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  1. I went a googling and ended up in the exact same page from mouser - on ebay an option but from china- https://www.ebay.com/itm/273548275761?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&campid=5338722076&toolid=10001
  2. thanks! The parts arrived about an hour after I had to fly out- But I purchased fuel related parts as well as electronic- can't hurt to change out both. will have to wait till i get back up. got home and fired up the moto morini for the first time in a while...
  3. well she is tarped up and behind my mother's shed - be back up in a couple weeks and the parts should be in and I can take it on. the issue was this time- I was coming up to work on our family friends old cabin so instead of working on the bike, I was battling rat turds and piss after 10 years of neglect- 4 days straight of just cleaning shit. I made one heck of a burn pile for when winter comes. next gonna put in a septic tank, LED lights, (got the generator) need to get a new regulator for the propane- stove and refrigerator don't work- both rat infested so probably just need re
  4. ordered new fuel pump, filter, and manual petcock from MGcycle.. so gonna do all that as well. probably time even if they are working to get those sorted. I can keep the old ones as emergency spares if they check out ok.
  5. heh. i have gone through the cycles of not super happy about it. but I don't blame the bike- mostly me for not properly maintaining it. So its now in oregon in the back of my brothers old truck- which luckily DID make the trip. reason I was traveling up is my mother and brother finally got vaxed - first time I have seen them in 1.5 years. I just booked a flight back to SF as i have to get back to pick up my daughter by tuesday- I ordered a new sensor from MGcycle and the bike will stay here until I come up later in July. I may work on it a bit today but also may just take
  6. Fuel pump turns on and pumps fuel. Used that to clean the lines of the possibly bad fuel! Sadly i am sending this from the side of the road. Ran beautifully for about 2 miles then just stopped. And back to doing the weird rev cycle. Still waiting on pick up. Should be here in about 30 min
  7. it may still not be related at all- as it sometimes for no reason jsut does work for a while. but fingers crossed that is the issue identified- and partially abated. burned the heck out of myself getting to it though.
  8. OK! it stopped raining and I went out and removed the phase sensor, cleaned it.. and indeed, that oring was all messed up. So I removed the ring.. it was chwed up and expanded etc.. no good. Cleaned the mating surface as best I could.. put it back in.. and VOLA! the bike works! Now it has done this before... so not sure if its just back to its intermitant "runs Great! then dies in a few miles- or its actually now set correctly. My brother is nearly here so I may try and ride up and he will follow and see how far I get. NO oring but a bit of oil leakage I can deal wi
  9. it does and I inspected them.. they look fine. but they could be a problem for sure. on the list to do a better job once I get it to the shop. anything come to your collective minds about things I would need to order vs just make work? I only have a limited time in oregon to see if I can fix it so probably need to order now and express it.
  10. thanks all! I got a bit and its on the side of the road, I did drain the tank as much as possible, tried new gas with some similar stuff to Heet (could not find heet). And it started to rain... so. at this point I have my brother coming down to pick me up! I can get it up to oregon and get it into a shop where I can take it apart properly. I am afraid doing any more roadside "maintenance" may just make things harder to fix later. Good news: Now it does not go AT ALL. and is being very consistant in how it acts unlike before. SO it might help find the cuprit unlike
  11. could be so many things I guess. I am waiting to go into town and get some fresh gas- I think if that is not it.. then I can't do much more here. this morning- as cold as you want- it barely got started, then got about 1/4 mile and conked out. I just left it there and did not push it back this time. I had hoped it had just enough to get into town and get some gas but no go.
  12. well. I took it out- tried to get to town and it started off fine.. then crapped out completely. I had to push it back and it was like 1/2 a mile and I am now officially exhausted. I am starting to think: YES it could be bad gas. at this point its all I have left except that one wire. and the wires seems to have no effect if I move it or pinch it etc... so its probably fine actually. unfortunately. If its bad gas that will be excellent- as I can just get new gas. I got petrol at a fairly normal station up here-- but it DID start to happen right after i got that gas, a
  13. thanks! well, I at leasts straightened it out.. got it away from any heat. I also checked those connectors under the fuse box- my box has two hex screws holding it it. one WAS a little loose- see if that helps. once I fix everything then it should work! gonna give it a try in a second. got to get the tank back on and such and getting tired. and its getting cold.. fog is rolling in.
  14. seems not so uncommon: looked on ebay and see the same damage (but mine is much deeper) on that one for sale. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/QbQAAOSwR8hdyz03/s-l1600.jpg
  15. its not SUPER new. 3 years? there were a lot of dragon flies. still- that should not have those symptoms. I'll clean it out anyway as soon as the guy gets back and I can borrow some more tools. Meanwhile, I think I may have found it. the timing sensor cable must have been too close to the engine, the rubber has two burn marks in it, making divots. I don't see any wires but it could have been enough to fry them. I may take it out and see if I can repair it. any harm in just pulling that sensor side with the hex bolts? or do I have to do a thing before I do that?
  16. think something could have gotten sucked into the air filter> hmmm.
  17. I just changed all the fuses, just in case. and I'll swap in the spare Omron- is #5 counting from front or back? Yeah- Ill check the battery connections.
  18. I just took it out. it was different, but not fixed. Seems to run perfectly then suddenly cuts out. now its backfiring more- which it did not do (as much)before. not out the pipes but back up through the intake. kickstand seems to have no effect (other than it will kill the engine if its down in gear etc. )
  19. Think it could be the ECU? its just the stock unit- anyone got a spare in a box they dont need? Express to oregon?
  20. I'll take a look at the ignition switch. I thought maybe that would be it and tried turning it on and off while riding to see if the bike would start working again... this seemed to sometimes work, but other times no effect. But also many other things "seemed" to work - its so intermittent. I can't find a pattern. Not sure I can service it on the roadside here. see what I can do. Good news is the airbnb guy has some tools and invited me to have dinner with them. cool surfer dude with a VW van... so you know hes constantly having to work ont hat thing.
  21. yes, I thought it was vapor lock. sorry trying to fix bike while also checking in here. once more going over electrical. here is the old one: its been fine since then BUT i had not tried to ride it for 8 hours straight either.
  22. I put in the omrons- and I have 1 extra omron and 1 extra of the orignal (not actually original.. but what were in there before). Swapping relays around seems to have no effect.
  23. OK! I thought this issue was fixed: I got new relays, new battery, cleaned up a lot of wiring - found a bad connection to the timing sensor- fixed. and all was well. I started a ride up the coast of California out of SF bay area, and all was good. rode up Hwy 1, very beautiful.. but a bit cold! all great. guzzi was running fine and i took my time, rode maybe 5 hours. then I got onto the freeway at Legget, and then the troubles started: Same as it had done once before: Suddenly loses a power for a second, then does again.. gets worse and worse until it t
  24. more info: not sure the maker of this rack, but the GIVI "universal" mounting brackets don't align with it. It's not a problem as I have no issue drilling a bit of steel and making my own brackets. But just adding to the knowledge base. Its gonna be great, the top case is gonna fit fine and I'll be able to do some light touring on a 2000 v11 sport. gonna be great for my back! but I will be having a hell of a good time. -j
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