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  2. Dear All, Just thought you'd like to know that since I Did this repair 2 years ago I have had no leaks or problems at all! Still going stron! Ride safe Pete
  3. Here's a pic... I tried uploading a video for sounds but file was too big. I love my bar end mirrors too, way less vibes than stock and gives a cleaner more cafe look to the front end.
  4. Massive improvement on my 03 sport and the sound is gut wrenchingly beautiful!! Pete
  5. +1 on Pirellis, I especially like Diablo Rossos on the V11, but my riding style might be little more sports orientated than original poster. They nice and grippy on a heavier bike like the V11 and you can get your knee down in confidence. Having said that they wear very evenly (as long as you don't spend too much time on motorways of course) are very good in the wet and I still have plenty of wear in current 3,500 miles pair. Not tried the Angels so can't comment. I didn't like previous Bridgestones as much, can't remember which ones now but they weren't the BT023's they sound quite good but I'm happy with Pirellis so won't be changing brand.
  6. I've ridden a few and enjoyed most of them in different ways, I'd love to ride an MGS, I love sports bikes and the guzzi engines what could better? I'm not a huge fan of Cali/custom style riding position. All of the models I've ridden have had addictive engines, patchy gearboxes although my V11 box is one of the nicest I've ever used on any make.
  7. Mad Farquar... what's patronising pish my post or MGCGB? Pete
  8. Dear all, I just got my MG Club membership renewal letter... I thought apart from copies of Gambalunga which contained no articles about V11s at all over the last 12 months and barely any references to them...what exactly did I get from my membership? This led me to ask myself am I a Guzzi fan generally or a V11 fan specifically. It may come as no shock that although I can appreciate other models (especially the early 850 Le Mans, the 1000s, Daytona and of course MGS) no was the real answer, In fact a Cali/Nevada etc is my idea of hell. This forum however is OUSTANDING and has genuinely saved me wasted money and effort I have therefore decide to donate to the forum instead of renew my MGCGB membership. I thank you Pete
  9. WTF is going on with the weather...I can't remember a year as wet as this in my motocycling life (22 years) - AND WE@VE GOT A HOSEPIPE BAN due to drought. The world has gone mad and I might just up stick and move to the south of france...oops forgot..the French authorities are doing everything they to make motorcycling impossible. In the UK it just rains instead. And before anyone bites I ride all year and don't mind the wet, it's just I'd expect a bit of a dry road in June!
  10. Oh right...erm I'm from Lancashire so this cultural reference was way over my head!
  11. Orson I have no idea what you're talking about
  12. Thanks Yeahoo, The Mistrals are looking good, they cam eback to me directly with a good price...and the Euro exchange rate helps too for us in the UK. I'm still curious about the MIVVs though...anybody? Pete
  13. I got this one from my mate Paul, owner of Cornford Amplifiers...I only got it because I'm British and have young daughters who watch TV 'talent' shows and like pop 'music'! What's 3 inches long and only goes in one direction? Louis Walsh's cock I thank you Pete
  14. That one on Beacon records is possibly the wrongest thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!
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