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  1. Steve S

    V11 UK values

    Yes I saw your bike Paradiso, I’ve bought restored and sold 15 V11s over the last 10 years and they are never easy to sell, never many for sale in the uk but not many buyers either
  2. Steve S

    V11 UK values

    I'm thinking about replacing my Ballabio with a new V85TT and wondering if people are actually paying the high asking prices for V11s in the UK 05 red Ballabio with 14k miles and loads of C/F upgrades and a new shock last week
  3. I have a factory stand but find this one easier to use, drilled the swingarm and bolted on bobbins
  4. Steve S

    Shock wanted UK

    Ordered a new Hagon now
  5. No just 2 rustier ones I’ve found them on eBay in the past, if it’s not too bad clean it up and paint it
  6. I had a spare hugger so I cut the centre piece out and cable tied it to the inside of the swingarm, you can just see it in the pic i think it’s important not to cover the swingarm as I’ve seen a few rusty ones here in the uk due to never being cleaned
  7. The bolt can’t be bent too much or it wouldn’t go through, can’t you straighten it? The shock doesn’t rotate on the bolt, the shock bush is clamped by the swingarm when you tighten the bolt and the shock rotates on the bush as the inner part it clamped
  8. 2005 Ballabio, C/F front fender, side panels, GB bellypan and high Mistrals
  9. Pair of Mistral exhausts for sale
  10. The diameter of the forks at the yokes are all 54mm Stew
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254927488092
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