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  1. rossi46


  2. yes thanks will check the obvious in the morning, forgot to say when I came home from work( took wifes car!) bike started and ran fine-battery light went straight out!
  3. Hi all, I've been using the bike regularly for work recently with no probs. The other day the battery light stayed on(faintly) until I rode off-usually goes out on start up-I checked the 30amp fuse when I got home(ok) and noticed a small spark when I replaced the fused. is this right? today the light refused to go out even after a couple of miles of riding. I'm only getting 13.3 volts @3,000rpm at the battery, seems low? regulator is less than 5,000mls old. I have removed the alternator cover and to my,untrained eye, the wires seem fine-is there a test of the stator? that I can do ,or any other checks before I spend on a new reg? Thanks guys
  4. rossi46

    Cracked mivvs

    any photos /video Stu ?
  5. rossi46

    airbox mod

    yes they do, I might have another shot on my camera-I thought that winter in Rome!
  6. rossi46

    airbox mod

    I spotted this Coppa Italia on a recent trip to San Marino, the owner didn't speak much english,nor me Italian!,it had 130,000km on her and the only issue he had was g/box spring. He lived further south nr Rome and did say that he removed the 'snorkle' in the winter, anyone got any ideas to its function?
  7. I asked Chuck for one before I went on my Euro trip,no bike but will post some photo's, came home yesterday and it was waiting for me, Massive thanks to Chuck and phil for all there work-I think I will keep mine green cheers gents
  8. stew they do come up on ebay occasionally-about £400 more pics here http://www.massmoto.com/en/moto-guzzi-2/v11-sport.html#1 love the under seat one!
  9. 2596 mls to Italy and back- no real issues would do It again no problem!
  10. saw this advertised looks like good day out https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-bikes
  11. not too bad a job, tank off-air box off- small hands help! don't forget Docc's 'tank off maintenance check list'
  12. Hi mate I see your in the UK-try motomecca-gutsibits or stein dinse (germany) part number 7 below? http://www.stein-dinse.biz/eliste/index.php as others have said no oil from there, give it a good clean up ,check oil level try and see where its from- could be something simple
  13. toofat how does the bike sound without the lid? is it too loud?
  14. al I used the T30 evo for my trip to Europe last summer, have over 5000mls on them now and the rear is just starting to square off, The grip is excellent wet or dry love them!
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