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  2. Hi, folks. Just noticed that MG Cycle is now stocking replacement plastic fuel fittings that fit the V11 series. I had (after a lot of searching) managed to find a source for these in Europe, as the Aprilia Pegaso used the same sort of fitting in white instead of red. I ordered a couple of these from Gustibits, and found that they worked perfectly on my V11. Being that the units that MG is stocking are white, I assume that they are from the same original source. Here is the link: http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=30_321&products_id=5072 Hope this helps someone! Sorry if this is repeat -- I didin't see anything when I searched. Cheers, Shaun
  3. Hi, folks. Just wanted to send out a quick note to the forum letting folks know about a new riding group that we have set up in BC. It's an informal group, called the British Columbia Italian Motorcycle Owner's Group (BCIMOG for short), with a low-key vibe, no dues and no formal structure. It's all about hanging out, having fun, and riding our Italian motorcycles! Initial interest has been strong, with many members indicating that this fills a definite need, and we already have over 40 members! Feel free to check out either our Yahoo group, or Facebook page at the links below: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/BCIMOG/info https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=bcimog The initial focus of our ride calendar is on Vancouver Island, but we are encouraging folks in other areas of BC to organize rides and tell us about them. We'll get the calendar updated and distributed as soon as we have the details. The current ride calendar is always available at the Yahoo group under Files-->Event Calendar, and on the Facebook page. Please note that both groups (Yahoo and Facebook) require approval to join. The only intent of this is to keep spammers and trolls at bay. Just request to join, tell us a bit about yourself (or your ride), and we'll get you approved ASAP. It's in PDF format, so easy to print and put on the fridge! If you ride an Italian motorcycle in BC, this is the best place to find out what's going on in the area. Even if you don't live in BC, but think you might get out this way sometime in the future, feel free to join! Cheers, Shaun and Mike
  4. Sorry, folks, have been on the process of moving across country, so have had limited availability. Sorry, no answer from Piaggio, and I have now sold my V11. What have I done?? Best of luck on getting the info. Shaun
  5. It's that kind of attitude (along with a sprinkle of greenie attitude) that makes this forum such a great place. "When you lose, don't lose the lesson." - generally attributed (although perhaps incorrectly) to Dalai Lama. Quotes are never incorrectly attributed on the internet. Ever. Quotes are never incorrectly attributed on the internet. Ever. - Jimmy Hoffa
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    Hey, Tim. I'd expect more oil, as well. On the older Guzzis, I know that you need to be careful to ensure that the correct length bolts are used to attach the rocker shafts, or oil flow will be blocked. I see no reason why the V11-era bikes would be any different, so it would be worth checking to see if these bolts have been swapped out. As I recall, the correct length is 14mm, but you could easily confirm on one of your other bikes. Hope you find the cause. Bike looks fantastic! Cheers, Shaun
  7. SMDL

    Champagne wishes...

    No shaved apes on Goose Island! Nice work, Tim! Shaun
  8. Hi, folks. Just wanted to let everyone know that registration (including online) is now open for the Ontario rally. Here is the link to the rally information page: http://ontarioguzziriders.com/2017_OGR_rally.html As always, you can monitor progress by reading the Recent News on our home page: http://ontarioguzziriders.com/index.html Check out the recent update about one of our cool door prizes for the rally, this year. What a nice tent!! FYI, we have a new format this year, with event HQ and most of the activities centered at the Joli Voyageur campground. Should be great fun, and it will be nice to have the group all together for more of the time. Don't worry, though -- those who would still like to hang with Guy and Judy at the Lavigne Tavern, and enjoy some excellent live entertainment, will have that opportunity on Friday night. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. It's gonna be great!! Cheers, Shaun
  9. Thanks, folks. Good info, and, no, the coverage I am looking into is not mileage restricted in any way, which is nice. I have just sent an email to Piaggio NA to see if they are able to provide the information. Will post with info on their response. Cheers, Shaun
  10. Hi, folks. I'm hoping that someone might be able to assist in determining production numbers for the 2003 Le Mans. The reason this is important to me is that it might be possible to get collector insurance on my bike after 15 years if there were less that 1500 built of this model year. From what I hear, the factory didn't keep great records at that time, and was a little less focused on model years vs. production runs, but think the VIN does capture that stated model year. I was thinking of trying Piaggio to see if they had anything they could share, but I figure that someone else here might have some first-hand knowledge, and would know if there is any chance of a sub-1500 production number. I would suspect that after you take away all the Californias and V11 Sports, Ballabios, etc., there is a pretty good chance that less than 1500 Le Mans were made that year. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Shaun
  11. Thanks, czakky, for adding the Harley one. However, perhaps someone who has used the PFC3 from CA Cycleworks can add that, one, too? https://ca-cycleworks.com/ca-cycleworks-products/throttle-position-sensor/pf3c Thanks, Shaun
  12. Sorry for reviving this thread, but I'm looking to order a TPS to have on hand as a spare for my 2003 V11 Le Mans, on just want to check one more time before ordering. Looks like LowRyter confirmed that the PF3C he got from CA Cycleworks is working fine, and Meinoff confirmed that it should be good by looking at the graph provided. This seems like a pretty solid endorsement, but does anyone have any additional information? Cheers, Shaun
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