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  1. And they've now been sold. Thanks, everyone!
  2. I got these as a back-up after I scratched up my Mistral round, but ended up picking up a set of Guzzi ti cans later on.
  3. Another part that I bought off of eBay years ago, here's a stock seat I got as a backup, but never got around to using. The seat is overall in good shape. The surface of the cover has some discoloration and shallow marks. No rips, tears, or holes. I know for sure that the seat fits my 2001 (red frame) V11 Sport, and I believe it would fit earlier models as well. Asking S120 OBO plus actual cost of shipping, from 98006 in the USA. More pictures here
  4. SOLD. For sale is a set of Mistral Oval Titanium cans I bought several years ago off of eBay. They are in perfect condition and appear to have minimal use. I never got around to installing them and they've just been sitting in the garage. Asking $400 OBO plus actual cost of shipping, from 98006 in the USA. More pictures here
  5. tom3


  6. Please put me down for one. Thanks!
  7. I've had good service from mine. Consider "conditioning" the battery before installation: http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18838 Thanks Docc! Your thread was how I got the idea to recondition the old battery in the first place, before I realized that it was almost 12 years old. I'd need to get a charger to condition the battery though. Would you still recommend the procedure if the new battery is measuring 13.02 volts? thanks!
  8. Thanks so much everyone! I decided to play it safe and went with the PC545.
  9. It looks like the battery in my 2001 Sport is no longer holding charge. It is an Odyssey PC545 (with metal jacket), and the labels on it indicate a manufacture date of July 2005 and installation in 2006. I've had the bike since 2008 and the battery has never given me problems until recently. I briefly considered reconditioning it, but I'm leaning toward just replacing it given how old it is. From the many battery threads that turned up in my search, it looks like PC545 still gets most of your votes. That is the default choice for me as well since I've had good experience with the one that came in my bike. (though I probably shortened its life by putting it on a Battery Tender Jr out of ignorance). Nevertheless, I'd like to make sure that it is still the way to go since many of the threads I found are from a few years ago. For instance, would this Yuasa YTX-15L with it's higher CCA be a better choice? http://www.ebay.com/itm/262433899795 What about LiPO4 batteries? Thanks!!
  10. Hi there,

    I saw in the classified thread that you have Guzzi parts for sale. Do you by chance have parts for a 2001 V11 sport? I'm looking specifically for the brake levers (both front and back), seat, and kick stand.



  11. Thanks all for your response. It was indeed Micha from Moto International that referred me to Ducati of Seattle for a dyno tune, when I asked about how I can smooth out the problems I was experiencing. However I don't think I had asked to have all the other things done first. Thanks Tom M for the list. I will definitely check with Micha to get those done first. You guys are right, it makes little sense to do a custom map on the dyno without first making sure that the FI/motor settings are in line..
  12. Hi there, I have a 2001 V11 sport and I've been thinking about getting it dyno tuned. I'm the second owner and the previous owner had installed the following mods on it: - Stucci crossover - Mistral titanium oval pipes - FBF high compression pistons - Power commander 3 (serial) Now the bike runs fine for the most part. The only problems (more like annoyances) that I experience and hope that the dyno tune would fix are: 1) very abrupt on-off throttle response; 2) sometimes around 2500-3000rpm, I experience a sudden and brief dip in engine output; 3) lastly, and this is really minor my bike seems to be consuming more fuel than usual. I get about 30-32 mpg (is this normal?), I wonder if it's running rich all the time Besides these, I don't recall having any other problems with the way the engine's running. I'm not interested in maximizing power at this point. Given all this, would you recommend that I do a dyno tune? I'm located in Seattle, I called Ducati of Seattle to ask about doing a dyno tune. They said I can either tune it one cylinder at a time (dual map), or both at the same time (single map). If I choose to do the dual map, they'd need to drill and weld bungs on the header pipe, and the total cost is about double. For doing the single map, they'd use the exhaust output to help them tune, so no bungs need to be installed. I checked the header pipes this morning and found that toward the bottom where it connects with the crossover, there is a bolted-up hole on each pipe. Would they be able to use that to do a dual map, and not have to install bungs? I'm very new to all this. Do you think I would gain any improvement with the dyno tune? If so, is it worth double the price to do a dual map? Finally, for those of you in Seattle, is there a shop that has more experience dyno-tuning Moto Guzzi engines? At least the guys I spoke with in the service department didn't seem to be very familiar with Guzzi's. thanks!
  13. I understand that clutchless upshifts may be largely a personal preference. I've heard people say that they never use the clutch after the 1-2 shift, and I've also heard people say that the clutch is there for a reason, so you should always use it. I personally never do it on purpose, but have done it a couple of times on my Guzzi. Preferences aside, would upshifting without using the clutch cause damage to the V11 sport (whether due to model specific reasons, or to all bike in general)? thanks!
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