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  1. You know docc when I first got my drivers licence in the 70's avoiding dogs on the road was a routine occurrence and then the councils everywhere cracked down on having them properly housed and restrained. I've remarked to people a few times over the last few years about this, generally when you see the very unusual sight of a dog wandering about free. A very rare event these days here. Back in the 70's a friend just down the road used to ride a green frame Ducati 750SS to work every day (after he managed to get it started) and the next door neighbours dog with its starting attempt pre warning would be laying in wait for its scamper down the drive way which was perpendicular to the street and the peal off at the end to intercept on a parallel course to the Duke. More than once the mutt misjudged the hard turn required and the whole show got very fraught for both parties. Ciao
  2. I'm interested Rolf. PM me the details if you could. Ciao
  3. I've got one apart on the bench now with a cracked upper r/h mount. Dont think the RM's were affected Pete. Here's the recall. Guzzi_transmission_recall.pdf
  4. October 99 to April 2001 Pete. VIN 111929 to 114435 Ciao
  5. I wouldn't dream of doing anything of that nature over there. You guys carry guns!!! Ciao
  6. Interesting. In 50 years of riding I've never actually used a motorcycle horn. Ciao
  7. This is what the usual style of elephant foot adjuster looks like. The ball end type Chuck showed off wildguzzi I've not seen before although they would offer the same benefit. Ciao
  8. I still dont see why you cant take a twin plate hub to a machine shop and surface grind the engine side down to the same friction plate spline width as the 6 speed. Ciao
  9. Whats that material fitted between the front mount and the shift arm? Doesnt look std to me. Ciao
  10. The later bikes had the well known oversize selector arm pivot boss which caused spring failure on a regular basis. Replace or machine/file this down and a new Chuck Spring which I can send you if no one in the states has one and you're good. Ciao
  11. Looks in great shape for that mileage. Ciao
  12. Looks clean, rare to see original relays and an unmolested relay base and wiring. How many miles? Ciao
  13. You say that like its a bad thing And yes I at least accept your apology for your lack of previous clarity and loose interpretation of figures.I can't comment for the others. Ciao
  14. I love how this internet stuff works. People throw out there some second hand, unsubstantiated, fuzzy grey claim as fact and when they're called out on it and asked to justify/verify this info they start back pedaling, clarifying, and accusing the ones asking for the facts as involving them in an internet pissing competition. The joys of trying to wade your way through off the cuff dross masquerading as fact and getting to some genuine information that might be of actual use now or in the future. Ciao
  15. My moneys on NOT, by some margin as well. Ciao
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