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  1. @Rox Lemans it was the very first thing I looked at. The symptoms are exactly what you'd expect from a poor contact on the switch. I actually removed it and bridged the wires. Have been running like that for about a year but I put it back in the system a few weeks ago.
  2. @fotoguzzi yes. Mario from Thunderbikes (a Guzzi god in Australia whose name isn't Pete Roper), suggested that one. The wiring goes hard and brittle at the bend near the frame tube and he has had recent instances of broken wires. Mine was hard as rock and I couldn't get a consistent continuity through one of the wires so I really thought I'd finally found it. I invented some new words when it wasn't the problem. Still, it probably headed off an issue that would have raised its' head a little later... The TPS is a only few years old with about 10,000kms on it. Set spot on. Could still
  3. Haha - the pleasure of tinkering dissolved a long time ago @Chuck I just want to get straight to the relief, joy, celebrations and mischief when it is finally sorted. I'm still working through fuel at the moment but yes, I agree with your comment on the ignition. I discounted the TPS because the symptom isn't consistent with TPS problems (please correct me if I'm wrong). The unit that is in there is only about 10,000kms old and is set perfectly. It runs better than any V11 has a right to (when it isn't tormenting me).
  4. @Chuck I do agree with your logic, but as per my comment on the fuel pump, I'm down to clutching at straws here. Like everything else I've tried so far, even if it doesn't fix the problem it all adds to a better runninng bike (eventually)...
  5. @docc thanks for the excellent feedback! I do have the G8HE's - I got the reference from this forum and had to buy them from the US. Couldn't find them in Australia. The fuse block is a good lead - will head out to the garage and hit that one now. May as well do the ignition switch while I'm there. I've done most of the things in the tank-off list and it's tuned to within an inch of its' life. When it isn't playing up it runs so sweet it would make a grown man weep tears of joy. When I finally get to the bottom of this I'm gonna ride the wheels off it! Thanks again.
  6. Cap in hand and begging for help here. I've been trying to sort my 2002 V11 Sport for way too long and I'm at the end of my tether. I'm desparately looking for suggestions that I haven't thought of. It cuts out suddenlt without warning - complete and instant - but kicks back in immediately I feather the clutch. Sometimes it'll backfire if I stuff up the clutch work but has never stranded me. Some days it will limp home cutting out very few kms, some days it can run perfectly all the way home. (I only take it out when I'm testing a new fix). It can run perfectly for 2-300 kms or
  7. Gerry_L


  8. I must admit, this is one of the (only) annoying traits I find with my V11 Sport. My theory (for what it's worth) is that the lighter flywheel on these bikes doesn't provide enough inertia to keep the rotation speed of the crank consistent through the full 720° cycle. The compression stage slows the rotation down, the combustion stage speeds it up - and the drive train rattles like a bag of nails because it can't keep up... I have on old Tonti that I added a RAM flywheel/clutch to years ago and it exhibited the same symptoms. When I got the shits with it and replaced it with an 850T flywheel
  9. ' Always a sucker for spoke wheels. I have a 2003 Cali EV - love the wheels but the factory must have decided to go cheap on the chrome that year to pay for the better engine paint... How do you get flaking chrome off an alloy rim? It looks bloody awful and slices up your fingers when you're trying to clean the wheels... Just getting off the subject of wheels for a moment - what are your footrests from? They don't look standard... I also have a 2001 Sport with a Magni fairing (and lowered clip-ons). I love the fairing but my expanding girth and long legs don't agree. I'd rather experiment
  10. I must be old, got my first Guzzi 33 years ago, Thanks all of you for the welcome. I have to 'fess up to rustling around on an old Beemer for 15 years before finding my way into Guzzis... My Beemer was a very competent bike but it was a passionless thing...
  11. ' Problem is the bike is in a country town and off the main transport route.I'm using a motorcycle only transporter - the truck only goes through the nearest major town once a week but they claim they're heavily booked. Plus I suspect I got bumped by a week in favor of a more regular client... I'm in training to become the 'Waiting Champion of the World'...
  12. Have been a silent member for a couple of years - ' been riding Guzzis for 22 years but felt like a wannabe pretender (in this forum) with no V11 in the garage. Well it's finally happened - the big Breva has gone and there's a 2001 V11 Sport in transit from Victoria ('way down south' - I live in the 'way up north') with my name on it. The big downer is that I won't lay eyes on it for nearly 3 weeks. Things move slowly down under... I s'pose it'll give me time to make a bit of room in the shed and tell my two other remaining Guzzis they won't get much attention for a while...
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