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  1. Jet


  2. M Blaze Pins Correct! I installed an LED Flasher Relay instead of resistors, much easier to install. I did however run into a problem that was created right at the factory. Every time I tried to install a flasher relay it wouldn't work. So I hummed and hawed at what to do, I decided to swap the wires in the wire housing that went to the relay and they were backwards. Low and behold right from the factory the wires for the incandescents were backwards, (but of course they work). Since a diode is still a diode polarity matters. Kenny at Ill-fated is a heck of a guy and so his wife Jen. They have great techs that can offer some help if needed. Good luck!
  3. Hi AL, Last Summer I installed them on my bike for the fronts. And they work incredible, I love the intensity in their directional feature, people will know you are turning. and know you are there. I have them connected to Motone Switches on my clipons and at the moment there wasn't a module "affordably available" so that when I hit the signal button they stayed on. So they are still monetary. But there is a Module that a smart group of people build, its called, NUUT. You can buy it at Illfated Kustoms in Calgary AB. Great guys. I think this switch/box/PFM/module may allow you to have them run how you want, there are a few options for it. When I have it installed it will allow the appropriate switch to latch and unlatch.
  4. Small crack I discovered in mine that is visible through both sides of this particular part, top side and bottom, just above the Rectifier and Horns. At the moment appeared like oil is slow to leak out and appears too be a non structural crack possiblly extending its survival a tad longer. Wont go on anything longer then 200K in one go........Any one have this big part? Im yet to Call Echo Cycle who is always good with finding a part, but immediately looking for the part online it seems obvious there are currently none in online circulation, and hurting my chances Echo could find the part. Thanks!
  5. I bought these mufflers off of EBay for 325USD I used them for one 1.5 years and I live in the North(ish) so at best I put 2000KM on them. They are a 7.5/10 in shape. Just some light wear is all, no scratches. Will take photos and send to those interested. They sound excellent. 225 USD plus shipping.OBO.
  6. I would be interested in another seat myself. Count me In.
  7. I have a set from my 04 Cafe Sport. Infact I could just send you the sleeve for the carbon fibre cover. They slide on and off once you remove the muffler tip. Could cost you less in shipping....however if you have insurance paying for it.......
  8. I found a Quat D Exhaust System Never used. Im about to Install it. Currently I have an ECU by GuzziTech for Mistral Mufflers and Open AirBox. Can any current Quat D Owner tell me how different the bike may respond? I will get it on the Dyno, or at the very least put the PC3 to it and find a MAP. But in the mean time I am curios what is about to happen to my bike. On another Note, I have 2 Lafranconi exhaust sets of mufflers for sale, one is Carbon Fibre and the other is Black. There is also an unused Quat D Exhaust in Germany, the fella hasn't responded to me yet but it is on a site similar to Kijiji, but its all in German.
  9. And some newer mufflers. Any one have a hook up? Thanks.
  10. Love my Omni Lock, The construction is excellent! http://www.omni-cruise.com
  11. Anyone? Any Takers? Cones, Round or Ovals. Please and thanks!
  12. Jet

    I fell down

    Yikes! I have some OEM signals lights if you want, yours if you want them, even have the smoked out lenses if you prefer. I might even still have another Clip-on Bar from my the previous mysterious collapse. Replaced those with WoodCrafts. What else have I got... Pole Sana! (So Sorry in Swahili)
  13. Anyone willing to part with either or? Also looking for a new exhaust. Some cones might be nice, Just need something different then the heavy stock CF cans I have now. Pls and Thanks. I like LOUD! (With an optional silencer too maybe) Thanks.
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