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  1. Welcome from England, England.
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  3. Imagine trying to work on one of these in twenty years time when spare instrument panels will be unobtainable.
  4. 68C

    Spoiler for V11

    Funny place for a race number.
  5. Hi Tinus89, If you are really keen on bits of debris you could try following the directions of the old UK civil Aircraft Inspection Procedures EL/3-1 para 4.3. This was a list of methods for determining what metal is in the oil filter. Of course being British we had no truck with such complexities as Spectro Analysis. I hear there is similar available from the FAA. Drain the oil filter and wash the debris into a paper filter. Ferrous metal can be picked up by a magnet. Hot nitric acid will turn yellow or light brown with carbon steel and dark brown with cast iron. No effect on non austenitic stainless steel. Bronze will develop a white precipitate when boiled in nitric acid. Mag alloy will react with saturated copper sulphate solution. Aluminium will cause a solution of caustic soda to be clear. Aluminium alloy will develop a grey or black precipitate. White metal will dissolve slowly in nitric acid developing black particles in a pale green solution. Have fun, white coats are available from all reputable outlets.
  6. 68C

    Spoiler for V11

    I love the belly pan and the green and silver. I have never liked the white 'mouth' or whatever it is supposed to be. If you have any green paint leftover you could pretty this duckling up a little.
  7. Yes, it is inside the IAW15M ECU, that is why the case is not sealed and so vulnerable to getting wet.
  8. 68C

    Broken Norton

    Have you seen the 'Britten Bike Story' movie where he cools a new casting with a bucket of water from his pool. The man even made his own light switches for his house.
  9. Looking at those blanked off push rod tubes, does this mean the old Tonti engine could be modified into a V10? I understand of course the motor would no longer fit a Tonti frame.
  10. Are you getting any voltage to the injecters?
  11. Try not to over think this. Just give it a quick polish with fine wet and dry abrasive paper and fit it. Use some gasket sealant, such as Hylomar NOT SILICON, if you are really worried. Those marks really are minor. What is the worse that can happen?
  12. Of course you had to hack off the swinging arm lugs from the Vincent gearbox to put it into a Featherbed frame, If you listen carefully you can still hear the howls of anguish from the Vincent Owners Club.
  13. A new Vincent Series 'C' in 1952 was about £350, the average wage then,for a man of course, was around £500 a year. Not many bikes now cost more than nine months salary.
  14. I am rather nervous asking but what is bottom pressure? Sent from my SM-J330FN using Tapatalk
  15. 68C

    Broken Norton

    Did you find the bit that got punched out?
  16. Perhaps a wire gauze thimblse rather than a fine oil filter.
  17. 68C


    I still think the old first LeMans was a great bike. I managed to buy a six month old T3 in '79 I really wish I had found the cash to have bought a LeMans instead. Once fitted with T3 spoked wheels with a wider rear rim they looked great, I can still hear the racing LeMans climbing the mountain at the TT. Of course I would have had to go on steroids to be able to wind those 36mm Delortos open. (Do not try lighter springs, my mate did that and found the throttle would not close at full bore!
  18. 68C

    2000 V11 damage

    In the UK we have the choice of a basic cheaper mandatory 'Third Party' insurance which covers you for damage you cause to other people and their vehicle. Then we have the more popular 'Comprehensive ' insurance which also covers you and your vehicle. The comprehensive cover usually means your insurance company will fight their insurance company on your behalf. Is it the same with you?
  19. And yes, I have just got back home after a Boxing Day party, it being 00.55hrs.
  20. There's more, did I ever tell you about the time when I .......................
  21. The usual confused old tradition. Goes back into the middle ages when servants, having waited on the their masters, were allowed time to visit their family after Christmas. Later it became the day you thanked your tradesmen by giving them a gift, this moved onto giving boxes of unused food to the poor. Now it is just another secular bank holiday. In the last fifteen years or so it becomes the first day of the sales when most shopworkers are expected to work, almost a complete circle back to the pre middle ages. Is life really getting better for the common man?
  22. I love the way the common man can bypass stupid regulations.
  23. Well it's Christmas in the UK now so Happy Christmas one and all.
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