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  1. Hi mates, Just solved the issue on my rev counter, hope can help anyone with same kind of problem. I opened the rev and and found that one of the 3 weights in the arm of the needle was out of the place. Even before open it, when shaking there was a noise like a small piece inside that was free. If you have the same problem, be aware of not lost it when opening . You must be very carefull as the weight is about 1,5mm diameter by 3-4mm long. I profit having the rev opened to paint the needle. Looks and works like new.
  2. Hi mates, anyone knows what to do on a Veglia that start to shows half of real engine revs? That is from my 2000 V11 Sport. Thanks in advance for your help
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  4. Hello everybody, Just received the Lonelec cable to conect to my V11 2000 ECU. The bike is now abt 30k kms, so time for some checking and possibly adjusting values. Any recommendation from people already used to do this job? Thanks in advance mates.
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