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  1. Chuck

    V11S Canbus

    Back in the day, a SoCal Beemer mechanic I knew decided to put on some aftermarket lights. I'm not sure if he ever got it going again..
  2. Chuck

    V11S Canbus

    No. If you want can bus you have to get a Break My Wallet.
  3. Chuck

    Lifting the V11

    Front tire change is easy. Just back it into the chock, tie it down, and lift under the motor..
  4. Nope. I'd do another run if you get 9 more people that want one, though..
  5. From my Scura log..courtesy of Kiwi Roy.. neutral light won't go out -look for- sticky neutral switch Won't run in gear -look for- stuck or dirty sidestand switch Won't run in neutral -look for- stuck neutral switch OR neutral (middle)relay neutral light yes but won't run in neutral -look at- middle relay Starter won't turn -look at- clutch switch or starter relay and.. As Docc says I would suspect the ignition switch, when's the last time you cleaned the contacts? If you wire a small lamp to the petcock fuse F8 you may see it go dim or flicker confirming that there is a bad contact somewhere between the ignition switch, kill switch or side stand relay.
  6. Yeah, you've gotta love this forum. It is *the* knowledge base for the V11S. Thanks, Jaap, and Docc..
  7. Glad to see you are still on a V11S.. and it is working for you.
  8. I, and the Mighty Scura were on "The Snake" in the Santa Monica mountains, when I saw a bike behind me in my mirrors. I'm not a "A" rider, but can keep up with the "B" riders easily.. so it was an unusual occurrence. Naturally, I waved him by, and he disappeared in three corners. I thought, "What the hell was that??" He stopped at the Rock Store, and we had the place to ourselves midweek. Sat on the steps and shot the shit for a while. He was a magazine tester on a new Tuono, and said it was insane. I believed him.. I've never seen a bike accelerate out of a corner like that..
  9. Yep. If you are putting weight on the bars, it affects the bike's handling, not to mention hand, wrist, shoulder, and neck pain. Don't ask me how I know..
  10. I had this problem when I was still a yout in my late 50s. I thought I was in pretty good shape, but a personal trainer told me my core strength sucked, and he would get me back on sport bikes in a couple of months. After nearly killing me, he did.
  11. Welcome, Miro.. really, I wouldn't be concerned. If you want to touch it up, cleaning it with some lacquer thinner, and about any paint for metal applied with an artist's brush will do the job.
  12. ^^^^ I'm what some might call a treehugger..but.. sometimes a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.
  13. The guy that sold me the first bottle of S100 told me, "No need to leave it on." What he should have said is, "Don't leave it on.. spritz it on and rinse immediately, or it can do bad things." I still use it for a quicky clean up occasionally.
  14. Paging Mr. Scudder.. Mr. Scudder to the red courtesy phone, please.. there are lots.
  15. Well, Bill.. it's much better to figure it out in the shed than sitting at a gas pump at night in the rain with a no start condition.. It's pretty simple.
  16. Are they still using the same connectors that better not be reversed?
  17. Vote number 3 for water in the tank. Let me tell you a story.. A guy called me one time saying the 65 hp engine in his Luscombe would be purring along, then suddenly miss, then continue running fine. He was getting afraid to fly it, and asked if I had any ideas. I said, "Sure. You didn't drain your float bowl during the last Annual inspection, did you?" Silence. "Er.. no." As mentioned above, water goes to the lowest point in the fuel system. Once it is in a float bowl, it stays there. Airplanes have sump drains and a gascolator that should catch the water..if.. the driver faithfully drains them before the first flight of the day. It's certainly not unusual for a motorcycle to have water sitting in the bottom of the tank.
  18. Oh, I dunno, Docc. My biggest worry when riding is some brain dead texting (or playing games on their phone!) driver running me over. I'll be 4 or 5 hundred feet above those idiots with the breeze blowing up my shorts.
  19. Had to stick the prop on it just for grins..
  20. Here's the back when I was making the engine mount..
  21. Uhh.. Docc's kid runs Imgzeit.. it's 11 bucks per year, unlimited uploads. Load it there, select "direct" and there ya go. No fooling around with "free" sites, losing your pictures, etc. Photoblockit can KMA. Right down the middle. Project progress..
  22. Hey, no talking dirty, now..
  23. *I'm only guessing* but I'd bet is a smaller pitch diameter.
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