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  1. This guy is impressive. Ciao
  2. And you're still riding it! Ciao
  3. Got to be happy with that. Ciao
  4. I saw in the initial images the throttle plates looked a little too far open to me but I thought it may just be the perspective. My previous recommendation was to establish that the butterflies were completely closed and both sides were baseline synced together as a starting point. You can then at least start the engine and keep it running on the throttle without it running away until you can set the idle roughly. When you get the idle roughly correct on the idle screw the butterflies will be slightly away from fully closed on the TB bores, naturally. Then you can do a proper balance and tune.
  5. I'd wind out the l/h TB idle screw until it has clearance ( the r/h should be clear already if one is indeed fitted) then disconnect the linkage and make sure both throttle plates are bottoming out inside the throttle bodies. You should adjust the linkage so when both throttle plates are bottomed in the bodies the small post on the end of the linkage aligns perfectly with the bush on the l/h linkage, then refit it. Wind the idle stop screw on the l/h side until it just touches the linkage and give it half a turn. This will guarantee the throttles are closing and then do a balance and idle adju
  6. Ok so you didn't remove the throttle bodies from the bike, just the engine? Ciao
  7. How did you remove the throttle bodies, separate them from cross over supports and remove individually? Ciao
  8. Have you checked the fast idle cam is clear of the throttle mechanism? Ciao
  9. Probably a 3 part paint finish, base coat, translucent colour coat and top coat. If you strip them to bare metal, bead blast them and paint with dedicated engine enamel within 2 or 3 days you wont need to etch prime or prime them in any way. Ciao
  10. Not sure docc I haven't ridden one but at something like less than 2/3 the price of the Guzzi and a much simpler device it has its advantages. Another factor is the cost of parts. Don't like the colour of the tank you chose? It's a $450 au ( $300usd) problem cause that's what a new painted tank costs. Same for everything, handlebars switch gear footpegs seats, all dirt cheap compared to what we are typically used to paying esp for Italian parts. It's the first bike I've ever comprehensively insured at $318aud /year full replacement for 2 years for a new bike. 3 years unlimited klm warranty and
  11. Yep, it's perfect for all those applications, esp for your getting back into riding. Ciao
  12. It's an amazing motorcycle for the money Chuck. The areas where they have obviously gone for the utilitarian to keep the costs down are the stuff that's relatively easy and cheap to upgrade, like the levers, handlebars, tyres, indicators, mirrors etc. The kind of stuff most people customise anyway. A nice set of open mufflers will give it the Ducati sound at some point. Ciao
  13. Thanks for the kind thoughts. You're right about the mindset, most everything I have is designed to go fast and that's fine but when I want to just go out for a short ride with my wife to brunch or a quiet coffee I don't need or want that. Riding gear is another area I need to review as well for these times. Race type clothing and protection is what I've always worn but for the urban casual stuff there are now more relaxed yet still protective options. It's about just being able to jump on the bike with a minimum of fuss and go for ride. No hurry, no stress, no worries:) Ciao
  14. In a manner of speaking. It's our sensible, comfortable, practical bike for trips to the local Cafes, restaurants and wineries. She doesn't ride herself but likes getting on the pillion. Ciao
  15. Yes docc, fifty ripping HP and the best shifting motorcycle gearbox ever made. Sounds like a Ducati with the 270 degree crank and is silky smooth with the balance shaft. Ciao
  16. Lucky Phil


    From the album: lucky phils V11

  17. Lucky Phil


    From the album: lucky phils V11

  18. Read the add details, it's UNIVERSAL tank NOT a specific V11 tank. Ciao
  19. Well if you haven't used Valpolini rocker gaskets then yes, you have jinxed yourself and made a mistake. No selant required with the Valpolini gaskets and no chance of them breaking a section out. Ciao
  20. Why blame the product when it's the poor quality workmanship that caused the issue. Like blaming the hammer because you hit your finger. Ciao
  21. Good to hear your hip is an old injury and not something more serious. As a general statement I'm amazed at people going in for joint replacements, esp knees and hips when they are carrying obvious extra body weight. I sat in wonder at a work function a while ago and listened to two work colleagues discussing their knees and the need of having the joints replaced and noted both were carrying around 15-20kg (around 45lbs) of extra body weight they didn't need. So every time you take a step you briefly carry full body weight on all the joints in one leg. Go and pick up 20kg and note the extra we
  22. What Lithium charger do you use? Ciao
  23. It's not that. The reasons have been identified, and it's water. The nylon tank material absorbs water and swells and fuels that contain ethanol are more hydroscopic than straight fuel and have a higher moisture content and therefore swell the tank. Leaving them dry for a few months in a warm dry environment pretty much brings them back 100% as the water leaches out of the Nylon tank material. Ciao
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