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  1. Problem solved, I had reconnected bullets earlier, bad mistake. I cut wires and put in a different connector and all seems good. Grateful for this board, I love this motorcycle but without you guys helping I think I would have pushed it off a bridge by now.
  2. How is the clutch switch wired I know there is a small switch at clutch lever, exactly where does it connect. I have moved relays around and I'm pretty much down to this.
  3. Went to shop been sitting 2 hours Fires up regardless of clutch or kickstand I didnt try it in gear with clutch in
  4. neutral light on bike in neutral clutch in and out no difference wondering about why worked fine when cold but problems when hot
  5. I'm about ready to burn this LeMans Finally got it sorted I thought. Stopped for fuel yesterday filled up. Put up kickstand to start and no turn over. Put down kickstand fired right up. Go out today put up kickstand fires right up. After the ride I switched off and tried to restart put kickstand up, tried to start and no action. Pressed clutch in no action. Put kickstand down no start. Pressed clutch in no start. Good grief.
  6. dbarb3

    Chin Pad

    yep Back to Black lasts about 2 days
  7. Yes it did Running like a champ. IDK how it ran ok for a few weeks when I first got it, but the lines were connected wrong by previous owner and I didn't have enough knowledge at time to see the problem right before my eyes.
  8. I ordered directly from Facility in France it was $470 shipped to US. They make a higher quality more expensive version but the basic shock works well for me.
  9. Update on shock and forks. I've never ridden Penske or the like, the only after market shock I've had is a Hyperpro. I believe the M Shock that I installed is equal to or better than the mid line Hyperpro that I had on the 1200 Sport. I had Guzzi Tech revalve and respring forks so motor bike definitely is much more comfortable and handles way better. If you are looking for reasonable suspension upgrades I can recommend both.
  10. search dpguzzi its a different brand but i am using them with no problems
  11. After fighting the voltage regulator, loose bullet connecter under tank and now this hopefully time to ride and put up the wrenches for a while.
  12. No wonder I have struggled since day one of getting this bike. There is no hose attached to the fuel pressure regulator never has been. The fuel over flow hose from tank was attached to the tee on the right side fuel injection. The parts diagram isn't much help in figuring this out. So my guess is there is supposed to be a hose from the back of the tee on the fuel injector to the regulator.
  13. I will take another look tomorrow I know the right nipple is strictly vent The left one I thought was over flow.... where is it supposed to connect Its the one fuel is coming out of
  14. Only put in about a gallon, removed hose from nipple beside it under tank to make sure that wasn't the problem
  15. It is being forced out of the nipple opening the one with tube that goes down to injectors. My understanding was this was an over flow drain but for some reason it is being pressurized I am baffled
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