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  1. Great vid, but I'm calling BS on that being Portland. Bright sun? No way. Kathi's visiting kids and grands in Edmonds (Seattle) and Portland just now. I declined. Have spent weeks there in several seasons. I think the whole PNW is a perpetual cloud bank. Love that tee shirt: "Seattle Rain Festival: 1 January - 31 December." BTW, yes, I know it can be pretty, and have seen (a few) days like that in June and July. Just not my cup of effete coffee. In counterpoint, have to say that the PNW and Minnesota seem to have more crazy weather-bedamned motorcyclists per square mile than many warmer and drier climes. Oh, I already said it, but great vid ... and greenie.
  2. Yup re star pattern there and anywhere else fasteners are grouped. "Wrench art?" I'm not smart enough to make up that sort of word wizardry. Got it from John Zibell. It may or may not be original with him, but he must be smart as he's a (real) rocket scientist. I know what it means and can occasionally paint a passable picture. As for original gaskets, amazing. I just ordered one of these -- Motion-Pro Gasket Scraper -- because I can occasionally reuse a gasket, but mostly can't and thus worry about gouging the mating surface where the gasket residue resides. Bill
  3. On "lesser" fasteners, it's all about "wrench art." Unfortunately, I am often more like a preschooler than Michelangelo. Bill
  4. I am way closer to that than you. On the bright side, I'll lose some weight. Buon nono giorno di Natale e un grande anno nuovo! Bill
  5. Pressure angle is all modest in his "confused" note to my referring to him as a resource, but see this thread in which he gave me all kinds of great counsel about a trip (I did not take yet, darn it) from here at the top of Virginia to family in Seattle: That may be more northerly than you (Twin AH) might choose, but it's a start and grist for winter thinking. And, if you are this way -- the top of Virginia -- you have a free room at the Moto Grappa and company for the ride down to the SSR. Bill
  6. Docc, don't we need to his references first? Seriously, Twin, "Pressureangle" has made that trip your way from SSR, so he undoubtedly has super suggestions about routes, etc. Bill
  7. All of the above, of course, along with all the "Better Take a Few of These, Too" items. Seriously, over the years, I have noticed that I take fewer tools with each newer model than before. For my EV, I was prepared to conduct "depot-level maintenance" at roadside! Happily, each succeeding addition to my moto-harem seems to require less roadside character-building. The Griso, Stornello, and V7 III nada (so far). Yet, as evidence of some sort of personality disorder -- that I worry might even be in the DSM, e.g. "Excessive Tool Compulsive Syndrome" (ECTS)! -- I often agonize over which tools to take for specific motos, and my list is always longer than necessary. The other day, I saw this: http://www.rrrtoolsolutions.com/adventure-tools.php Accordingly, as I also suffer IPCD (Impulse Purchase Compulsive Disorder) , I bought one. Now, instead of the literal hour I might spend before a ride collecting the right tools for that Guzzi, I just pack that kit. OK, not really. I also gather a few other things as one can never really shake off ECTS! Actually, that secondary list is small, e.g., some of those listed by others, above, and mini-multimeter, a few extra fuses, tire-repair kit for the tubeless models, cable ties -- seen the reusable ones? https://www.walmart.com/c/kp/releasable-cable-ties Worthy, IMO, for Nobel Peace Prize! -- and whatnot. Yes, the commercial kit is expensive. In fact, I would not have gotten it, but Kathi saw it and said "Just do it, Bill. It's worth not having to listen to you fret about having the right tool every trip!" Husbands in their right minds never, ever ignore that sort of encouragement, especially if it involves moto-expenses! Now, does the little kit really have everything one needs? Dunno, but it's close. In fact, if anyone has read this far and sees any glaring Guzzi omission, please say so. Enough. Real life calls. Best to all, 1921! Bill
  8. Apologies for the delayed comment. I do not doubt for a moment that that last is the letter of the law, and -- never rarely a scofflaw -- I played by those rules on several visits over the years from the '70's on, whether driving rented cages or motos. In, however, my last three visits -- 2006, 2017, & 2018 -- I decided to skip the IDL issued by AAA (as I loathe that scammy "club" ... but I digress ), and just used my valid U.S.A. DL to rent motos and autos. In the several encounters with Italian, German, Belgian, and Dutch authorities (at roadblocks, not blue lighted for offenses! ) not one officer questioned my Georgia- or Virginia-issued DL. YMMV ... and I won't bail you out. Bill
  9. It was interesting how everyone behind you seemed to get smaller as you rode. Bill
  10. So, we are in Pennsylvania now — yes, I’m on a Guzzi, my V7, but here for a truck-camper rally; no, we don't have one of those. Still, having a very fine time doing things such as this: But, I post this because I finally cobbled together SSR pix into a slideshow. Here they are: https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/SSR-XV-2019/n-HFzPbL/ If you are terminally bored, also just finished these of two other recent Guzzi trips: [V7 III] https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Erie-Ride-to-Zanyville-2019/n-mCD4B8 [Griso] https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Three-Guzzis-Go-to-Erie-More-Aug-2019/n-N4ZVB4/ Bill P.S. If you care and haven't already figured this out, you can see captions by moving cursor over the individual pix. Some are truncated, so if you really care you can go to full-screen slideshow.
  11. Ah, yes; I remember that last pic. I had just told Josh that if he couldn't keep up with an old fat guy two-up on a Norge, perhaps he should consider another sport. He took it well, actually. Bill P.S. Hope to post my SSR XV slideshow soon.
  12. Kathi waves at the 129photos guy on the Cherohala. I was focused on and praying that leaky rear tire would get us safely to Wheeler's! Bill
  13. ^^^^^^^ THAT is funny! And a nice pic, too. We are at my brother’s home In Hiawassee. Will head nawth to home on Wed. Will try to post some pix soon. We had a fine time at the SSR XV! B&K
  14. Left Cross Junction this morning; overnighting in Fort Chiswell, Va. Will arrive in Tellico late tomorrow afternoon. Took back roads. Lovely. Map here, tho the 6 hours, 43 minutes is a Google Giggle: Detailed route here if you care: Cross Junction to Fort Chiswell via Back Roads Well, lovely except for the four miles of terrorizing and unexpected "plush" gravel on Va. CR 610 from Pulaski to vic. Max Meadows. Simply awful and no road for a Norge with just repainted painnier$! I took the pic at the only flat and relatively clean spot I could find. See you tomorrow. Bill P.S. Kathi is caging it; may beat me there.
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