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  2. Thanks a million to all you great MG gearheads for your kind assistance. Fortunately, last night I pulled the ignition switch, carefully pulled it apart, and guess what greeted me? One of the four wires was broken off at a contact. I fixed it and am back in business. I was surprised to see this was the whole problem, but I am very, very happy that I saved a lot of hours that I would have had to spend diagnosing. So tonight I will get the bike back together. With a big smile. One does have to be careful when prying the switch open, and yes , three hands would be helpful. I did plac
  3. BTW, I have an LED tail light (FBF) eliminator, and to repeat, teh stop light works OK.
  4. First check. Do you have power at Fuse 6 & 7 from the ignition switch? If Not Sometimes with age the grease in the contacts goes hard keeping them apart. I had that with my V11. You can check the contact resistance by pulling fuse 4 and measuring to the common point at F6/F7 if it's consistently less than say 1/2 Ohm it's ok otherwise the switch comes apart quite easily although you do need 3 hands from memory. Clean out the old grease and put back some vaseline or similar. From the switch it goes through a large connector at the front of tank check for corrosion there. Look at the
  5. 2000 MG V11 Sport: Out of the blue, my stop light, dash, and blinkers just stopped functioning. The best I can tell, the problem is between the Fuse #6 and Fuse #7 which has a common connection to the Ignition Switch? But not sure. So where do I look? Under tank? In instrument panel? In tail section? Loose connector - what else to check? Is it safe to say the dreaded relay are not the problem? I'm OK with an volt/ohm meter. Maybe someone has an easy solution? HELP NEEDED!!! And THANKS!!
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