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  1. Aer the windage trays available. Think it is time to put one on, let me know who to contact. Thanks
  2. Oil light on ? and when was the oil changed last ?
  3. Well I like it, I like it a lot. Sure is a nicer job than a trike would have been! But I am not a trike fan.
  4. Thanks Lucky Phil GREAT write up, winter project.
  5. You dont get it when you start out that I dont get it I do Thats fine How do you know That I dont get it? Can you read my mind also? Ease up all is fine This site as always has been a great help in keeping a v 11 going. Been here a long time seen a lot come and go Please just ease up!!!
  6. https://crashstats.nhtsa.dot.gov/Api/Public/ViewPublication/810834 Its a long read but may interest some
  7. Lucky Phil not everyone is as smart as you are, they are only looking for help. Not everyone has all the information you require to make a diagnostic LIGHTEN UP. We all know how smart you are just help with the request as is. Will not respond to a attack PLEASE just look at it.
  8. My Ducati 996 was the same connected.
  9. Has anyone changed their fork seals, and if so what seals did you use?
  10. Anyone use after market fork seals like (all balls) on a 2000 sport silver marzocchi forks, did they work well?
  11. Thanks docc I was thinking it was a stand alone fuse, its in the fuse block. Then it all looks good.
  12. Where is it, and anyone hove a picture? Thanks
  13. Just came back from a 80 mile run and checked my voltage at the battery. At idle 13.2 volts at 4/5 thousand RPM 14.9 is that to high or am I OK Thanks for the help
  14. thumper


  15. I have never seen anything good from a tow truck driver with a hammer!!
  16. You may have fouled out the plugs, pull em and replace. Look at them closely you can tell a lot from the condition of the plugs!
  17. Yes it does have a power commander. and I have ran it un hooked all the same. Will try +10 on the trim. Its just that to me all else must be correct, if when hot it runs perfectly with the oil temp sensor unhooked. If its lean then why still the cough with the air bleeder screw fully closed? Will be back at it on Monday, and thanks for the help I think we are going in the right direction. Heading out to seneca rock wv for the weekend. No wind on the bay.
  18. OK still at it , Still cough (bad at idle) new cam chain tensioner, new tps, new head temp sensor, did the tune up. Went all through it again all good till warmed up, unplugged the head temp adjusted the idle runs like a champ, just as it used to!! So now is this pointing to a ECU problem? From what I understand the ECU switches to a different map when the temp gauge tells it is good to go. Is there a problem running the bike like this, IT RUNS PERFECT!! Or is a new ECU in order?
  19. OK the new TPS is in and the bike is much better, still cough at idle only when hot. My valves are set at .008 E .006 I. For those who have cured the cough what are your valves set at?? Or for that matter anyone with a bike with over 50,000 miles what setting are you using on the valves. I am worried that a larger valve setting will cause damage to the cam and the lifters. Thanks in advance.
  20. Check to see the rear brake is not dragging.
  21. We did have a nice sail, took my 82 year old Mom & Dad out. The old guy can still keep the sails full!
  22. Thanks to everyone, think I have a handle on it, heading out now will be on the Chesapeake for a few days. Thanks again will be back on it Tuesday.
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