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  1. I think it's their own brand, I guess they would post worldwide
  2. I painted a headlamp fairing to match the bike and the result was good, I ordered it in a rattle can it was green base coat and matt clear coat
  3. RS Bike paint Bryan I got that green from them when I had a Griso SE
  4. Found these Mistrals made from pure unobtanium on German Ebay
  5. That wouldn't fit the ITI speedo on the V11, it has a thread like the early Veglia speedo the ITI knob has a tiny screw securing it
  6. I have a cracked alloy stator frame , looking for new or used in the UK please
  7. Springs arrived in the UK and fitted, thanks Scud
  8. Steve S


    I meant why don't they use a stainless bush, the bush is an interference fit in the eye so it's hard to see how water gets in and corrodes it anyway
  9. Steve S


    Looking at the cracked shock that I've just removed from my bike I too am not sure how this can be prevented, the corrosion that breaks the eye is between the steel outer bush and the alloy eye, why isn't it stainless steel?
  10. Just bought this low mileage Ballabio here in the UK
  11. now on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254660898944
  12. Steve S


    managed to find a good used shock and its fitted, £110
  13. I've just bought a Ballabio with soft bags and frames, I don't need the luggage so offering it here for sale UK
  14. Steve S


    Just bought an 05 Ballabio and the shock eye is cracked, is there a fix for this without buying a new one?
  15. Message sent to Scud, I need more springs in the UK if available
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