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  1. TommyA

    V11 Custom Builds

    Civil discussion is always fun. I'm not getting any younger myself, so a full-tuck sport bike isn't in the cards for me unless it can be a dedicated track-day bike.
  2. TommyA

    V11 Custom Builds

    I know you're contributions to this site are amazing, and I'm not trying to be a jerk (I actually just bought one of your inspired shifter extender mods from Chuck). But, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this topic. I road raced for several years and have done some track days since. I agree that lighter is righter, but you can use more than 100 HP on the road if done prudently. I'm a father of two young children so I don't do anything as foolish as I did when young and single, but I live out in the country and when I have an open road with a LONG sight line and no intersecting roads/drive ways, it's pretty damn fun to let that motor rip - in short bursts. I also used to ride way too fast on the road, but that was a long time ago and on an "only" 100hp R6. I'm old enough to know how to be responsible with a powerful bike; I guess that maturity level probably makes the difference between riding over your head and just having fun on these newer high-HP bikes. All that said, it's more the massive torque that I use out of corners that's the most fun on this bike for me vs top-end HP.
  3. TommyA

    V11 Custom Builds

    I have to respectfully disagree. I just picked up a new-to-me 2014 KTM Superduke 1290. With the traction control on, it's claimed 180 hp is perfectly manageable. You can ride it easy or really twist the loud handle without it biting you. Modern electronics are incredible!
  4. He replied that he meant junk steel/aluminum gears, not Joe's gears.
  5. Hey Chuck, are we up to 10 now?
  6. Thanks for the reply Chuck. I've been reading up on threads the last week or so, as for personal/business reasons I've neglected my Cafe Sport for several years and am now trying to get it back on the road. I certainly appreciate all of your contributions to this forum! Maybe we can get a run of at least 10 going, seems we have two already.
  7. I would purchase one as well.
  8. TommyA


  9. K99, if you find the parts to convert the front headlight/fairing mount to bring it closer in, I'd sure like to know the part numbers. It's something I've considered doing to my Cafe Sport as well.
  10. Thanks for all the info! I'm gonna order a set of those mirrors. I hate the stock rear fender as well, so it's gone. I would like to have something back there though, but have not found anything I like, until I saw the one you got from LT.
  11. Fantastic job, the bike turned out beautiful! Great write up and vids as well, but I have a few questions for you. 1. Where did you acquire the new Cafe Sport tank? I have a Cafe Sport and my cat climbed under the cover and scratched up the tank...he's now found a new home. 2. The Aprilia mirrors look so much better than the stock ones. Do you have a part number for them? 3. The rear carbon fender I believe you said was from Leo Tamers, but I cannot find it on their website. Do you have a part number? Thanks, Tommy
  12. That tank turned out just beautiful, Bob. I like the Monza style filler cap. I don't see a vent hose, does the Monza cap vent so you don't need a hose?
  13. Thought I'd add a pic of my bike. My Ducati and Husqvarna (now sold) are in this one too. Need to get better pics of the MIVV exhaust and maybe a sound clip.
  14. ZGUKTC0244M111150 in Round Rock, TX - suburb of Austin.
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