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  1. Of course they want to see it. Everybody wants te see it.😀 There is a rumour out there about supersonic shifting.
  2. YIPPIEKAJEE!! Overseas also received the mods. A new era of shifting is yet to start 🥳🥳🥳
  3. This is Wales, they don't drink in Wales 🙈🙈
  4. Ooh, well if it helps you to cover the costs I like to make my order one more, 3 in total. Always a good birthday present for the V11 friends in the neighbourhood.
  5. O yes, you are right. This is because the steering head and fork are not parallel. And I finally understand the difference between offset and rake.
  6. I think fork length is not in the equation.
  7. It is maybe a bit difficult to see, but the aluminium colored is 44mm and the black is 42,.. mm Very provisional measurement. The reference is the frontside of the triple clamp and the inside of the triple clamp tube. So the rake is smaller for the later models. It will give 8mm more trail(estimate).
  8. Very interesting!! The first proof I have seen. I am going to the shed this evening to measure. I have a 1999(KR, redframe) and a 2002 (KS)
  9. Count me in as well (2 times). Five and six.
  10. I did the same. It takes a bit of patience.
  11. The diffuser is necessary for old H4 bulbs. The ones the sell today have a diffuser on the tip of the bulb. If your diffuser is still not touching the reflector, you might be able to get it out through the hole of the light-bulb. Then it is good to go again.
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