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  2. Hi Andy, i had trouble getting Mistral cans over here last year,most of the Guzzi dealers said i could wait 3 to 6 months or longer,in the end i bought a pair of carbon race cans from the 'classic and mechanics show' at Stafford and a fantastic guy in Longton,Stoke on Trent fabricated the link pipes to fit my '03 Scura,did a mega job for not much cash,i think including the cans it cost me £200 and it is unique You can see what they look like on the Scura register,just look for green ninja If you don't mind non Guzzi parts then it might be worth a shot,carbon or titanium cans are quite cheap on evilbay,mine are light as a feather and sound mega i don't live far from you if you want to see and hear them in the flesh and can pass on the details of the fabricator if you choose that route, regards GN
  3. DOCC, i thought that aswell regarding the front axle torque,all other bikes i have owned have been similar settings to yours(70 ft/lb or so),the 50nm was on the same diagram as the other readings and although vague was all i could make out for the area of the front axle,the only other numbers in that area were for the pinch bolts.To be honest i had already torqued it up to 60 ft/lb before i saw the diagram. I have the spacer on the same side as yours now,left as you sit on the bike,although when i first got the bike it was on the right but was 'floating' and not doing its job,fits perfect on the left side so its staying there,could have been the tyre fitter from the previous owner not knowing Guzzi's
  4. Had a look through the inspection hole and it looks like an aluminum flywheel in mine. The pic's must make it look different as mine has the clip-on bars with the clocks mounted on them,not like the '03 on bikes. On a different note,i have just fitted a Power Commander 111 usb with a map for open cans and filter like my bike and even with the base map the diffence is amazing,like a different bike,soon as the weather warms up i'll get it on the dyno and see what the curves like.
  5. You guys were spot on,found a schematic for the Ohlins forks on the Scura and Le Mans and the top and bottom bolts are both 18 ft/lbs,just as quoted,thanks very much. The front wheel axle bolt is 36 ft/lbs regards all
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys,i have gone for a middle of the road setting of 16 ft/lb,does'nt sound like alot but can see the benefit of going lighter than heavier. My VFR750 torque values for the top clamp are 17 ft/lb and the bottom clamp bolts are 42 ft/lb but these are for right way up forks,not upside down ones so that may have an effect. Also in the same area what do other members torque the front wheel spindle to on the ohlins forks,its the solid axle and the spacer was on the left side as you look at the bike from the front when it seems to me it should be on the right side as it keeps the spacing better and has a better fit on the bearing when you tighten the axle up? kind regards,Mat
  7. Can anybody help with the torque settings for the forks in the yolks,think you in the USA call them triple tee's. Have just had the Ohlins forks serviced and re-sprung in my V11 scura and can't find a definitive torque setting for the bolts upper and lower,an Ohlins set up guide gives 15-18nm but this seems very low to me,anybody got any ideas?
  8. Please excuse my ignorance but is there a problem with the clutch? Mine has done 17,500mls and ridden quite hard in the mountains last year and the clutch is fine so far,i know it's a dry/single plate clutch and is a little rattly on tickover but what should i look for?
  9. green ninja


    last 3 on hol in the Pyrenees last year,the best bike for all those mountain hairpin bends!!
  10. Hello to you all,new member just saying hello and posting a pic of my pride and joy; She's a 2003 v11 sport scura,number 311,i'm the second owner from last May when i took her on a trip to the Pyrenees and she excelled at all the hairpin bends and mountain roads,much to the surprise of my sportsbike riding pals!! I have some high level cabon race cans fitted,fantastic sound,BMC air filter and dropped the forks through the yolks for quicker steering and some HEL braided hoses on the front brakes,one finger stopping now!May fit a Power Commander if fueling needs it. Back to the Pyrenees this june for more fun.I have had big jap sportsbikes all my life and last year fancied a change,wanted a bike that made me ride it to get the joy back so i felt i had achieved something after a ride,not just faster,faster all the time.I had always liked the cafe racer look of the v11 and i have fallen for the Scura big time,this is a long term love affair! I also have a VFR750 for everyday duties(tricked up too) but the Scura is the one that gets the heart racing,at the moment i am after a tail tidy/fender eliminator but can't find one here in the U.K Here's some pic's i took today after pulling her out of the garage to warm her up as she is tucked away during winter to protect from all the salt. This is a great site and i enjoy all the banter and pic's kind regards,Mat
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