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  1. As far forward as you can get. Grasp the tank with your knees. No weight on the bars, elbows bent. Late turn in, flick into the corner and add power all the way through the corner. The machine wants to be stable. The less you mess with it other than adding power through the corner, the better it likes it. It is a very good handling motorcycle.. Edit: Oh, forgot. 5000 to 6000 rpm is the sweet spot..
  2. I was at a gun show, and someone was selling "genuine copper commemorative coins" for something or other for like a dollar. I thought, "Hmmmm, those look just like some 90 degree battery connections for the Mighty Scura." Some sawing and bending required.
  3. Back in the day I bought a new Centauro. Like most at that time, it barely ran except at WFO. I made it my life's work to sort it, and it took 2 years of trying everything on the COG at the time. I got it running beautifully.. all the little glitches they came with *except* the very occasional miss around 3400 or so. The final solution for that was the brass temp sensor holder to replace the plastic piece.
  4. for less than 100 USD, you could be set up to powder coat your own.
  5. For whatever reason, a Roper plate doesn't seem to be needed on the Centauro. That said, as far as I know.. they're the same.
  6. I've learned this over many years of playing with classic and antique airplanes. If you see something you think you need, you had better get it because it might very well be the last you'll ever see.
  7. There is that. I've done in on antique airplanes.. and just old airplanes.. for years. There is a *great* amount of satisfaction on returning a pile of rusted parts to a living breathing machine. As our friend Bill says though Comma but. That is a POS when restored to running condition. If you really want to put the sweat equity in a project.. make it a good one. Just MHO.
  8. Pete beat me to it. Back in the day, a friend and I traded bikes for a weekend. He had a R90S, and I had a Duck. I thought, "*this* POS is what people are raving about??" At the time, I thought hinge in the middle of the frame handling, but Pete has a much more accurate description..
  9. Yep, if you aren't having fun with your toys, you don't have the right toys.
  10. Have a good look at the rear transmission mount.
  11. Easy. Collectors and antiquers want the real thing.
  12. I can see them, but I use Google photos. I'm not sure people that don't can see them.. Oh, and only the first picture comes up. I have to click on each to see it.
  13. I haven't had much luck doing that. I sprung the 11 bucks for imgzeit.. he's a good boy..
  14. Are you using google photos?
  15. Looks like a good job to me..
  16. Sorry, Bob. You just have to play the cards you're dealt. I'd be on it like a duck on a june bug if I were in the market..
  17. Yooo Hooo.. Docc..
  18. Well, yeah.. I did get ahead a bit.
  19. Oil oil oil Can't do with out it Oil oil oil It's misunderstood.. Back to you, Docc..
  20. I deposited that one in the "Some things are not meant to be understood" file.
  21. FWIW, back when I used to work on Centauros for guys that couldn't find a dealer to do it, I found one sensor that had actually been milled by the flywheel. Still worked.
  22. Min spec is .023" from memory.
  23. That's a fact, and I've seen it. During the annual inspection of an aircraft, one of the things you do is remove the fuel line from the gascolator to the carb and carefully look through it.
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