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  1. DaveB


    For those of you into Facebook, there is a Moto Guzzi LeMans V11 Tenni group now. I just found it and there are like 5 members right now.
  2. DaveB

    Tenni #124

    Thanks for the welcome. I don't know about Vancouver Island, but the Tenni loves the curvy roads through the mountains of West Virginia. It seem everyone from non bike type people to high powered Jap sport bike riders think the bike is cool. It got more attention at the Bike Night than a MV Agusta F4 Tamburini that was there last time. You are right about the sound. I love to twist the throttle, not for more speed, but for more sound. I would like to get another LeMans just so I could modify it. I don't want to change anything on the Tenni, or take a chance on wadding it up on the track
  3. The listing is now "unavailable". Possibly pulled by Ebay.
  4. DaveB

    Tenni #124

    Just got back from the local bike night. I was sitting with some friends where I could see the bike. There was an almost always someone circling the bike looking it over. It is definitely a totally different riding experience than my previous bike. About the only thing it seems to share with my 91 Honda Nighthawk 750 is they both have two wheels. I am starting to get smooth but it is a bit of a learning curve. Dave
  5. DaveB

    Tenni #124

    I started out looking for a plain V11, but once I discovered the Tenni, that was the one I had to have. Going to take it to a local bike night and show it off tomorrow. Around here, I might be the only non cruiser.
  6. Hi Van, You can add #124. It now resides with me in West Virginia. Just bought it last week and it was delivered yesterday. Dave
  7. DaveB

    Tenni #124

    Hi guys (and gals?), I am proud to announce that Tenni #124 is now mine. It arrived from Florida yesterday and was licensed and insured today. Getting a state inspection and it's ready to roll. Just over 7K miles and in perfect shape. Have been looking for a Tenni for a couple of years and now found this two owner, well maintained (good service records) example. The seller even sent a 1:12 Tenni die-cast. Its coming out party is a West Virginia Moto Guzzi club event in a couple weekends. Dave
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