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  1. I changed mine because my leg tended to inadvertently push them into the upright position when stopped. The sprung Sport 1100 footrests solve that. Plus the original Daytona pegs look like they're off a '78 Sportster, the Sport 1100 ones are much better looking.
  2. I know, I know, the thread is four years old but I noticed it while perusing around the forum. For anyone else that happens to see the thread and is wondering the same the answer is yes. I retrofitted Sport 1100 pork chops and footrests onto my Daytona 1000 with no problems. Any of the carbureted Sport 1100 pork chops will fit the Daytona 1000. Yes you must also use the Sport 1100 footrests. The added bonus is that the Sport 1100 footrests are sprung whereas the Daytona 1000's were not.
  3. Scott and I are South'n bound and down, loaded up and truckin'!
  4. Scott (Café Cali) will be attending. Unfortunately Adam is not able to make it this year.
  5. Laptops? Cables? Tools? Whatever!!! I'm bringing bacon, beer, and cigars.
  6. Unfortunately the Daytona nor the Sport 1100 will be on the guest list this year. I'll be attending with the Stelvio and as such will be taking the long way.
  7. Thursday night at the Mountain View Motorcycle Campground and there are already four Stelvios here.
  8. Get well soon Paul, our thoughts are with you and your family.
  9. Everything is copacetic so long as it stays off of me.....
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