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  2. Wowsie, you got a very rare MOTO GUZZI SPORT ELEPHANT! Watch out that it doesn't sit on those other midget bikes.
  3. Ian, known as Morris Sod in the Forum, from NSW Australia dropped by Belfast last night. Good man himself. Gentleman Ian, Jan and a bunch of the local G men had a very nice session discussing, oh... Moto Guzzi and the like. It rained. If anyone else might visit these parts from the far flung reaches of Guzziland, give us a shout. Ian and Jan are heading up the North Coast Road today. I do hope they can see the view, as sadly it is, how do you say, raining. Photos > https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154428431841493.1073742749.628571492&type=1&l=f76224e341
  4. Eh?? Warped you say! Now how will we ever know what time it is?
  5. 2016 is the momentous time when I cleared out the box trailer that I purchased a number of years ago to serve as a GUZZI GARAGE. First: it's Griso Garage. The little lean-to garage is too tight to work on anything so this is a great leap forwards. Griso is pulled to bits again, but then, once this is reassembled in some sort of fashion, it will be time for...... ......THE V.11 SHED
  6. I wonder should the joke be, Petrograd and then Leningrad (and then back to St Petersburg)? Those all being the same city, now again called St Petersburg. Then the joke makes sense. Sadly I missed out on going to St Petersburg once, waiting for a friend to get his passport sorted.
  7. Amazing. I'm always 'bowled-over' by the pictures that are posted of the vast and often monumental spaces in America (and other continental-sized lands).
  8. Funny, I was thinking this in another context and another place a few days ago. My thoughts were: Moto Guzzi Pentax cameras Land Rover bass guitar valve amps / turntables balls of string Apple Mac ... I'll stop now as Jaap is turning seriously green at the gills
  9. Sure you guys all have a bit of Irish in you somewhere along the line. Talking about guy/troubles/over here etc. Poor old Guy Martin: big crash yesterday at Dundrod 150 - Ulster Grand Prix course, while leading the race from Bruce Anstey. If hedge & ditch hadn't been removed after a crash at same corner last year, it could have been a lot worse. Yes indeed Mr Chopper Jim. Come on board for an adventure. Could save me some long train journeys out there... and be handy for a quick getaway.
  10. It's time for me to head off to Ukraine again (second time this year) farther east this time. The plan is to be back there again for 3rd time in September and finally this year, 4th time, in November. No not on a Moto Guzzi, but wish me luck, as it's troubled times!
  11. Timely point. Nearly 8pm: time that I went home for tea. Might even put a photograph of it on Facebook for yous uns to see.
  12. Haha. No. It's not the right time to rename it. This thread has only been running for 11 years. Wait until it's 20.
  13. You are right! I have previously been surprised to see when I unbolted my engine to get at the oil that must be changed according to the manufacturer's 'instructions', ahem, that in fact the thing was still slathered with perfectly wet oil... or whatever that grimy black stuff with shards of lumpy stuff in it is. Why fix it if it's not broken? My biggest mistake with the whole business has been that I obviously didn't oil my tyres enough and now they have worn away. Pay attention to the things that matter!
  14. How dare you not read the whole thing! But back to tyres: the ones I had on before the current ones were Angels. I could put them back on, but the rear has two repaired punctures (one being at one of the Ulster meets) so it wasn't that angelic. Seriously though, what should I get? Also due an oil change, probably.
  15. Time is terribly uncooperative and has not been kind to my Scura. As for the Griso, it's time to get new tyres. But what? I haven't read a TYRE/TIRE THREAD in about five years. I'm sure they're still black and circular, but other than that, what's the fashion these days?
  16. Coincidentally, I thought so too, Jim. I have been thinking about the V.11ers (and was going to post a little note) as I opened a bottle of Bushmills that has been sitting around for a few years – bought when I had the Guzzi Ulster Rally here and we visited the Bushmills distillery. Time for a toast: your good health, sir. Slainte!
  17. please don't use photobucket, pics not there! Hello I have replied to the Private Message, where you are rather cross that I have not got photographs in my old posts on this subject, to explain that there are indeed plenty of photos, which can be easily accessed via FAQ. Following that, I now see the above exclamation – which makes me wonder if you need to check your internet service/connection as you appear to not be seeing photos? The photo bucket hosted photos above are 'there' – they are visible to me.
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