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  1. Yes, not perfect but real. Over the last week we have heard so many stories about him, yours adds to it. They say Democracy is not perfect but the other systems are worse, perhaps the same could be said of Monarchy.
  2. Our Queen has ruled for almost my entire life, I cannot imagine how hard it will be since losing her husband. I have a strange sense of foreboding about the future, I cannot put it into words it is a little like losing your parents.
  3. These are the casting that make up just one cylinder head. I think there are twenty castings all told and about the same number of ball bearings, the only plain bearings being on the gear selector mechanism and kick start shaft. Makes the V11 rather simple.
  4. Sorry to open an old thread but thought I would carry on with the story. So, it's now 2021, Covid and retirement has given me time to get back to the Ducati 750GT motor rebuild. Some inheritance money has enabled my brother and I to spend a little more than we intended on the bike. Bought a Machine Mart bead blasting cabinet and started to clean up the castings. The raised threaded section on the LH case for the clutch adjuster was broken. Also the RH side case support for the kickstart was broken off. Took them to a welder who complained about my using glass beads as they remain
  5. 68C


    I bought a used triple clamp and drilled it, as you say there is a raised boss on the undersurface obviously there for that purpose. Sadly not wide enough to allow fitting of rubber bushes. I used an old set of clamps from a Honda CB00, remember them?
  6. My bike had corrosion on the Ohlins front fork attachment lugs to the carbon fibre front mudguard. Managed to clean it up then used plastic spacers.
  7. Resin impregnating would work best with a new set of cases that had never seen oil. MV did it in their early 750s, do not know how they did it, I imagined some kind of tank with the casing completely submerged and put under pressure. Must have been fun determining the time to leave it in the tank, to short and not fully impregnated, too long and nicely encased in a solid block of resin. These folk seem to have it covered, interesting read. https://www.midlanddeburrandfinish.co.uk/casting-impregnation?gclid=CjwKCAiAu8SABhAxEiwAsodSZIgrKkXwzzYCJq7A8IJACW-TTPC0_4hlMRPaw1ke-C4BFyDGMyUWTxoC
  8. Mine have 05-02-35-30 in raised numbers inside the covers. Also different to the ones in Doccs picture, the HT lesd tunnel is rounded rather than square. So which HT lead cover do I need, is it one or two piece? Thanks.
  9. Does the spark plug cover act as a protection for the silly fell over while manouvering bike type of damage?
  10. Many thanks, will start hunting for them. Lucky Phil, I think it was your bike that set me of down this trail.
  11. Does anyone know the correct name for the black plastic covers over the Grisso 2V type valve covers. I want to fit the tidier valve covers, got the covers but cannot find the plastic parts. Do I need special HT leads?
  12. The Centauro has to be one ugliest bikes around, in my opinion of course.
  13. 68C

    Mille GT?

    I should have added loads of spares for the basic bike as just a variation of bikes made back into the 1970's, many T3 and on parts will fit. May not be so easy to get body parts as did not sell in very high numbers.
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