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  1. The Georgia Moto Guzzi group is hosting their annual campout at Two Wheels of Suches http://twowheelsofsuches.com/ on September 13,14 and 15.Come ride the amazing roads of North Georgia with a great group of people,sit around the campfire and on the porch enjoying the beauty of Suches,Ga.
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  3. Gold Rush Days in Dahlonega are this weekend,Saturday and Sunday so the town square should be avoided unless you just want to be stuck in traffic on an air cooled motorcycle.
  4. Highway 60 will be open Friday,Saturday and Sunday during the maintenance period.
  5. Who do I make it to,"Docc please let Docc miss work this weekend he has an important engagement that can't be missed!"
  6. There is road work on Hwy 60 from the Stone Pile north to the Union County line.I spoke with a couple of DOT guys today and they will not be working on the weekend.If your approaching from the south the logical detour would be taking Hwy 19 north out of Dahlonega to the dead end and then left on Hwy 129 north over Blood Mountain,then left on Hwy 180 to Suches. http://us13.campaign-archive2.com/?u=80dbe14272ec0b5e1a1bf5b4e&id=783046c791 I'm planning a ride Saturday with the best BBQ in the North Georgia Mountains as the destination.
  7. Come ride some of the best roads in the Southeast,enjoy food and friends at one of the best motorcycle campgrounds in the country! At TWOS there are lodge rooms,cabins,camping and food available Friday evening through Sunday lunch.Call or make your reservations online.As always no reservation are necessary for camping. I hope some of you fine folks looking at this discussion will attend.The Georgia campout is always a good time and you can't beat the roads in the area with a stick!
  8. This year the Georgia Guzzi campout will be at Two Wheels of Suches in Suches,Georgia on October 20th through the 22nd.I know there are those of you who in the past have reserved your cabin or lodge room by phone with Mary.Mary is leaving after today for a job in Dahlonega.Now when you call you will find Jenny on the other end of the line.She will do her best to take care of our lodging needs.You can also reserve lodging on the website if you prefer. http://twowheelsofsuches.com/ As always,no reservation is needed for camping. You can reach me Mike Powell at p8080@mindspring.com for more information.
  9. I went to see Wayne today in his new rehab room.We went to the gym for physical therapy where they had him working his arms.His sense of humor came through when he said he was doing his beer curls.He was worried about Vicky having not had an update on her condition today.I ran into Guzzi Steve in the parking lot who said the doctor believes Vicky hears what people in the room say and is responding to stimulation.This will be a long road for them and they can use all the help and support we can give them.
  10. Thanks for the reply Stew.I have no clue how it broke being inside the tank.Since most of my tools are packed up and I don't have a shop to work in anymore I ordered a new one.I have a leak in the tank to repair while I wait for the part.
  11. Thanks for cleaning my glasses Stick!
  12. Stew,I must be blind,I posted my own low fuel light/sensor thread and had I just opened my eyes I would have seen yours.Having replaced yours could you tell me where it attaches on the fuel pump unit?I attached an image to the thread below. http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19477
  13. Riding to TWO Sunday before last the Ballabio ran out of gas for the first time during my ownership,the low fuel light never came on.I was planning on removing the tank to repair a leak in the tunnel so this morning disconnected the harness for the fuel sensor and using a jumper illuminated the low fuel light,then put a meter on the other side of the harness and read over two ohms,after pulling the fuel pump I found the sensor hanging loose.Does anyone know where it attaches?The online manual I have bookmarked shows the earlier tank and frame mounted fuel pump and does not show the low fuel sensor.
  14. He wouldn't even talk to me about the ITI speedometer from my 2004 Ballabio,he said he doesn't work on anything that new and told me to throw it away and buy a new one.
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