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  1. Hmmmm. Looks like a light pink seat on a dark pink striped bike to me.
  2. Talk about rare. I'm the current "keeper" of the most rare V11S model of all, the Scura RC. (rubber chicken)
  3. Yeah, aircraft hardware can be in difficult places. "$5 for a bolt, and 2 hours labor to change it???" Tools that are designed to pass warranty will have big radii at the base, thick walls, and just barely enough flat to do the job. I should take a picture of a Snap On, antique Craftsman, and modern to show this..
  4. Redline is good sheet, mon.
  5. Well, I didn't intend to hurt your feelings.. it was just a quote. Of course, I've bought stuff from HF. Their hand tools are about the same quality as modern Craftsman, though. *Some* HF stuff is hard to beat for the price, but the OP asked about "professional" tools.
  6. Lucas is an Indiana company, and as far as I'm concerned, a purveyor of snake oil.
  7. My "good" tools are Snap On and Matco. I've never used them, but think Mac is ok. The tools listed by "the least mechanical person on the board." are designed to pass warranty. That is all I'll say about that. If you can find some antique (say 50s) Craftsman.. they are fine. Strong and delicate.
  8. Agreed. I just don't know anything about it, so I'm no help.
  9. Well, it that's how you feel about it..
  10. I dunno. Back when I first married Dorcia, I found a 68 Mustang GT lurking under a bunch of crap out in the garage. It didn't have an engine, though. Being more than a hot rodder than an antiquer in the 70s, I decided to turbocharge a Cleveland 351 for it. Lighter than the factory big block by a fair amount and the car handled better because of it. Primitive ignition retard under boost with alcohol/water injected into the carb. It was freakin awesome..
  11. Agreed. The "wings" on the Lario look to be nothing but a styling exercise.. but they, combined with the minimalist fairing provide much better weather protection than you would think by looking at it.
  12. He doesn't have a Guzzi ECU..
  13. ^^^^ He's running a My ECU. All Guzzi stuff can be ignored. Roadkyll spent 2 days at the Ohio rally working on it. The last I knew.. he'd changed out the TPS that was dead. Then, he put in the MyECU because it seemed the original was tits up, and Fubar had one. Sorry, Fubar, but knowing the history, and seeing the wiring that went uh.. ? I studiously avoided getting involved, but it sounded pretty good when Matt ran it up the road.. Fubar, I certainly mean no offense.. you are a good guy, and I hate to say this. I am going to give you some tough love, though. Back when you first started down this path on WG, I.. and others.. could see that you didn't fully understand the terminology of the things we were telling you to check. You still don't. GuzziDiag won't work with the MyECU. In my opinion, it is going to take someone that understands MyECU, and can go through the electrical system. It is way beyond an internet forum to troubleshoot.
  14. Nope.. I have some experience with Loctite..
  15. Yep, that's him. I'll see if I can get a PM to leafman. He hasn't been active on WG for a long time. Thank, Docc..
  16. He sent me a message one time, but I've cleaned out my PMs. Thanks for your effort Docc..
  17. I sent Leafman on to bikeseamus a while back. Haven't hear one way or another whether he found Rosie's keeper..
  18. Good point, Docc..
  19. Hi, Bill.. where in Indiana are you? If you want to be on the Indiana Guzzi events list, send me your email address.
  20. I think LP is on to it, but whoever did it is pretty crafty.
  21. The charging stations are now Tesla's advertising. Saying someone "sent you" when you buy one gets them and you 1000 miles of free supercharging. Teslas have a "camp mode." Runs the heating/air conditioning, power outlets, etc. It'll put a crackling fire on the display if you want. Two normal sized people can sleep in a model Y. An adapter to plug into a RV site is $35. Dorcia says her "business plan" would be to set up solar powered battery banks as charging stations combined with restaurant/lounges.
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