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  1. I hoped it would do someone some good, I always liked having a spare. I'll offer up some more spares shortly. thanks, Bill
  2. The ECU is sold. Bill Bassett
  3. These are sold. Thanks, Bill
  4. Hi Bill, if those V11 muffler hangers are still available and if you have a pic of them handy, I’d be interested.

    If it’s easier to send the pic to a standard email address, you can send to:


    Hope all is well!


    Thank you,


  5. I think the ones I have left are the lower mounts. Someone already bought the upper ones. I don't have a picture account so if you'd like pics, send your email address and I'll do some pics. thanks, Bill
  6. Foot, I have a pair of Ti mufflers. The right one is perfect with the connector pipe and the mounting strap. The left one is damaged; but I think the end cap could be removed and the dents rolled out. The connector pipe has rash on it, but usable, also has the strap in good condition. I'll send pics if you send your email address. Pics tomorrow. Bill Bassett
  7. Stan, I still have it. As far as I know, they're the same. thanks, Bill
  8. I'm selling a spare ECU I had for my V11 LeMans. IAW15M.C7 is the part number described for MG V11 Le Mans MY 02. It is used and is in good working order. I'm asking $135.00 USD shipped anywhere in the lower 48 included. I can send pics if you want, provide email address. thanks, Bill Bassett
  9. Foot, I guess I should have proofed my listing. I have one pair of high mounts that come with the Ti mufflers and one pair of mounts for the lower mounted mufflers. I think that's more clear. thanks, Bill
  10. I have 2 pairs of freshly powder coated V11 muffler hangers, one pair of mount, one pair of low mount. I no longer need these. $100 per pair. If you want pics, send an email address. thanks, Bill Bassett
  11. Bill Bassett

    Bill Bassett

  12. Titanium mufflers and inlet pipes from Rosso Corsa. Right side is excellent. Left side is damaged on the front plus the connector pipe is bruised. I think the muffler could be disassembled and the end repaired. Send your email address if you want pictures. $450 for the pair, shipping included. thanks, Bill Bassett
  13. One pair original mufflers from 2003 Rosso Corsa. There are no scratches or dents and are the semi gloss black metal, not carbon fiber. If you're interested, send an email address and I'll send you pics. $150.00 plus $35 for shipping in the lower 48. thanks, Bill Bassett
  14. GM, Looks like I got the bits mixed up. I have installled both kinds. The linkages are adjustable for proper lever placement. I do like the Techs over the bits. If you were a little closer, you could swing by and sit on the bike and see how they fit you. Back to changing my tire---- Bill Bassett
  15. I've had lowered footpegs on 3 V11s. Motobits on my 03 Lemans, Motrabits on my Coppa, and Motrabits on my 03 Rosso Corsa. I liked the Motrabits the best for comfort. I am also fitting a set of adjustable clipons to the Rosso. The Motrabits are more expensive, but they are well made and have a good fit. If you do get them, pull the starter and the cylinder for the rear shock first thing. Bill Bassett
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