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  1. Texted docc earlier this evening that I'm in again this year. Might as well move up there, made 3 bike trips to Tellico area and North Carolina best scenic twisty roads since mid July this year. Pat from Normandy, TN
  2. doslemans

    V85 TT

    awesome docc
  3. Or you could ride my 04 Lemans and I'll take the 86 Lemans1V I sent you the pic of recently after getting it back on the road.
  4. Hey paulnaz, I have a spare set of those brackets from stock mufflers long since replaced. Let me know if u still need them and send me address, by pm if needed. These will need painting to be perfect. Have 3 of the 2 short bolts needed each bracket to attach to mufflers but 4th has gone to unknown
  5. doslemans


  6. First time attendee though long time guzzi guy only 150 miles away and will not miss another one. It was a truly awesome weekend. Met friends haven't seen in years and more passionate guzzi brethren I hope to see again. Like docc says, endless sharing of tips, good roads to ride and too much other to mention.
  7. I feel your pain. I have 04Lemans Docc has been helping me with to cure same behavior it's had for probably 40-50K miles of 72K total. Been thru every check/upgrade I've seen mentioned in threads related to this issue and no improvement o date. Just got back from 500 mile weekend ride over twisty back roads around Tellico Plains, Tennessee. Pops thru intakes on every roll off of throttle from anywhere between 3000-6000 rpm to drop gears entering into and exit out of tight curves. At times, severe enough to create unexpected excitement in holding lane position. Also, does it nearly continuously when running steady at low speed/1st/ 2nd gear from 2000 to 3200 rpm, like approaching driveway in neighborhood or town traffic or similar.
  8. Just wanted to say in full disclosure I am the guy DOCC is helping with the 04 V11 Lemans with the infamous light throttle hiccup issues and questions related to the map currently loaded in my bike. Thx for all input.
  9. I've been looking into installing one of these troubleshooting lights on a 2004 V11 Lemans and on mine the fuse number 8 is a spare 15 amp fuse. No power to either side clip with fuse removed and both ignition, run switches on. Just wanted to pass that info on. Now need to decide which other fuse to wire the indicator light to.
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