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    IAW15M K-Line

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me which is the K-line on the IAW15M ecu? I am playing around with an old VW OBDII usb cable, I know which pins are the K and L lines on the large OBDII plug but don't know which ones are which on the three pin diagnostic socket fitted to the bike. I have a Rosso Corsa, first registered in 2004 although the frame number suggests it may have been made in 2003. I am looking at the freeware TuneECU software, and am considering trying the Aprillia Falco software as I believe they have a similar ecu. Thanks, any advice gratefully received.
  2. PM me you email and exactly what you want and I can go snap a couple for your Hope I am using this reply correctly, I am looking for a picture of the two badges that are attached to the side panels, I expect they say something like "V11 Lemans" with a chequered flag. The bike is a 2003 V11 Le Mans Rosso Corsa although it was registered in the first half of 2004 the frame number suggests it was made in 2003. Having just bought the bike I cannot afford the £40 for spares. I can make a decal and encapsulate it for the time being. Many thanks, Bob.
  3. Hello all, got my T3 in 1979, now in the shed awaiting the Great British Winter Rebuild, so I bought a '04 Rosso Corsa. Got it off ebay, never bought a bike like that but it turned out the seller was an ex apprentice where I work so I took a chance. Bike nicer than I expected - we all know how those ebay photos can make things look better than they are. Minor defects are weeping fork seals and missing side panel badges. and that is how I came to the Forum. Can anyone let me have a reasonably hi-res photo of the LH & RH side panel badges so I can make up a couple of decals until I can get some more cash together? Had fun on the first ride, after ten or fifteen miles taking it easy around our country lanes I pulled onto the main road and let her go - she went allright, at 85mph I rolled off the throttle but she kept on going - at 105mph I finaly realised it would be a good idea to hit the kill switch ( never done that before in forty years of riding). Once stopped and after my heartbeat slowed I tried to restart it to no avail. Called a mate, he rolled up to laugh until he saw how white I was, we found the rear Ohlins remote reservoir was mounted too far foward and the white plastic adjuster under the left throttle body had hooked around the pipe fitting! A further look found a spurious wire running from the starter relay and coiled up under the tank, the normal lead to the starter had dropped off - probably in the unrequested mad dash I had just undertaken. I guess whoever fitted the "Get you home" wire had missmounted the reservoir. Once the starter wire was hooked back on and the reservoir remounted all was well and off I went home. Told the lads at work who wondered what I had done to upset the apprentice and admired his cunning way of seeking revenge.
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