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  1. Mine have 05-02-35-30 in raised numbers inside the covers. Also different to the ones in Doccs picture, the HT lesd tunnel is rounded rather than square. So which HT lead cover do I need, is it one or two piece? Thanks.
  2. Does the spark plug cover act as a protection for the silly fell over while manouvering bike type of damage?
  3. Many thanks, will start hunting for them. Lucky Phil, I think it was your bike that set me of down this trail.
  4. Does anyone know the correct name for the black plastic covers over the Grisso 2V type valve covers. I want to fit the tidier valve covers, got the covers but cannot find the plastic parts. Do I need special HT leads?
  5. The Centauro has to be one ugliest bikes around, in my opinion of course.
  6. 68C

    Mille GT?

    I should have added loads of spares for the basic bike as just a variation of bikes made back into the 1970's, many T3 and on parts will fit. May not be so easy to get body parts as did not sell in very high numbers.
  7. 68C

    Mille GT?

    You will notice a lack of power and of any real rev band. Great bike for poodling around, you can short shift 1-3-5 and still make progress. The cast iron discs corrode so wipe down after wet weather to reduce the amount of brown rust thrown about. Comfortable for a pillion with sensible footpeg position, feels like the centre of gravity is lower than a V11 LeMans so again easier to ride. The side stand is not so good, some folk fit the left lower frame rail and the long California stsnd.
  8. Is that the long chain to your wallet in your Levi's back pocket.
  9. Thought your new Temple was lovely especially with the trees behind and the beautiful house. I must confess I am now stalking you via Google Earth and watched an interesting 12 minutes video of Gausdal and the area. I never expected such diversity in a relatively small area. I am jealous, Southampton is OK but what was left after the Nazi air raids was torn down by 1960's town planners.
  10. Yes, I remember girls, not sure how many of them remember me.
  11. Oh, but it has to be said it is a very pretty bike and well worth the sum to a discerning buyer.
  12. 2002 Rosso Corsa up for £9,999.00 on UK Ebay, do not see that selling too quickly. Ex Dutch bike with mph speedo fitted so mileage? 'Fully restored' so not really original. Seller thinks only 500 sold world wide. Auction ends today 13.24BST. No bids. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Rosso-Corsa-Le-Mans-/114370264917
  13. Ever ridden one of those old Honda 90 step through bikes, they have leading link forks with the brake unit fixed to the arm, when you brake the front end lifts up and pushes back at you on the handle bars. Actually rather fun in a way but did tend to patter on the road if wet and at speed.......55mph!
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