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  1. At last a Guzzi that looks like it means business. I can understand many here not liking this because the Guzzi niche has been formed by its somewhat staid and non sporty bikes over the years. However there are many out there that would move over to Guzzi if the package was more up to date and offered a higher level of performance. Emailed Rossopuro with no response. (Italians! go figure!) Anyone know anything else about this bike?
  2. galaxiid. I know for a fact that this was the Christchurch bike. I am from NZ and live in the US now. I always follow trade me as well. Sorry your Trademe link expired. Post a photo if you can. If you need anything from the states let me know. Am coming back in a couple weeks. We have Moto International here in Seattle ... THE guzzi dealer in the US! Cheers PaulM... pm sent
  3. It is in fact the bike from Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand. It was on a New Zealand website a little while back. The photos in the ad are even from the New Zealand owner; they are obviously too lazy or unable to take their own photos of it. I doubt even that it is in the Bay Area because the guy in New Zealand that was selling it did not get any offers at his $40,000 price. He was unrealistic. As far as "lightly raced" goes, he used it for a few runs around a local track. The rest of the time he had it in his house. Paul; VIN was not in the New Zealand ad if I remember correctly... They have relisted the bike at a lower price but are still too lazy to correct the spelling etc.... On another note does anyone know if the MGS -01 part that attaches to the back of the engine and carries the swingarm (this part is apparently still available in the parts list) will bolt onto the back of a Centauro or similar engine? .... yeah a long shot question I know!
  4. The MGS 01 on ebay at the moment was previously for sale by the New Zealand owner for $40,000 US..... an unrealistic price as it was and even though he had enquiries from all over the world it didn't sell. Now some charlatans in Kentucky (The USA ... capital of capitalism with no morals or scruples, where else??) want $US62,500! The blatant greed in this world never ceases to amaze. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/MOTO-GUZZI-MGS01-RARE-/220925034914?pt=US_motorcycles&hash=item33702881a2#ht_638wt_1090 If some fool pays for that, then not only did Guzzi miss the boat by not producing this machine (which we all know is the case anyway), but it will prove the saying there is a sucker born every minute. Oh and of course they cannot even get their grammar / spelling correct:
  5. Good topic and an interesting thread to read. Pete sounds pretty pissed off with the whole thing. Water cooling has the primary advantage of allowing higher combustion chamber temps and the generation of more power with less noise. Everything else associated with it is a down side but that hasn't stopped progress. I think it would be great to see but more because it would signify that the thinking suddenly jumped into the 20th (not a typo) century.
  6. It is very interesting to see SOME comments in this thread that would be more fitting on a BMW or Harley forum. Thank god Brough, Taglioni, Honda, Britten, the Dynotec guys, and of course Giulio Carcano didn't think like this.
  7. Mr Guzzirider..... are you serious? .. contact info please..... and the factory still makes them?? Were they made in the Guzzi factory, assembled there from parts supplied by Ghezzi or built at Ghezzi? (please excuse the ill informed nature of the questions and thank you in advance)
  8. I have never seen one for sale. Its an idea but availability is the thing. The service intervals are very close together from what I understand and don't the pistons or rings need replacement every few thousand miles?
  9. Richard Thanks for the helpful suggestion. I have seen it. Here is the link; http://www.guzzisti.it/page_builder.php?fi...l/zero/zero.htm Tail piece, exhaust routing and a few other details not really for me but this is the closest thing to what I was thinking. This is not an attractive back end for me; http://www.guzzisti.it/moto/special/zero/images/Zero11.jpg Thanks for the input......... it shows that it is possible to do something.
