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  1. Specific use. I suppose that would work with wives, too..(running and ducking)
  2. I love those things..
  3. I've had two BMWs, but I'm a slow learner. The R100RT is *quite* a bit more protective than the LeMans, but you have to put up with having a R100RT to have one. The RS is similar to a LeMans, but.. Honestly though, the fly screen on the Mighty Scura was more comfortable (for me) than the Rosso. My helmet was in clean air on the Scura. Rosie was better in rain, however. There is no perfect motorcycle, no matter what Melissa says.
  4. Most likely it will. It is already sacked from over travel. Compare it to a new spring, and you will see this. Maybe you will be lucky. I tested one that I don't think would have broken..
  5. I still have a few Extenders from that absolutely last run. Scud sent me a few springs that I could use as "party favors" if someone needs one.
  6. 2 and 3 are the lower cylinders. Unlike every radial I've dealt with it doesn't burn or leak oil. What's up with that? No idle cutoff, idled at 1000 rpm per the manufacturer's instructions during taxi back, and idled for a few seconds at 600 before shutdown. Unleaded auto fuel 90 (US) octane, no alcohol.
  7. Thanks, Phil. I just put them in the lathe and used a parting tool to cut through the crimp.
  8. Speaking of plug reading.. here are the insulators on the Verner after about an hour's running. Cylinders # 1,2,and 3 from right to left respectively. To me, 1&2 are lean, 3 about right?
  9. I'll be "doing" the triple nickle (555) at the Ohio rally next weekend. It's er.. occasionally challenging.. from South to North. North to South can be a sphincter squeezer. You'll come to the top of a hill with a sign saying left turn for instance. What it doesn't say is it's an *immediate* left turn once you get to the top. I boiled the brake fluid on the AeroLario the first time I ran it that direction.
  10. Now, let's talk about the fairing.. and the forks painted the same color as the engine cases.
  11. It's about 10 miles from me (or less) and I've never seen it.
  12. Much better. Still needs more green..
  13. Chuck


    You'll be glad you did. The "stock" Centauro barely ran. It took me 2 years of tinkering to get it perfect. Fun stuff..
  14. Chuck


    It takes a reprogrammed chip in the ECU. Uh, it's probably safe to tell here, now. Guzzi screwed up and homologated the Centauro with the wrong chip. They couldn't afford to go through the process again, so gave the info to Wayne on the east coast, Will on the west coast, and Karsten in Germany. Those guys made (and improved) the "updated" chips.. I don't know who does it now, or if someone still does.
  15. (Tooting my own horn..) Not only an award, but the biggest award a builder or restorer gets in the US, a Lindy. Need I say I was shocked? Lindy's don't grow on trees, and it was a 19 year old restoration. First time at Oshkosh, though.. The current Keeper stopped in at our strip so we could fondle it on his flight home to Virginia.
  16. Sure I would if you are capable of flying a Cub/Champ/putt putt of some kind. Extra credit if you have flown small experimentals.
  17. Oh, it's a hoot, Phil. Fun to operate the little radial engine, and a good "flying machine." It will probably never be "finished" though. Here's an unedited cell phone video of my old friend Mike's first flight in "Bullet." ( as in slower than a speeding)
  18. Weight and balance on Bullet: "Can you get in?" "Yeah." You're good to go..
  19. Chuck


    The Grease O is kind of an updated Centauro.. both are "in your face" and unlike other bikes. I loved mine, although it was high maintenance.
  20. I've used them for *years* on Guzzis, but have made my own mounts and used sticky back foam to mount the clock to the mount.
  21. You haven't seen a busy rear axle until you pull the wheel off an early carb Sport..
  22. Dan Brown (or Damn Big) bags. They hold a ton of stuff and look good on a loop. I love the old loops.. that's a beauty, Brad.
  23. This is FWIW, of course. I was fortunate enough to have a playground in SoCal, so after the Mighty Scura taught me to properly ride (I was a clueless midwesterner) I spent many happy hours playing with suspension settings in the canyons. After setting sag for my weight, here is what I came up with. From Scura records: Suspension settings: set front shock compression +3 from full soft, rebound+6 from full soft. Rear suspension Rebound 24 clicks from full soft, compression 12 clicks from full soft. Fork spring: 04745-95/L357
  24. Chuck


    FWIW, the service schedule on our Prius was oil and filter every 10K miles. It was at 140K when we gave it to our granddaughter, and the oil was still clean between changes and it wasn't burning any.
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