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  1. Correct, all the G&B bikes, not the kit bikes like the Sport Monza, are based on the Sport 1100. AFAIK the G&B frame doesn't take the V11 with 6speed box.
  2. Same here, one of the best selling BMW dealers (over 30 years!) in the country also sells all four Japanese brands. BMW forced them to either build a separate showroom or give them all available window space. They refused and it escalated quickly. They still sell and repair BMWs, but they are not an official dealer anymore. And they don't care, the margin on new bikes is ridiculously low, even on Beemers.
  3. Don't know, but to make sure, you can call one of the 16.000 Bosch Automotive dealers in the UK
  4. I've had my oil light coming on in the rain in 2006 on my way to the GMG in Mandello. It scared the sh*t out of me... After a phone call to my mechanic at TLM I was reassured. Just water in the wrong place. After a smoke and half an hour break the oil light didn't come on anymore.
  5. Give Bosch a call: https://www.boschaftermarket.com/gb/en/parts/dxt/products/category/ce_23100943/productline/ce_23100963?hints=false#scrolldetail or order from eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113804660539 or here: https://www.euspares.co.uk/parts/bosch/1154801
  6. This obsession with Omron relays I don't quite understand... Sure, they're quality parts, but the Bosch ones I rode with for 8 years never failed me. Easily available too.
  7. I heard 'Water of Love' yesterday on the radio. What a great song. Beter than the sh*t they brought out later on, like Twisting by the Pool and Walk of Life.
  8. Scissor jack under the sump, some wooden blocks under the sideplates and then strap it down from the cylinders. And as an extra safety measure a strap over the saddle. (use padding) They do that on some ferries too. If you have it set up, show us a pic!
  9. Is it possible to tie it down from the cylinders?
  10. http://www.rebootguzzispares.com/spares.php There's a greenie on their site.
  11. This should clarify things a bit:
  12. Something different... Last weekend I racked up some kms on my 1200 Sport in the Sauerland, Germany. After a few hours intense riding my left hand cramped up (this is still due to a stroke I suffered from in 2002). It spoiled the rest of the beautiful day. So I've been thinking about the Aprilia Mana since then. I've done some reading and I although I don't really like the looks, the CVT transmission would able me to ride longer and more relaxed. I know that @pete roper has (had) one, and I would like to know your experiences and other input.
  13. Came across this on the net: https://www.shapeways.com/product/7H6NSY6WT/intake-boots-for-moto-guzzi-v11
  14. Hi all, FWIW: I used to update the Tenni Registry, but I haven't done it for quite a few years. So please don't be annoyed if you don't see your Tenni listed in the original post.
  15. Not a V11, but I changed handlebars on my 1200 Sport. I still had the original ones that lean forward. I changed them to aftermarket ones for a more upright seating position. Couldn't believe the difference in handling, especially on slow turns like roundabouts. Less weight (my own...) on the front wheel, probably.
  16. To be honest, I don't like the look of the Cali spoked wheels. Thje spokes are at the outside of the rim.
  17. Admin Jaap

    Parts wanted

    http://www.rebootguzzispares.com/spares.php They have a V11 breaker atm. Don't know about shipping costs, but you could give them a call or email. (They are British)
  18. Maybe you can find something here? https://www.essentracomponents.com
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