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  1. It makes me think of Hell Ride https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0411475/ Not a very good movie. As said above, for free it's just okay.
  2. Is it still possible to add an order to the list? Edit: Please put me on the list.
  3. @MartyNZ What you describe is the Guzzi original (alu colored) rack. I have that type on my other V11 Sport 😀 Anyway, ultimately I can adapt the rack so the M8 bolts will fit
  4. I borrow this picture, since I got a luggage rack like this. Like the TS, I also have a mounting problem, but then with this rack. I mounted the subframe and now the rack is next. The subframe has 3 holes for the rack on both sides. The center hole of these 3 is just a 8mm hole that can be used to fix a M8 bold in a threadhole in the racktube. The subframe has nuts welded on the two other holes M8 for fixing with bolts from the outside of the rack. But these M8 can not be used because the rack has 6mm holes. Does anybody know how Stucchi had imagined to do this? I could drill the 6mm holes to 8mm, but it seems their is no room for the head of a M8 bolt. Does anybody have experience with this?
  5. I wonder if Piaggio has a Guzzi that goes faster, than yours. In fact there is nothing misleading in FastGuzzi. 😀
  6. Same case here. I think we will buy a third one for the youngster and sell it in a few years. A v65 or V7 classic or something, like that.
  7. Very true. But if I read the report measuring the temperature increase was part of the objective part. Braking with ABS is reproducible. ASR when coming out the corner also says something, especially with the track logger that they used. Lateral and longitudinal accelerations are usually pretty accurate on the logger. But still true, these tests have also subjectivity because of the driver preferences/capabilities.
  8. Thanks docc, I will use the info on lowering the front for future experiments.
  9. Yes, that is what I did, but I also changed to Conti RA3. So now I do not really have a good comparison. The handling improved a lot. My '99 Redframe was modified with a 5,5" rear rim and that one I was riding with the T32 (120/70R17 180/55R17). That handles even better. This is why I asked for letting the fork come for 15mm or so through the triple clamp. This would compensate that raking that Guzzi did in the Longframe.
  10. But a question to the Dunlop Roadsmart 3 riders. I used to have them on the V11 Sport from 2002. So 120 front and 180 rear. To me they felt heavy on getting the bike into the corner. Am I the only one that has this experience? Or did you change the settings, f.Ex let the frontfork stick through the triple clamps further?
  11. "Subjective" [observation] is used when there is not a predescribed testmethod that would result in measurable repeatable values(objective method). I think something like feedback is difficult to capture in an objective sense.
  12. I have Conti RA3 on my 2002 V11 Sport (rear a 170). This was because I could not get on terms with Dunlops. I spoke to a ex-Pirelly MC-tyre developer and he explained that this had probably to do with the first part of getting into the turn. A slightly different set-up of the compression damping could improve this. So this is something for the future to experiment with. Conti RA3 is known for the easy handling in this particular phase of steering. I also recall endless stability when being in the curve with the Dunlops, dry and wet, both very good. I bought the '99 V11 with T32 tyres. Very convincing and very good feedback. Since they where already used, I am not completely sure about the mileage. But that seems to me rather short for the Bridgestone T32. Somewhere between 7-10 thousand KM.
  13. motortouring

    Exan rear

    I bought a set last september. I enquired through the exan contactform, but was connected to Sergio greppi in Mandello. That worked fine for me. 550euro. With the strong dollar, a good opportunity. I would send a message to Exan or Sergio Greppi. There is a change in the law for Noise levels in the EU. Maybe this is a reason that the exhaust are currently not on the list. The Exan mufflers are homologated for a wide range of motorcycles.
  14. Over here in the Netherlands (and other EU-countries) a bike can be produced in 2001 and then be for sale for some years. The dealer can register the bike when sold. So if this takes until 2005, that will be the first registration date in the papers of the bike. I have a bike that was used as press-demo at the factory (so they say at least). Production was 2001 and registration in 2005, leaving the factory directly to a new owner.
  15. And what is the last part of your framenummer? 3M111xxx?
  16. Here the side cover of my V11 Sport. Production year 2001. (I dive into the month later this day)
  17. Is that the best way to identify the different versions?
  18. There is one from a used parts company in NL. https://www.boonstraparts.com/nl/onderdeel/moto-guzzi-v11-1100-le-mans-2002-2006-voorvork-2002/000001072889 Maybe they ship to Costa Rica :-)
  19. Always a tricky topic but I wanted to share this interesting test report from Utac Ceram. A rather top end automotive technical service and independent/inpartial under ISO 17025 accreditation (I am not sure if this test was done under the accreditation). https://grippingstories.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/210428_BRIDGESTONE-test-report-Motorcycle-tyre-comparison-V2_ENG2_sub.pdf
  20. They give it a nice upswept look. 👍🏼
  21. @Kostarika, Did these EXANs come with the special mounts/footrests?
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