  10. Just to elaborate on what I have been thinking; Like MANY Guzzi fans, for decades, I have wished Guzzi would produce a real sport bike. (I have looked at the Ghezzi Brian stuff but the looks are not my cup of tea). Most modern bikes lack soul (and a visible engine), and my V11 sport showed me that there is another Italian bike that can give you goose bumps other than a Ducati (no irreverence implied to other marques!). If you think about what really gets us going with our bikes, a large amount of the emotion involved comes from looking at a gorgeous hunk of engine. Think about a Vincent, Laverda, Ducati, Harley etc etc and you will realize that modern design has lots its connection with this key component of our lust for some machines. Guzzi's have great looking engines in my opinion. OK so I want a real sport Guzzi. Well unfortunately I missed out on the MGS 01. So what to do ????..... how about taking a Griso and; 1. Put an Ohlins front end on it with brembo radial calipers and BST carbon wheels front and rear (or PVM , Marchesini or similar). 2. Custom triple clamps from Speedymoto or similar. 3. New clip on bars with rizoma controls etc. 4. Ohlins rear shock. 5. New exhaust a la MGS 01 and improved intake. 6. Engine work to get power up around 130 hp. 7. New body work and tail section from carbon fiber to help get weight down. Stuck with the carc unfortunately, works OK but looks crappy. Yeah Yeah Yeah don't start going on about the cost alright.... I Know!! ..... its OK for me, I can afford this hobby. I think this would be a killer bike and most of us will die waiting for the Guzzi bosses to do this. I don't want to wait.
  11. So Mr Roper.... a rather negative response was not what I was looking for. My enquiry was in search of a POSITIVE response and constructive assistance. I gather from your opening line "Yeah Wow Great" that you think the enquiry is some sort of fanciful flight of imagination. If a PC is not available now then it may soon be, or may be paid for to bring closer to market, and it is most certainly not the only form of aftermarket control possible. With regard to the cams, the stock cam profile is supplied by Guzzi for the general market and some modification for additional performance will be possible. Cam grinding is not Space Shuttle construction. I mentioned head work ...... and if you are familiar with people like MBP in Canada you will realize there is plenty of potential for improvement. Increasing airbox capacity and improving exhaust flow are also possible and relatively simple. "All this sort of fantasy stuff is great" ........ what a negative and down beat response. There's no fantasy here (mate). With head work, improved breathing and better mapping lots of things are possible. Perhaps you are looking at this from a "what can I buy off the shelf" approach, which is not my expectation. Guzzi's are a TINY little part of the market so I would not expect a lot of well developed after market products but this does not mean it is not possible. Lots of things in life come down to attitude don't they!
  12. It is NOT a Phillips because the sides of the 4 slots are parallel not tapered. Phillips has tapered slots which is why they are now an antique screw.... as you turn the bit, the tapered sides of the slots cause the bit to ride up out of the head and disengage. (For some reason the US still uses Phillips which is kind of like the cell phone system here... antiquated! and it is very hard to buy posidrive bits ,,, but don't get me started) I personally feel it is a posidrive style (but may not have been manufactured correctly since it is not like any other standard screw head). I would use a posidrive bit and VERY carefully use an impact driver to ensure maximum engagement. emphasis on VERY! Be aware that there are three sizes of posidrive bit also!
  13. Thinking about how much more grunt I could get out of the new 1200 8V motor... If I ported and polished the heads, remapped the FI with a power commander, added cams and improved airflow in and out (via new intake and new exhaust) what additional power do you think could be gained from this motor? I think the compression ratio is already pretty high so I did not think pistons would add that much. Balancing would no doubt add a lot to the driveability ..... As an indicator I have just added cams, TPO beast intakes, Termignoni exhaust, power commander, matched injectors and a full dyno tune and easily pulled another 12 hp out of my air cooled Ducati Sportclassic 1000cc 2 valve motor. I would guess that with the same treatment as well as a bit of head work I may see another 15 hp from the Guzzi motor taking max hp to say 125??? maybe 130??? I know there is a lot of good knowledge here... thanks for the help in advance. Cheers Andrey
  14. Anyone know exactly what model this is? What sort of tank is used..... looking for inspiration for a cafe racer project.. Thanks in advance guys!
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