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  1. Be still my beating heart.. that thing sounds awesome. Man, I love those engines.
  2. I chased a weep on Rosie the Rosso for quite a while. It wouldn't show up until she was *hot.* Finally found a pin hole (literally) in the valve cover. Knowing the manufacturing process.. it boggles the mind how there could be a hole that small in diameter going all the way through.
  3. I've never kept one.. I've flown them though.. nice old birds.
  4. I was looking back through some pictures the other day to find how I'd mounted the engine on the Great Lakes.. I'd forgotten the details, of course.. but the whole airplane is scratch built. It took a little more than a few hours with an angle grinder, btw..
  5. Chuck

    '03 V11's

    Actually, you have to take both hands off. Raise the salute, and cup the elbow with the other hand.
  6. I've seen an Arrow Sport and heard it run. It wasn't airworthy, though. Believe me, I looked at using a Guzzi power plant. Turn it upside down and use a dry sump. But. Without a reduction drive, it would be limited to 3400 rpm by the prop, and Guzzis need 5500. I *have* a Guzzi reduction drive, but it adds too much weight.
  7. Docc.. try pumping and pulling the lever as far to the grip as you can, and zip tying it to the bar. Let it sit overnight or longer. I *think* the micro bubbles migrate to the master cylinder, and when you release the pressure.. vent to atmosphere. It has worked so well for me that I don't even try to get brakes completely bled any more before doing this.
  8. Yeah, the first time I saw the valve covers off of a Guzzi engine, I thought, "airplane. That sucker is sturdy.."
  9. It's a..uhh.. slightly modified Piper colt. I've had my share of Stinsons, though. They used to be cheap. (Guzzi content) At one time I had 2 flying, and 3 parts planes.
  10. If you don't need it now.. I'll take you off the list, Jan. It wouldn't make a very good garage ornament.
  11. Awesome. Does that mean you don't need another?
  12. No thanks. I have plenty to do for a while. [img]https://static.imgzeit.com/reduced/68283b1e32b8fabd/IMG_20200829_150538158.jpg[/img]
  13. Gfived (is that a verb?) the 4130 over to my old (now) friend Brad at the water jet shop. He says "Next week." So. If you want The Last Edition Lucky Phil Shifter Extender (tm).. speak up now.
  14. Pfffft. A little anti seize, don't worry, be happy.
  15. Ordered material today. It should be here by the end of the week or early next week.
  16. That's 9. I imagine someone else will show up. I'll start looking for a new supplier. $68 to ship a three pound 4 foot long box with a piece of 1/32" plywood in it.. That was the last straw. They can stick their shipping and fondling charges up their
  17. So far I have: Cliff Kane (2) David Burrows Vic Dickinson Jan Jonsson Jan Hammershang Pat Cowden Tom Bennett (2)
  18. They are tiny. I'll walk down to the shop and get my welding tip cleaners to use as a gauge.. Edit: Ok, I'm back. Hope you have a really small drill set. Mine is .018".
  19. I need to get 10 people to send me their address. So far, I have 5, and our friend from Sweden (hopefully) doesn't really need one.
  20. Gotcha. You are number 5.
  21. Ok, you're on the list..you are number four.
  22. Ok, everybody that wants one, send me an email to 59dot chuck at G mail dot com (I don't know if that stops robots or not) or a PM with your name and snail mail address. When I get 10 I'll order stock. From a different supplier. They just gave me a royal hosing on shipping and fondling charges on my last order.
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