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  1. footgoose, yeah, 85.00 to cut the channels sounds about right from what I've run into..... two years ago when I started this project these were $90.00 a piece to make when spread across 12 or more units. so $180.00, but that cost was two different machinists, one to cut, one to broach the end for a hex key, ( long story on how that trap was sprung on me...) then coated... and the government needed their part, so I was pushing the $200.00 a set price point and had to order 12 or more to get that price.......
  2. I decided with the size of the bike, style of the bike, and my personal preferences, and over 50 vision... that I wanted better mirrors so had to design mine to accept the Rizomas. here is a comparison of the CRGs and the Rizomas. they look close in size in the photo, but the Rizomas are actually noticeably bigger and better glass, plus with the longer arm they moved the mirrors out of the way of elbow, I no longer had to move my arm at all to see behind me.
  3. I started out with a set of OEM with a channel turned to accept the CRG lane splitters
  4. Like all things Guzzi, nothing is simple or standard...... God Bless em!!! Pre-2002 bare end mirors were one piece with a outside weight OD of approx 25.80mm I found inconsistencies in the pre-2002 measurements depending on who manufactured them, there was apparently a second mfg whos tolerances, only closely matched the original on the weight, since it didnt matter it was an "air" dimension... it just existed to be... 2002 + years were 7 pieces with a weight OD of approx 31.53 my design, incorporated the one piece design of the pre 2002, with the OD of the 20
  5. V11 TT (1 of 15) currently for sale..... one day I'll regret it, but for now... well, its for sale for a larger need.
  6. Not V11... but at least they are spine frames!
  7. Thanks to all who reached out regarding my son, this is a very stressful time for me and my family. I have started a new thread for the bar-end weights. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/22175-bar-end-mirrors-on-custom-bar-end-weights/
  8. As I chase down rabbit holes to solve issues with low production number bikes I find that the market simply doesn't meet my "needs", so I started designing some of my own parts to accomplish what I needed or wanted. some simple in thought, some more complex, and this is all in my spare time. I've designed about 12 or so different parts for my early Buells (S2, S1, X1..) to change things that I felt needed to be addressed (modified) that didnt exist within the market, sure if I was riding, collecting Ducatis, there would have been a ready supply of anything I wanted.... NOT a knock agains
  9. I had a few people reach out so I just wanted to follow up after my last message, I know that the classifieds isn't the right place to wander, but since a few reached out I just wanted to let folks know why I disappeared from my own thread. My son is only 1 1/2 years old and was diagnosed with a large tumor in his belly, you never imagine how tough it is to hear cancer and your child's name in the same sentence. He had emergence surgery last Monday to take out a very large tumor and his right kidney, he begins chemo today. the type of cancer has a very high survivabili
  10. Sorry I’ve been absent from my own thread, I’ve had a significant family emergency Involving my 1 yr old son and we’ve been focused on family and his survival. I now have a moment to get back to this after seeing him smile and be playful this evening that gives me hope! I’d like to focus this thread on selling this bike, even more so now with the unknown medical costs that lay ahead. I’s like to move discussion regarding the bar ends to a separate thread. Next moment of breathing room I’ll get a thread started. yes I do have bar ends that fit a Scura, these we
  11. better pictures (I hope..), new to posting photos here....
  12. fotoguzzi, its entirely possible this was your friends bike.......
  13. I was going to ictroduce these in the proper forum area but a few folks have asked here in the classified ad for the TT, so..... As I chase down rabbit holes to solve issues with low production number bikes I find that the market simply doesn't meet my "needs", so I started designing some of my own parts to accomplish what I needed or wanted. some simple in though, some more complex, and this is all in my spare time. A very common cmplaint on these V11 variants is the lack of support with bar end mirrors due to the way the bar end weights are designed to thread in, so
  14. 2001 V11 Sport TT for sale, This is one of the 15 designated "TT"s that were put out in the U.S. only as part of the U.S. import for sales. EXTRAS carbon fiber M4 exhaust CRG brake and clutch levers custom bar end weights with Rizoma mirrors. (as part of my "hobby" I work with a machinist and design parts for bikes that the market no longer really supports or never supported to a great detail. I have designed about 12 - 14 parts for my Buells and Guzzis. these bar ends are modeled after the factory weights and thread into the bars like the OEM weights but are s
  15. jolly135


  16. Since this is a common problem has anyone compiled a step by step, picutes and arrows, job guide for this? I have a 2000 v11 sport that I am having an occassional issue with the shift lever sticking/locking in the down position when downshifting. I am able to correct it by actuating the clutch while moving but at some point it is going to lock up and leave me stuck somehwere. I have the three replacement springs, ordered from Harpers, I have a reprinted service manual, that does not go into any detail what so ever. there are no pictures and arrows with part names or anything in the manual.
  17. I talked to the guys at Europa Macchina in PA, its a bit of a drive but they seem to think they can get it running correctly. The mechanic seemed to be extremely knowledgable and has a lot of experience both riding and wrenching on Guzzis, next step, sort out potential budget for one more lap through fixing this bike while I try and buy a house in this current market.....ouch. will keep you guys posted on the experience and result with this shop. Thanks for the recommendation!
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