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  1. Oh, but it has to be said it is a very pretty bike and well worth the sum to a discerning buyer.
  2. 2002 Rosso Corsa up for £9,999.00 on UK Ebay, do not see that selling too quickly. Ex Dutch bike with mph speedo fitted so mileage? 'Fully restored' so not really original. Seller thinks only 500 sold world wide. Auction ends today 13.24BST. No bids. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Rosso-Corsa-Le-Mans-/114370264917
  3. Ever ridden one of those old Honda 90 step through bikes, they have leading link forks with the brake unit fixed to the arm, when you brake the front end lifts up and pushes back at you on the handle bars. Actually rather fun in a way but did tend to patter on the road if wet and at speed.......55mph!
  4. Being English, I had to Google 'tree change'. Nice phrase.
  5. 68C

    TLM Guzzi

    Paul "Loopy" Lewis was involved with the Dock Gate 20 Harley dealership in Southampton, Uk. He seemed a likeable chap the few times I chatted with him, happy to listen to you and told a few interesting stories. I do remember him wheelying a full dresser Harley in a very tight space at a show. Also going like a maniac pulling wheelies around the roundabout opposite the shop. No longer sure of the details but I remember him saying he could beat any non-racer on any other bike with his Harley. .
  6. Yeah, most tractors have a governor rather than a throttle.
  7. Not sure why it even has a mechanical output, unless you want to run two speedometers.
  8. I assume you have to blank off the mechanical output if not using a mechanical speedometer. Will it still fit under the Fuel Injection linkage then?
  9. Sorry, cannot help with alternator cover, but am happy with the pannier bags and frame I bought from you, arrived safely and well packed. I did get excited when I saw the box for Black Widow exhausts though. What did you fit them to?
  10. Looks great, is it carbon fibre laid onto the original parts or a wrap? If carbon fibre overlay won't it be heavier than standard, I thought carbon fibre is usually used to reduce weight.
  11. 68C


    Thank you all, they replied and sorted things out. Plain old human/robot error I suppose.
  12. 68C


    Does anyone know who IMGZEIT are and if they are connected with this site? I believe they are an image store outfit, been receiving unrequested bills from them.
  13. That is exactly how I see it. Our OEM pipes were probably designed to tuck the system away neatly under the bike, perhaps for cornering clearance but most likely cosmetic. There may be a weight saving in having two smaller shared silencers. All this discussion about Stucchi, Mistral et al is really about which system is least bad, none of them probably enhance power over the Tonti H system. Two seperate pipes may even work best for peak power. Hence that system that looked like a crossover but had no hole between them. But, as I said I do find the V twin exhaust system confusing.
  14. And how is that pulse timed to help the extraction. I can believe it will help on one cylinder but, unless you quickly change the pipe lengths, how does it help the cylinder? Edit, should say 'other cylinder'
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