often -- tho not all -- self-inflicted. Cross Junction, Va. Check PM. Bill
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sigh. You are making "some of us" feel unloved. Bill
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