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  1. In the words of the King, "I thank you".
  2. How about a slidehammer for releasing stubborn screws, bolts etc. With the correct tip attached works the other way round than other slide hammers. Throw the weight downwards, it imparts a LH twist. Similar to an impact driver.
  3. 68C

    andreani front kit

    You can't get much past Docc.
  4. Put the bike on SORN as not allowed to use it at present. Don't want to use it to just go one mile to the shops as it won't warm up properly. Translation: Statutory Off Road Notice, UK method of advising authority you have taken the vehicle off the road and so do not pay any Vehicle Excise Duty/road tax for any complete months it is off road.
  5. There is no special edition badge, it is not a special or limited edition bike. It should have standard exhaust and standard ecu labelled Le Mans. It should have Ohlins suspension front and rear. The steering damper is not Ohlins. The side panels should say Le Mans. Good bike, most problems had been sorted by then.
  6. Refers to going fast on a racing bike, crouched down over the tank.
  7. 68C

    andreani front kit

    Interesting idea, I am not aware of any defect with mine. I thought the idea of the V11 suspension as opposed to the Tonti bikes was no torque reaction lifting or lowering the swing arm.
  8. 68C

    andreani front kit

    My Rosso Corsa has never had that floating feeling, perhaps just the nature of the beast. The only really odd thing I have with handling is on one road on the way to work, just after a double 90° bend over a bridge I get a real kick from the rear suspension. Driven over it loads of time in my car, no problem, no obvious bump in the road. Also no problem with my Triumph Trident 900.
  9. Hi Steve, if not already sorted PM me. I still have the one you supplied to me so better it goes to someone who needs it rather than sitting in my 'just in case' box. We can sort out a replacement slow time.
  10. Just seen this on UK Ebay, I am not connected with it.
  11. Sorry, I meant to say effective valve timing. I must have the virus!
  12. If you set your valves to the wider setting and do not make any changes to the valve timing I understand the valves will open later and close earlier. With our V11s we cannot fine tune valve timing without buying special vernier sprockets. Does the difference between standard and wide valve clearances make much difference to effective valve clearance? Also get your point about the larger setting misses the quieting ramp on the cam.
  13. Thank you for your clear explanation. I see now by having the valve follower making contact further up the cam it will 'snap' open quicker. The small difference in total valve opening is unimportant.
  14. Bit confused by this, surely if you opened up the valve clearance to a ridiculous amount the valves would hardly open and so there would be little gas flow. In the same way if you tightened the clearance to almost zero the valves would open further and pass more gas. So how can "decreasing the play would reduce the airflow" make sense?
  15. Get yourself a second hand ecu, any WM15M, could be from a Guzzi or a Ducati 750/900. Practice loading and unloading the maps, play around with adjustments without risk as you will have your original intact. You could carry the original ecu in the tail stowage until happy with your new map as a get you home item. Once happy sell off one of the ecus.
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