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  1. Tennis were made in 2002 as far as I know and all had the single plate clutch unless converted to twin plate, the failing flywheel isn't the only problem, the single plate will wear out and they are made of unobtainium
  2. That’s the one I bought yes but any 7” light will fit , make sure it’s a complete headlight with 8mm bolt holes, my Ballabio is the same setup as the cafe Sport
  3. I’m just 8 miles from streffords went to see the bike a few weeks ago and they said nothing about the tank bubbles, never seen one that bad, made an offer on the bike but they turned it down, if I bought it my plan was to have the decals removed and just paint it red, apart from the tank it’s a really nice bike
  4. Have you bought the Rosso from Worcester UK near me ?
  5. I did this as I had a spare mudguard so got rid of the number plate lamp, the LED lamp has one built in
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133573248578
  7. Easy swap with the stock lamp
  8. Have you sold the Ballabio Stew?
  9. Mine is a one piece item, the Ballabio one I took off was two pieces
  10. You’re right it can only be for a Rosso Mandello the cost was £99 and from On yer Bike but think they only had the one
  11. Don’t know the maker I bought it from Alchemy parts in London mounts the same as stock but needed spacers on the m8 bolts
  12. Didn’t think it was a Guzzi part as they only fitted cf to the ohlins forks and the mounting points are different
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