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  1. muddy1100


  2. Gday andy roo and welcome, Fantastic choice you have made mate - a great and very collectable bike. There may be a way to tell from the VIN what number your bike is - that info is not / has not been found by yours very truly as yet - but - I have taken the liberty of "numbering" the unnumbered as they show up so yours is now unofficially number "309". Hope that suits mate - get out there and ride the wheels off the darn thing...oh, thats right...you're in Pomgolia...studded tyres anyone? Best, mud
  3. Good onya Henri! Are the owners aware of this fantastic resource at their fingertips? Round 'em up and find those numbers mate! Cheers, mud
  4. Gday all, Looking to replace Dash's electric tap with a Mandello / similar manual tap. Cannot find the part number - any advice please? Does anyone have one available? Cheers, mud
  5. Gday all, Gone a bit quiet! Where are all those gorgeous red things hiding?? 'Fess up now! Cheers, mud
  6. G'day all, Am looking for a sidestand to suit my Rosso Mandello - anybody know of any spare ones / wrecked ones floating around out there?? Thanks, cheers, mud
  7. Gday all, Thanks to all who have popped by - The tally so far... richard100t #74 Ohio RHIP #"301" Mn stormsedge #244 Fla Gavo #"302" Qld, Aust muddy1100 #"303" West Aus sttockport claret #20 UK cash1000 #"305" NZ RoyB #89 Ma. helicopterjim #184 BC ? #185 ? d-rock #003 Ma ? #207 Switzerland David_L #"306" Kansas Karl Von's brother #071 Fla rossoandy #"307" UK Keep 'em coming crew! Cheers, mud
  8. Thanks d-rock! Congrats and welcome mate - you're getting the best looking V11 out there... Should be worth a giggle... Cheers, mud
  9. Gday pieman and welcome, For my worth: I have been running Avon Storm's on my Sport 1100 and the RM for some years now and find Them to be long wearing and very predictable when "giving her the berries". Australia would have some of the shittiest roads out there and we soon find out what works and what tries hard. They are an improvement over the previous Azarros which were a capable tyre as well. From 3 degrees to 50 degrees Celcius they have never let me down (touch wood...)and have proven to be very stable when the weather turns nasty (hence the name I guess)
  10. Gday all, Thats 10 we've found... 590 to go! Keep 'em coming Cheers, mud
  11. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - breathe - hahahahahahahahahahahaha.... Sorry fellas, couldn't help myself. Mind you 47C and 98% humidity here in the Wet season is no laughing matter. Hope it clears soon so you can get out and about without a wetsuit! Cheers, mud
  12. He's just jealous cos he didn't think of it first... I've put you down as #302 Gavo - hope that suits. Cheers, mud
  13. Good onya Dave, You are aware that you may have just contracted a life long addiction?? Ahh well, at least you are in good company!! Best wishes and welcome, mud
  14. Thanks to stormsedge and RHIP - good onya crew! Keep 'em coming mud
  15. muddy1100


    Gavo - thanks mate, nah really - thanks. I wont be able to sleep now.... Sure is purty - my licence has thrown it's hands over it's eyes just with the thought of the hooligan nutter behaviour that something like that would bring out in a bloke.....damn! Good thing I live in a part of the world where there is almost 0 police presence ho ho! Hmmm...pay the tax bill or put a Senna in the shed...yeah, yeah I know - pay the tax or there wont be a shed!!!! mud
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