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  1. motortouring


  2. Wat about nicely litering and loosing some weight from the flywheel. Balancing the crankshaft. Installing the windage tray. And I always think high voltage spark plugs make it run better at high refs. These mods all add to better road usable riding. Verstuurd met Tapatalk
  3. Just to share my observation with my LeMans 2 and 3 (different PHF36 carbs) and the California 2 with VHB30. The california has an old paper air filter. When it gets dirty (7000km+) and i ride full throttle in 5th gear, it starfs a bit on not enough air. Closing the throttle a tiny bit gives it just the extra 5 km/h. This phenomenon fits to a to big main jet. For a touring motorcycle it's okay. It protects the engine for overheating. Especially with the LM3 (850), I reduced the main jet to 125 in order to increase topspeed. It is running a little over 200km/h, which I think is quite alright (almost 8000rpm, redzone). So you could check both a larger or smaller main jet to be sure. Additional anecdote. This is for Super Single race-machines. The engine is right underneath the tank and heats-up the fuel in the tank. This causes a decreasing density of the fuel and thus a decreasing amount of energy/ liter. A racing motorcycle dealer from Amsterdam used an oil-cooler to cool the petrol. This gave him an advantage in the second stage of the race, when others suffered from heated fuel.
  4. Did we have this one already? I have good memories of staying in the Yorkshire Dales, while this beer smoothed our exaggerations and made us heroes in our own adventures.
  5. I also like the cleaned up tail-section. Did you do this yourself or bought a kit for that? (If yes, which one?) And sporty pipes as well! In the Netherlands the fenders have a real function. That is why we would call them mud-guards :-). Verstuurd met Tapatalk
  6. About the slipping clutch. I have had slipping clutches in two situations. 1. Full power at 140km/h. Reason: oil on one of the clutch plates from a leaking gearbox or crankshaft bearing 2. At low speed in first gear when leaving a parking. Reason excessive wear of the splined clutch "gear". The plates more or less get stuck on the gear. This last one sounds a bit like your description. As I recall the drive-train of your racer is based on early eighties Tonti (LeMans3). If you have original clutch, it is the one with the bigger trapezoid splines. These gears typically have the behaviour as I mention undr 2. Newer models have other gears. https://www.stein-dinse.biz/Moto-Guzzi/Clutch/New-Version/Clutch-Gear-MG-big-Model-long-spline-version-1-pcs::1083.html You have to change the clutch plates as well as the gear pattern is different. For side cars that have problems with slipping clutches at take off, we tend to use Surflex clutch discs. The grip is higher, but on a solo bike it is biting to much to get a smooth clutch control. https://www.stein-dinse.biz/Moto-Guzzi/Clutch/New-Version/Clutch-disc-MG-big-model-new-version-Surflex::1084.html My 50 cents
  7. Do you know (or have a good hunch) what the essential improvement is?
  8. Could be but still the underpressure is relatieve low. Verstuurd met Tapatalk
  9. In this forum is a pic of the interior of a breather box http://www.guzziriders.org/lm-breather-box-valve-fix_topic2432_page2.html
  10. I mounted a Agostini breatherbox at my LM2(950cc) and LM3. http://hmb-guzzi.de/Oil-separator-Agostini-LM-1-T3-1000-SP-etc That works fine, even without the valve, although I am not sure if the box has a valve installed after all. Every now and then I clean the inside of the box with diesel or petrol in order to solve the clotery. The problem that I could not fix before the Agostini was the pumping of oil after ca 10-15 minutes of constant 5500-6000 rpm (165-180 km/h). I never tried it at a higher speed, because maintaining 200km/h with a more or less standard LM2 or 3 is difficult. When using the throttle a lot, f ex on a twisty road, I never had a breather problem with the old little breather box, but that also needed serious cleaning to work nicely. I would estimate the total crankcase at a minimum of 10liters. The delta in the volume will not be more than 600ml, so the pressure will be 6% below the outside pressure. That is higher than the vacuum in the manifold when shutting the throttle. Maybe even higher than with open throttle.
  11. Biggest breather tank you can fit in the space ( with an oil seperator if possible ) available with a drain back line and the tank vented via a tube out the back of the bike. Ciao +1 Just make sure oil return is below the level of the oil Yeah, I always hear this, but what is the physics behind it?
  12. Grease them in to protect against rust, come on, you can do it..,. :-)
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