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  1. NakedV


  2. Mine will sit happy at 2k rpm and pull smooth right to the rev line. (Unless I run crap supermarket petrol then pinks like b*st*rd). Running stock ECU & airbox with Mistral titanium cans. The more miles I put on her (13.5k now)the better she gets.
  3. Hey up Matey. How is she running? Re the pipes. I used a simple black restorer wiped on, wiped off, worked great. (Simoniz black bumper restorer). Didn't you bid on the damaged Mistrals of Flee-bay? Regards, Mick.
  4. There has always been a little condensation inside the glass, Now it is really heavy droplets and the tach has started misbehaving, jumping from the correct reading to nothing then off the scale before returning to normal. I'm hoping drying it out will help.
  5. Will do and thanks. Mick.
  6. Hi all. The bike has spent a couple of wet weekends away and there is considerable moisture build up inside the tach' which has started acting up. Logic says an electronic device full of moisture will be pretty unhappy. My plan is to remove the tach' and dry it out thoroughly and see if this returns it to normal. Before I can remove the bottom cover I will have to remove the trip knob from the speedo'. How does it come off? I don't want to force anything and risk breakage. Cheers all. Mick.
  7. Glad you got to the bottom of it. Right Royal pain in the Arse it might be, But the bike'll get fixed one way or the other, Main thing is you walked away from it. Take care and good luck with the repairs. Mick.
  8. As a matter of genuine interest. How many V11 produced to date with the "Fearbox"? How many documented cases of sudden lock up as described by OP? How many of these 'documented' cases were definately atributed to crap design/manufacture? Given the litigation obssesive society we live in, if the V11 is as genuinely lethal as suggested, how come MG hasn't been sued into extinction? How come the powers that be haven't just banned their import? If I believed the V11 was as fundementally flawed as is suggested, I'd destroy mine (I'd not want anyone else's death on my conscience) and buy something else. I've a wife and kids to think of. Hell if they're as bad as is suggested here I suggest MG have no right whatso ever to still be producing Motorcycles. Mick.
  9. So very true my friend, She's one pretty lady, and smart with it. I've picked up a cheap "keep it in the jacket pocket" camara, so should be able to start documenting some of the better rides out over here this Summer. Take care Mate and keep the shiney side up. Mick.
  10. Jesus! Sounds like a pretty close shave you just had. Glad your o.k. Were there any symptoms prior to it all going tits up? Unusual amounts of metal on magnetic plug, notchy changing, funny noises, etc.
  11. Have to admit to using the 50mph signs more as a "guide" than a true limit, Saw very few vehicles and no plod at all on Saturday Morning when we crossed (8.30/9ish), Fantastic views though and on the twisty bits I didn't have to go at stupid speeds for it to be good fun, LOL.
  12. Married to Sam with 3 Magic kids

  13. Well we're back, after a cracking weekend away on the bikes. Friday saw us leave Hartlepool in clear dry, if a bit breezy conditions. We were heading for the Peak district having booked into a site pointed out to us on the MGCGB site. http://www.fieldhead-campsite.co.uk/ We were in no hurry with the priority very definately, enjoying the ride rather than getting there by the shortest route. We left the A19 to enter Thirsk where we had a traditional full breakfast, before introducing ourselves to the new Guzzi Dealer that has opened there. Nice friendly people who appear enthusiastic about the marque. From Thirsk we headed up Sutton bank to take full advantage of the fantastic riding roads out there, heading through Malton and Sledmere before stopping at the Biker's Cafe at Fridaythorpe. (Frequented by the North East MGCGB Branch I believe). We made very quick progress on almost empty roads before stopping off in York to re-fuel, 110 miles covered and going well. Skirting York on the A64 we headed towards Leeds and then took the A1/A1M to Sheffield, (BORING!!!!!!!!!!). Exiting the M1 we rode past the Hillsborough stadium before taking the scenic Rivellin Valley road that if followed the full distance will take you onto the awsome Snake Pass! We followed it to the Ladybower Dam, before turning off towards Castleton, still maintaining high average speeds on near empty roads, the final few miles and the twisty back roads that led to the site dictated care as gravel, deep puddles and potholes replaced the excellent roads we'd become used to. The site was great, the wardens expected us and met us with timber to place beneath our sidestands. With tents pitched, Pete and I headed out to sample the fare at the 2 local pubs. The beer and grub were great but several hours of very "Enthusiastic" road riding combined with us not being quite as young as we were saw us asleep in our tents by 9pm . An early start saw cooler tempratures and mist which quickly cleared as the sun got up. With the bikes packed we headed out to test ourselves against the famed Snake Pass. The Guzzi revelling in the twists and turns with never a hairy moment. On a couple of bends I thought I'd over cooked it but a brief dab of back brake to straighten things out then power on and watch the tarmac coming up to meet me as we bellowed through the still quiet peaks was indescribable. Glossop came too quickly but yielded an excellent Cafe serving breakfast so huge even I couldn't finish one, good company too in the form of a couple of guys out on a Boxer BMW and an Aprilia. We then decided to strike North in the hope of hitting the A65, an old favorite of mine though we had a totally mad ride to get to it on a well surfaced wide twisty that had us Whooping like a pair of 10 year olds when we met up again on the A65. A quick stop at the Devils Bridge then on to our next site at Pooley Bridge on Ulleswater where we drank and ate our fill before retiring to our tents. This morning with rain threatening we made the long climb up to the Hartside Cafe where 2 bacon baps & 2 Coffees set us back nearly £9.(Ouch!) Then a steady descent to Alston, passing a group of bikes heading the other way with at least 1 Guzzi among them. Then it was accross country to Allendale and Hexham before an amazing thrash down the A68, stopping of at a mates place in Tow Law for Coffee. From there it was a fast run home though my enthusiastic riding of that last day has resulted in the base of the sidestand being somewhat reduced in area. The last 4 miles saw some interesting roundabout action with 2 guys on big KTM Super Motard things that were a lot faster than I expected and called for some scarey late braking and pretty hard work on my part to get ahead on the exits from the curves before he out dragged me to about 80, then the higher top end of the Guzzi would reassert itself before hard on the brakes for the next roundabout, he couldn't stay with the V11 through the turns even loaded as I was with camping gear. (though I've lost a good amount of metal from the sidestand). All in all a pretty great w/ends fun. (Glad the wife never saw our antics over the last 4 or 5 miles though). Only downside is the panniers have messed with the paintwork in a couple of spots . But it'll fix. Regards, Mick.
  14. NakedV

    Micks Guzzi.

    My 2001 V11 Sport as bought, though the wife was added to the bike later, LOL.
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