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  1. Ok Meinolf thanks for the explanation, I understand the fuel map now. It just had some large values where I didn't expect to see them and thought I might have done something wrong with regards to the download and input into Tunerpro. docc why dont you give this map a try and see if it eliminates the hiccup. It's very different to the std map but in a safe way/direction as you would expect from Meinolf. Std maps for some reason on multiple brands are shall we say less than optimal. Probably because they are trying to cover every possible scenario in every part of the world. It's a rare event to have a std really good map I think, not impossible but over the years I've had factory updates from quite a few manufacturers multiple times trying to eliminate running issues. Ciao
  2. Yes we called it a plug chop. Not really possible on a road bike in road conditions. Not sure about the stutter staying someone needs to play with the ignition mapping and find out if thats the issue or failing that the fuel. Ciao
  3. Yes docc is right and as I pointed out earlier the V11 and every other ICE engine has areas in their operating envelope that are less than ideal to support perfect combustion. That's why modern engines have Variable inlet and exhaust cam timing, variable length intake runners, exhaust valves,knock sensors and much more sophisticated ecu's and monitoring of the combustion process. It's all driven by the need to maintain/improve output and reduce emissions. The local atmospheric conditions play their part of course but I f the engine wasn't so touchy around this area it wouldn't matter as much as it does. Years ago I was tuning my Triumph Speed Triple for a race 3 into 1 exhaust and the problem I was having was idle and carburation just off idle. In some weather conditions it was perfect and on other days it was an issue. There is a "box" mixture wise in this case that the engine will operate in happily but if the carb settings were on an average day right at the edge of that "box" then any relatively small variation in atmospheric conditions would take you out of the "box" and the engine wouldn't carburate nicely. The aim was to jet in the middle of the "box" on an average day so when you have the atmospheric variations either way the mixture stays "in the box". In the case of the V11 "maybe" the "box" around this 2700-3000 rpm area is very small due to the design of the engine and it's hard to get it in the "box" and keep it there due to all the variables. looking at the Meinolf and std ignition mapping I was just wondering whether it was the ignition map that was the critical issue as the std map seems a bit strange in that area. In the absence of Meinolf responding is anyone running his map and can contribute to the Hiccup propensity? Ciao
  4. I looked at the ignition map from the .bin file Meinolf posted here about 4 years ago and the ignition numbers around the area we are talking about are nothing like the std map FWIW. Caveat to this though, when I looked at the main fuel map it looked a bit weird so I dont know what the issue is there, maybe my IT skills. The ignition map looked normal but very different to std. He also uses different throttle and rpm load points as well. Maybe he'll be along to explain at some point. Ciao
  5. The engine obviously has issues around this rpm/Throttle angle which is probably a combination of combustion chamber shape and burn speed, intake tract length, cam timing, header size and collector design. A "problem area". I don't know whether the hiccup is the engine missing an ignition ( skipping a beat for fuelling and ignition interplay) event OR it is "loading up" and coughing back into the inlet either because of a really slow fuel burn due to the much reduced advance that has the combustion still happening when the inlet valve opens again on the overlap. From my memory of my original engine it feels like the latter, a small cough back into the inlet on 1 cylinder. Adjusting the fuel could well mitigate it to a certain extent as might changes in engine and OAT. Just random thoughts but I'd be interested to see what effect an ignition advance change has. The Daytona engine FWIW has totally different mapping in that area which is to be expected I suppose. Ciao
  6. Yea maybe. The OP should measure the ID and OD and see what the interference is. If it's 2mm or something that's a compatibility issue but .2mm is just production tolerances. Ciao
  7. You might need to "fettle" them or the header weld a little. It's the difference between "fitting" and "mechanicing" Ciao
  8. I "think" you can use a 15RC in a 15M but not the other way around. The 15M and 15RC use a different XDF file although the same reader/writer. Ciao
  9. Not as physically hard as the sideflow ones which are Bitch. I was assuming he already had it substantially apart. Ciao
  10. Any local car efi tuner/maintenance shop should be able to do them. They are a common injector to lots of cars. Ciao
  11. Ok cool docc. Remember I was looking at the huge change in ignition timing at the hiccup point a little while back and postulating on that as well. Did anyone adjust/play with that in Tunerpro and see if that had an affect? Ciao
  12. I'll have a refresh with the information you've provided, thanks. I was just recently reading/skimming a Lithium battery thread on a German forum and was noting the compatibility or otherwise of LI batteries with some motorcycle charging systems and this battery interested me in that it includes it's own controller which I think most quality ones do but it looked like it was designed to accommodate a wider variety of chargers and charging systems. Ciao
  13. This has some nice detailed images. Turn the sound down as the "Guesstimator" doing the commentary has nothing useful to add. Ciao
  14. I'd be interested in a review of this brand/family by the "battery brains trust" https://www.fullspectrumpower.com/products/pulse-ipt-battery-p-14s Ciao
  15. Did the Centy hiccup as well Chuck? Ciao
  16. Yep the new bike V85TT. Ciao
  17. Excellent, will be interesting to know if it has a positive effect. Chances are it won't but its a low effort zero cost situation. What could possibly go wrong:) Ciao
  18. Does your hiccup docc? I don't think you can insulate EMI unless you use specific shielding. It needs more than just plug wire insulation I believe. Ciao
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