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  1. I normally only drink beer docc in the summer and quite often only buy any if we are having friends around or some sort of gathering. I then go and buy a slab because its cheaper and drink the left overs and not buy anymore. I generally buy Victoria Bitter which from memory is 5.5% alcohol. However I bought a 6 pack of Coopers "Ultra light" last year which is Under 0.5% and it very nice indeed. It's $7/ 6 pack and available at the local supermarket. That's around half the price of normal beer and it's drinking without guilt and without worrying about the booze bus. Very refreshing. I'm a
  2. Here's what your sump return needs. One of these, https://picclick.co.uk/AN-6-AN6-JIC-Flare-MALE-FEMALE-SWIVEL-371566058971.html#&gid=1&pid=1 Plus an M16 to AN6 adaptor and a AN6 blanking plug. Of course you then need to make up a new drain hose with AN6 100 series hose 1 straight and 1 30deg AN6 fittings and a M16 banjo assembly. Making the hose is cheap and easy, probably around $100us and the sump fittings the same,easy to fit. You can then have easy oil drain via the blanking cap and nice looking blue and red anodised alloy AN fittings for everything. Here's mine
  3. Mechanical speedos generally have a damper pot filled with silicon oil. Sound like its leaked out. Ciao
  4. You need one of these in 16mm. Easy to make. https://www.cmsnl.com/products/bolt-banjo-12mm_90008pd6010/#.X45BD9AzaUk Ciao
  5. I think it's just an evolution of the design. You know they design it all tight and close fitting then realise the tolerances are too tight and modify later seats. Don't know, it's Italian could be anything behind it and logic would probably be a long way down the list. Anyway both versions fit my 2000 year model bike. I actually made a metal strap extension for my battery strap because the amount of tension on a brand new rubber battery stray is insane. I made it from the front battery tray mount so that the rubber strap with its tab now sat flat adjacent to the front edge of the battery
  6. Yes. However your post got me thinking. I have a spare seat I bought years ago and your post rang a bell, so I checked my spare seat and its different to my original Greenie seat. Your new seat is the earlier style of a short frame V11 (Greenie) etc. I tried the later seat on my bike and if anything it fits better than the original. Because I raised the rear of my tank when I fitted the Daytona engine I trimmed about 8mm off the front edge of the seat base so it fitted better and re stapled the cover. Surprisingly the later seat fits better without this base trimming. I think you'll find the n
  7. If you read the book I've mentioned you will realise what a waste of mental effort the reasoning in this post is. As an example Richardson talks of industrial crates loads of many, many hundreds if not thousands of cast parts for bikes that never made production and were never going to. Thats right, never going too. If you think you can apply some sort of logical reasoning to how the Italians run their operations with all the intricacies of not only family connections, political connections, political back room subsidies and local politics and unions then you are misguided. It's a total waste
  8. If you want to know the whys and wherefores of the Aprilia/Piaggio influence on the history of Guzzi then get a copy of Dave Richardsons new book. Its an interesting tale of the influences there from someone that was pretty involved and connected to them. Ciao
  9. It's the only chin spoiler I like on the V11. I've seen 1 other style and it looks horrid. I think the fasteners for the mesh on the Tenni spoil the clean look and are totally unnecessary from a securing point of view. Paint match here looks good although you can get away with quite a bit of difference in the shade with so much distance between the painted parts you cant really spot any slight variation in the shade. I think you can still order these from Ghezzi Brian. Ciao
  10. Mine came painted and Yes I fitted the mesh. Dont know of anyone trying to offload one. Ciao
  11. So would I and neither would I. Ciao
  12. And plenty of other places as well Chuck. It's a sad indication of whats driving the market in a lot of areas these days. Lets just abandon all practical reasoning and/or engineering and an enhanced outcome in the pursuit of "Individuality" and the vain hope you will somehow stand above the masses propelled by the purchase of a fairly useless, impractical, motorcycle,car or whatever. A smart man once said "just because you can doesn't mean you should" Ciao
  13. Hmmm, just remember who's siting in the white house a the moment. Ciao
  14. Sorry but the additional information makes it an even more pointless exercise in my mind. You've actually just reinforced how ridiculous it really is. Offers a supercharger option! If ever there was proof needed of abject silliness there it is. Ciao
  15. What makes you think we haven't? I even watched the "mood" touchy feely extended sponsored video/commercial. Ciao
  16. Yes the Guareschi brothers kit. It's very nice but have a think. You are taking an engine, transmission and final drive that is totally unsuited to a cutting edge pointy ended sports motorcycle and creating something thats trying to be just that. It's wheelbase is too long by a mile, its way to heavy, its an across the frame V twin, its not water cooled. I like the engine and drive system just fine but you're wasting your time using it in this context. Its natural element is in a GT style road bike. A Griso is about as close to a "sports bike" as this engine , gearbox and drive line should be
  17. Yes docc good images there and the price is as you can see more reasonable although by the time you add in the cost of a repaint to make it perfect again its going to be about 1/6 of the price of a good second hand bike. Ciao
  18. The later units use a simple support bar that straddles the two rear mounts to give some mechanical integrity for the seat lock as the later cowl is pretty flimsy and wont take the strain of the seat lock assy mounted to it directly. Ciao
  19. Changed for the 02 year model. Don't know what that means for the US as you guys confuse me with that year model stuff. BTW I have one of those later units here and they are about a million lbs lighter than the earlier units. And yes they are asking way to much for that. Ciao
  20. Lucky Phil


    From the album: V10 Engine

  21. I wouldn't because I'd already know I'd be wasting time talking to a tool. Ciao
  22. Came across this thing advertised. You all know my views on this type of bike so I wont bore you with my views again. What if find hilarious is the studio shots in the DARK. Exactly what you need when considering a $45,000 purchase, lol. It gives the impression that there's not much to see and what there is we better try and hide. https://gtmotocycles.com/collections/builds Ciao
  23. If you run those pegs you'll probably also need to modify your std brake and shifter to take these. Note they come with a plate that allows you to adjust the top peg height. Ciao
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