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  1. Thats sleeve Scud will be an interference/shrink fit in the wheel. Just leave it and mask it off or get the PC to mask it off with his high temp masking tape. Ciao
  2. Yes docc. I've been storing rubber parts for all my bikes as you suggest for quite a few years including the tank top chin pad. when I need a new rubber part I just order and extra 1 then give it a good spray in Armour all and bag and box it. My motorcycle beneficiaries will thank me for it one day. Ciao
  3. Probably because he's a hired gun driving someone else's 20 million dollar car and the others are mostly amateurs driving there own expensive machinery:) Ciao
  4. I'm guessing here Scud you haven't tightened up the side plate fasteners? Ciao
  5. Here's a favourite of mine Kenny Brack Goodwood 2013 Ford GT40 in the wet. When I was teaching my son to drive I showed this video to him to demonstrate the speed at which a car gets out of shape in the wet if pushed too hard and the reactions and pre-emptive skills you need to keep it on the road. If you think as a amateur road drive you have those type of skills then you're mistaken so don't push the limits on the streets. Ciao
  6. Yes in offset at least, no difference. In "cant" it depends if you believe the past information that suggests the later 5014xx clamps were canted and then "not canted" after the short frame bikes. Ciao
  7. I'll know for sure when I fit up the new forks and can measure my "possibly 1/2 deg canted" triples. Ciao
  8. My interpretation was docc one of the following happened. Option 1 the earlier 01493xx clamps were 40mm offset parallel bores and the later 5014xx were 40mm offset and "canted" by 1/2 degree. Option 2 the later 5014xx weren't actually "canted" but in fact just had 5mm reduced offset from 45mm (maybe ex 1100ie Sport triples used initially) to 40mm offset with parallel bores. Option 3 The very first clamps used were 1100ie Sport ones with 45mm offset. Then they changed them to 40mm offset parallel bores as per option 2. Then they changed those 40mm offset triples to "canted bores" Then post short frame bikes (long frame bikes) went back to "non canted" parallel bore forks with the same 40mm offset. I think option 2 is most likely. What's your interpretation, thoughts. Ciao
  9. No to the later type 501452's. Those are the ones that are supposedly "canted". The earlier ones would be parallel same as the late one I have from Scud. Ciao
  10. No looked previously docc, nothing. Thats why I assumes Tenni but no other Tenni stuff in there. Btw Tenni's also had gold fork caps as well. Ciao
  11. Here docc. This was the link which doesn't work anymore. For V11 Corse-Le mans 03-04. http://sparts.aprilia.it/stampatav.asp?w=&ntav=Front wheel&tav=34&ye=-&cou=-&ve...
  12. I agree with the "short on detail" docc. The RE uses these as well but the ignition coils don't go through a relay so one of the biggest current drawers is isolated from the relays. Ciao
  13. Mines "nutted". They went from Nutted to screwed and back to Nutted again during the life of the bike and 25/20 axles to 30/25 and 40mm forks to 43mm forks both with 54mm uppers. What do you think T5 and T6 are docc? ciao
  14. Hey docc your opinion on this? https://www.jaycar.us/spdt-30a-horn-relay-12v/p/SY4046 https://www.jaycar.us/medias/sys_master/images/images/9590139322398/SY4046-dataSheetMain.pdf Ciao
  15. Thats what I'm thinking docc. The 2 upper clams I have, one a late model and the other my supposed "canted" one on my bike look identical dimensionally. Ciao
  16. Interesting docc. I'm used to Italian parts manuals but the Guzzi v11 manuals are extra confusing. I was trying to decipher front axle variations yesterday because from the first v11 to the final v11 there were at least 5 variations in forks and 3 different axles and spacers. In one manual the model applicability was listed as LM-S then another variant was NC-RC-T6 and the last RC-T5. I assume Nero Corse, Rosso Corse Le Mans and Sport and Tenni 5 and 6. I wasn't aware of a Tenni 5 or 6 and couldn't find any differences in Tenni models across time? It also means a Tenni has the same axle as a Ohlins equipped bike although it uses Marzocchi forks? The Tenni forks were also Ti coated which I didn't realise until looking at images. Ciao
  17. My original triple has 501452 (so later "supposed relaxed angle I assume) on it docc and I haven't measured it as it's on the bike. The triple Scud sent me is 501486 however it is the latest type with the clip ons mounted on top of the triple clamp and therefor it has bolt holes for the clipon lugs and a different relief cast into the face. Both are 40mm offset. My reading of the triple clamp theory and correct me if I'm wrong was that the earlier bikes had a particular type inherited from the 1100 Sport possibly? (@ 45mm offset) then pretty early they "relaxed" the angle and that was what they stuck with for all later iterations? That was the "theory" anyway from what I can deduce? If that's correct I'd expect to see the triple Scud sent me show that slightly canted angle between the stem bore and the fork bore which it doesn't have. I actually suspect that the triple clamp differences was that they simply used the 45mm offset 1100 Sport clamps on the earlier bikes then pretty quickly decided to reduce the offset to 40mm to increase the trail and give it some more stability. I've never thought that the 1/2 degree canting of the fork bores was a realistic situation but I'm open to be corrected. Re reading doccs link Greg Field says that the later bikes from Le mans onwards went back to the "non canted clamps" which is what Scud sent me. Looks like I need to pull my top triple and measure it as well. Bugger. Ciao
  18. Sorry Scud I meant to PM you but had to step away for a from the computer. Truly amazing speed for this to arrive from the US, thanks again, much appreciated. I'll get the package in the post first thing Monday and I have southern hemisphere spring and detent bearing supplies for anyone thats in need. Yes for my bike. I have some late 43mm forks for it with Andreani cartridges and I'll machine up a Titanium axle. Then a set of PVM wheels and a machined rear bevel box like this and the MGS-01. That's the plan. Ciao
  19. After years of discussion about the supposed change in fork angles via the triple clamps for later V11 Sports (post early 99 models) I took the opportunity to measure the top triple Scudd sent to me and I received today. If the fork angle had been changed by machining the clamps there's no evidence of it that I can see. On the granite surface plate the upper clamp fork bores are perpendicular to the stem bore so there's not angle change there. Another V11 myth debunked? Ciao
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