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  1. My gear: Arai full-face with black MJK custom made (I'm 6'4'') combi-leathers. The trousers are getting a bit too tight, I ride with kevlar jeans mostly. For really hot days I have a blow- through jacket.
  2. Hahaha! Very true!
  3. 40.000 yrs ago... the era of air-cooled V-twin pushrod engines
  4. Haven't tried 'm yet , but they're quite sturdy. If I went for a long hike I would take my normal hiking shoes, as they are a lot lighter. My guess is that the Rev'Its are perfect for walking around a track for a day. A lot better than my Sidi semi-racing boots with their thin sole.
  5. Admin Jaap

    Riding gear

    Today I received my new riding boots and it occured to me that we never had a riding gear topic. So here it goes: what do you ride in? A full BMW sahara suit, jeans, t-shirt and sneakers? Or something in between? I just bought these Rev'It H20 boots, waterproof, very comfy and good protection.
  6. I've been wondering for years; what are the advantages of a single vs a dual setup?
  7. http://www.rebootguzzispares.com/spares.php There's a V11on his site. Just give Peter Morcombe a call. I bought several parts from him. Ace service.
  8. Quick answer: No. Here's a thread on it:
  9. Donโ€™t forget to try the limoncello! ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹
  10. Beautiful scenery. Been there last autumn. You'll see tourist coaches on the road, passing eachother with 2 inches space. Take the boat to Positano. BTW, I only saw three Guzzis in one week, and a lot of GS's.
  11. Are you trying to show a link? Just copy/paste the URL in your post
  12. I wasn't sure about the fork diameter. But that's easy to find out: Google pointed me to this topic: So the Rosso Mandello clipons won't fit your 2004 V11 Sport. Sorry for the confusion!
  13. Has this one been shown here already? https://www.gessato.com/the-moto-guzzi-v11-sport-by-moto-studio/
  14. As far as I can remember fork diameter is the same on all models. The early red frames were mounted below the triple-T and the later on top. In the pics you can see the difference. My bet is, that you're not the first one to try this. Maybe someone can chime in?
  15. Hi Walter, I've never heard of anyone on this forum wrapping a nylon V11 tank. So all replies are probably based on theories. It's on you to try first and let us all know how it goes Being an old fart , my choice would be painting. I had mine painted black by a professional painter.
  16. If only there was a hammer in the picture!
  17. Admin Jaap

    Admin Jaap

  18. Welkom op het forum en veel plezier met je V11 LeMans!
  19. @pete: thanks for the excellent write up. I'll let you (all) know how it went.
  20. Somewhere I read that the monoshock linkage hasnโ€™t been greased very well (or at all) by Luigi in Mandello. As Iโ€™m planning to change my rear tyre soon I thought this would be an opportunity to address this possible problem. Any suggestions on how to do this? Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  21. Very positive first impression by the Dutch journalist!
  22. Looks like Lario valve covers.
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