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  1. I love those rocker covers, Griso?
  2. I remember my mate's Guzzi Mille GT used to blow its carbs off, mainly when sitting at idle.
  3. Do not see how changing to timing gears can help smooth running, unless of course the timing was way off before. These occasional coughs seem to affect fuel injection more than carb bikes. I feel it is likely to be due to running at the edge of a fuel map cell. A light change in rpm, throttle etc may make it jump one way or the other, rich or lean, and so be momentarily wrong at that instance. Our ECU's don't have many cells so the 'jump' is more noticeable than on modern bikes. A carburetter is an analogue device so the fuel metering has an infinite solution to supply fuel at the correct mixture. Fuel injection is digital of course and so moves in a series of steps, the cheaper the system the larger the steps. Just my opinion of course.
  4. Is there more or less inertia in a gear system, I remember drilling out cam drive sprockets to lighten them as the 'thing to do'.
  5. Don't forget to let us all know when you finally put them on Ebay.
  6. I well remember those Wankel engine Nortons at the TT. Watched them race prepare the bike in the pits which seemed to just consist of washing the flies off! The reason the bike disappeared from history was no one could decide what capacity the bike was and so which formula it could race in. Tragic loss of technology although doubtful it could meet modern emmission regulations. They did give me one good tip, do not use silicon brake fluid. It is too slippery letting the square section seals slide through too easily so they do not distort and so cannot pull the pads clear when the brake is released. They said many folk tried in the past to design disc brake calipers using round seals, it was the use of square seals that made them practicable. Years before that I watched Peter Williams on the John Player Semi-Monocoque 750cc twin at the TT, sadly that bike seriously injured him a few years later when the poorly secured tank-seat section came loose in a race. He went on to become our local Norton dealer, a lovely chap who would always give you time.
  7. Crap expands to suit the area available.
  8. You could well be right about the set up. Our local dealer at the time, from Three Cross in Dorset, were known as Double Cross.
  9. Took one for a test ride when they were new, did not like it. I was riding a T3 at the time and found the Centauro uncomfortable and harsh. The suspension was stiff and instead of that lovely torquey 850T3 motor it felt as if the piston were being knocked down by a sledgehammer rather than being pushed down. Of course it also looked like it had eaten a whole box of ugly pills.
  10. So how do you move diagonly?
  11. Sounds like more familiar countryside to me, Hampshire and Dorset, or Darzet as folk may say. But there is a strange fascination in those square plots. Sorry to have gone off topic, MY T3 850 (now 950) is in bits but will soon come together after the Great Winter Rebuild.
  12. Being an Englishman, a rapidly endangered species, I wondered what Wisconsin is like. Opened up Google Earth and found Wisconsin, at first I thought Google had superimposed a lat. Long. Grid on the map then realised it was roads. Truly amazing how the surveyors managed to mark that out. How do you move diagonally? Do you go along the top and then down or zig-zag across.I could also see traces of snow in the ditches so now perhaps understand your winters. Very different from our random roads: Before the Romans came to Rye or out to Severn strode, The rolling English Drunkard made the rolling English road. (With apologies to G.K. Chesterton.)
  13. Pedigree still selling well, had a pint only a few days ago.
  14. You could try Earl's Conical Seals, they are a thin metal conical shaped seal that fit over the cone of the AN fitting, used to take up wear for frequently dismantled items. They are called up on some helicopter engines as standard fit. I am sure you will find more on the web, and possibly other manufacturers. summitracing.com Secoseals.com Search conical seals.
  15. 68C

    AFR Gauge

    Thank you for helping us better understand the FI system.
  16. 68C


    Love the leaves on the ground in your photo, autumn cannot be far away.
  17. Funny, whenever I watch Frasier the roads seem pretty empty!
  18. 68C

    AFR Gauge

    Pray tell, did you "demand" a specific AFR on the 15RC? Or was it MyECU? I used the MyEcu.
  19. 68C

    AFR Gauge

    The goal! I soon realised how little I really knew about the correct fueling of an engine when playing with the MyEcu and later with Guzzidiag. It was fairly easy to alter the map, and to 'demand' a specific AFR using a closed loop system. The problem of course was what AFR, the stoimetric ideal does not work in the real world, every engine and situation requires its own setting, I was just never clever enough to know what was, a bit like hunting in the woods when you don't know what to shoot at, pigeon, rat or tree.
  20. 68C

    AFR Gauge

    Like all extra gauges it means less time looking down the road where you are going and so adds to the usual dangers of riding. AFR gauges take a little time to stabilise after a throttle change so you tend to look at it longer than a glance at a speedometer. AFR is best logged and then perused later. I fitted one for a while, screwed into the factory O2 sensor port in the standard crossover.
  21. I bought a Norton Commando 750 new in '72. Advertised as 0 to 60 in 4.5secs and top speed of 124mph. They forgot to mention you had to change gearbox sprockets from 19 to 21 tooth to get that top speed and of course then lost the acceleration. Truth in Advertising?
  22. Don't the carb accelerator pumps add that extra fuel when you close and reopen the throttle. Perhaps it just needs bigger jets. There again shutting off at high revs means the inrush of air cannot all go into the engine, instead it semi pressurises the ambient air side and reduces the fuel entering the float bowl so you need a fuel pump, bit like a blown motor. Have fun.
  23. I spent a year in nortkern Pakistan as a Helicopter engineer on a Bell 412 for the Aga Khan Rural support Program. Absolutely stunning scenery, so many mountains that if under 20,000ft they rarely have a name. I often saw groups of motorcyclists snaking their way up the Karakorum Highway. This is a good road built by the military to serve the Northern Areas, pretty empty once you get into the foothills. Gilgit is lovely, sitting at the base of Rakaposhi, a huge mountain rising up from the valley floor. Google 'The Gilgit Game'. Hunza is close and is where the author James Hilton got inspiration to write Lost Horison, Shangri-La is said to be based on Hunza, there is even an ancient castle, once a Tibetan style monastry. OK its 30 years since I have been there so perhaps some of the mountains have eroded a little.
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