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  1. Steve S

    Another V11

    Hey Guzzimax nice collection of V11s, I've owned Cafe Sport and Ballabio before and they don't really ride any differently just more comfort and the frame mounted fairing seems to work better because its further forward
  2. Thanks for that, I will have a think if I want to go any further or sell it as it is, its just a drip but it drips onto the Quat D exhaust box
  3. I've found the leak by putting some petrol in the gearbox and it leaks out of the second joint from the back quite low down so I'm sure it's not a cracked case, as the leak is so low down it leaks oil constantly onto the exhaust
  4. Thanks so the gearbox will need to be removed from the bike?
  5. I'm trying to sell this Greenie and it's got an annoying gearbox oil leak that's putting buyers off, I removed the very back plate and the oil is coming from the next joint, before I dive in what's involved in removing the next plate behind the gears?
  6. I agree its a bad time, I bought the bike as a project before it kicked off, i'm not desperate for the money yet but my business has stopped a month ago, the situation isn't stopping all the silly offers starting at £1k
  7. Just relisted this on Ebay UK https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Sport-Greenie/254563845478?hash=item3b45300566:g:zyYAAOSwa8NeaPYS
  8. Ebay is really quiet, relisted
  9. Friend of mine had a selector spring break this morning, has anyone got a modified one from the States they would sell before we get one shipped over? I had 6 shipped a while ago but I've used them or sold them on
  10. Just listed this on Ebay UK https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Sport-Greenie/254563845478?hash=item3b45300566:g:zyYAAOSwa8NeaPYS
  11. Steve S

    V11 Tenni

    If the clutch rattles when you pull the lever its a twin plate, if it rattles with the lever out its a single plate
  12. If the fuse looks ok check the connectors from the alternator to the reg/rec for overheating
  13. Think I've found one from an 1100 Sport at Muzzi Moto in Stafford UK
  14. Thanks Max I've tried everywhere in Europe with no luck, I've listed the bike on Ebay UK to try and cut my losses but will keep looking or get it welded in the mean time
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