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  1. I need to spend some time on that one I guess
  2. So if Todd reflashes the ECU on 2002 Lemans will TPS have to be reset
  3. So if Todd reflashes the ECU on 2002 Lemans will TPS have to be reset manually Im learning but Im used to doing everything electronically
  4. So any map changes and it has to be reset
  5. I am a little confused, will Guzzi Diag reset the TPS on the 15M
  6. Reviving an old thread. I had a 1200 Sport for about 6 years and the cafe windscreen was fine I am currently looking at a Lemans but wont be able to ride it before buying. For those round 6 feet what has been your experience with the fairing on it?
  7. Can anyone recommend a company Central east coast
  8. Thanks gentlemen I have a shop that's about 2 hours away that specializes in older BMW and also works on MG that I will check with. I'm in central NC if yall can recommend anyone.
  9. So I am looking at least $1500 if I have a shop do it
  10. After selling my 1200 Sport a few years back and going Japanese I am considering getting another Guzzi. I am looking at a 2001 and from what I can read it has single plate clutch. Is this just a matter of when or do some of this year model not have a clutch failure?
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