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  1. Yeah, that was the best looking one at the Ky. rally. His Kwakker looked better than new, to boot.
  2. That is my issue with them. It doesn't bother most people, but optical distortion really bothers me for some reason. For instance, I can't do VR.. I'll get nauseous.
  3. Ok, gots it. I couldn't figure out what purpose the sharpie had in the grand scheme of things.
  4. I'm having a hard time understanding the "field repair" Docc. Tell me more.
  5. They make a difference.. but as you said, they are a hassle. I just crack it open when necessary and leave the pinlock at home. To me, they seem best when it's cold.
  6. It is glued on with sealer. From memory () there are two hollow dowels that locate it. They should be at opposite corners, but I don't remember. A sharp wedge carefully tapped between the mating surfaces at those locations should pop it loose a bit. You can also try two rods that fit in the holes in the cover as levers to wiggle it off. Assuming you have *all* the screws out, it is easier than it sounds. You are right, the nut is for adjustment, and you can deal with it after you get the cover off.
  7. Back when I was a pup, Grandmother said, "The older you get the faster time goes." I thought at the time it was just another of Grandmother's BS stories. She was right again, and I was just young and stupid.
  8. It is easy enough to put it in neutral with the side plate off, and although I've done it at least 100 times, I can't tell you how without having it in front of me. I'm sure it is addressed in the re engineering thread, though.
  9. John Baptiste is awesome.. I haven't listened to Louis much yet, but no doubt he's good.
  10. As far as taking the bezel off: I machined a piece of engineering plastic that the bezel just fit in with a light press. That keeps it from deforming and breaking the glass as you slowly uncrimp the bezel with a tack puller or something similar. If you don't have that tech.. maybe rout an oversize area the right depth, put some Bondo in it, and fit the (heavily waxed) tach face in it and let it cure. Then uncrimp it.
  11. A mailer from USPS to Belgium will probably be somewhere between 12-15 US dollars. Paging @Scud Mr. Scudder to the courtesy phone, please..
  12. That will be an awesome trip. Take 36 instead of 70.
  13. Agreed, Docc. I did a pre buy in Indy for a guy out east. This was supposedly an original bike with very low mileage. It certainly looked like that, too. The color was much closer to the Legnano than the electric "greenie."
  14. Of all the ways to crash.. that's a new one on me. Dorcia bitched you out for having your modular open.. but then we visited Derek several times and she well remembers.. Really glad that you are as good as you are gonna get.. Take it easy for a while and give Bev a hug. That mechanical stuff "don't mean sheet, man."
  15. Chuck

    Greenie bits

    I'm not sure about the V11 greenie being the same color..?
  16. We have a Monet exhibit like that going on in Indy as we speak at the Indy art museum. We are members, so it's free (Guzzi content) but haven't made it down yet. I would really like to see the Van Gogh..
  17. Japanese translation from back in the day.. Italian isn't so bad..
  18. Aircraft stripper *used to* have methylene chloride in it. It *really* worked well. It is not in it any more for good reason.. and it doesn't work nearly as well, either I was involved with carcinogens in the tool room at GM, and it most likely didn't do me any favors. Here's what methylene chloride can do: Nervous system effects such as cognitive impairment, effects on attention Cancer of the liver, brain, and lung, as well as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or multiple myeloma Liver toxicity Kidney toxicity Reproductive toxicity
  19. I guess there is a first time for everything. I don't see why they can't look. It's not a bomb for heavensake. Sorry for the late reply, I've been to the Wisconsin rally and just now catching up on what has happened on the innerneck.
  20. Sorry, you are the second to inquire after this batch sold out. This is sounding like a broken record, but if I get 10 that want one.. I'll take material to the water jet shop.
  21. Always good to hear from a satisfied customer..and thanks for the generous beer money..
  22. True. My 98 Centauro was supposedly the touring model with the windshield I don't think they ever made.. and the abbreviated "luggage rack." It did have the rack, but had the sport chin fairing and instrument cluster fairing. It was anthracite, which to the best of my knowledge was never a sport Centauro color. Apparently, they just used what they had that day. I've said before that the only reason they assembled them was to make sure you got all the parts. I started my long love affair with the spineys though.
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