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  1. Well, I have removed starter put up rear wheel and done about everything possible and it just will not click from 6th to a lower gear, I thought it was going down to 5th but actually is between gears. Shift lever is clear and working. I am resigned to it being internal at this point, only shop I can find in NC is booked until December.
  2. Beyond my limited skills it seems, any suggestions for a shop in central NC?
  3. Yes the clutch seems to be working fine, gonna take another look at shift lever
  4. I will take a look but it was shifting OK for 6,000 miles
  5. Bike stranded me and would only downshift from 6th to 5th and no more. Assumed it was spring. Pulled selector box and springs are intact. Since I was slammed with work I sent selector box off to have it checked and super spring installed. Before I went any further I checked the shifting mechanism and cleaned and lubed and its working fine and hitting nothing. Reassembled everything today and shifts just fine 1st thru 6th but will only downshift from 6 to 5th. Shifting forks looked fine to an untrained eye. Any thoughts before I set it on fire, good grief I'm really starting to hate this thing.
  6. All you need to do is make sure that your selector box is in neutral when you reinstall and shifting forks in trans are lined up
  7. This the same part Chuck was making improved version, mine has broken GU0125830
  8. About to pull cover bike is stuck in 6th do I turn the seeger gears I guess they are called to get to neutral or how does that work. I understand remove clips and pull gears but I dont quite understand how to get to neutral... Thought I would ask before I wade in.
  9. only things come to mind is dirty air filter but im sure you checked that maybe run a couple of tanks of fuel with high dose of Techron and wring its neck to clear things out
  10. Problem solved, I had reconnected bullets earlier, bad mistake. I cut wires and put in a different connector and all seems good. Grateful for this board, I love this motorcycle but without you guys helping I think I would have pushed it off a bridge by now.
  11. How is the clutch switch wired I know there is a small switch at clutch lever, exactly where does it connect. I have moved relays around and I'm pretty much down to this.
  12. Went to shop been sitting 2 hours Fires up regardless of clutch or kickstand I didnt try it in gear with clutch in
  13. neutral light on bike in neutral clutch in and out no difference wondering about why worked fine when cold but problems when hot
  14. I'm about ready to burn this LeMans Finally got it sorted I thought. Stopped for fuel yesterday filled up. Put up kickstand to start and no turn over. Put down kickstand fired right up. Go out today put up kickstand fires right up. After the ride I switched off and tried to restart put kickstand up, tried to start and no action. Pressed clutch in no action. Put kickstand down no start. Pressed clutch in no start. Good grief.
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