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  2. Took the ITI Speedo apart. Used a small flat screw driver and pried open the bezel (from back). As I'm not the first owner, I would assume that someone else was in there before me. The gear that is stripped is the spindle gear, looks like a dough roller with gear teath in the center (1/2 inch wide). This gear was stripped. Most of the gearing is metal, not plastic as I assumed from pictures (assuming the Veglia). The spindle engages the worm drive from the cable drive. To fix this gear a new spindle is necessary, and maybe good lubing might extend the life of that ITI gauge. I abandoned missio
  3. Thanks to all replies. I see two clear routes taken. 1. I call it the European fraction, choosing the ETB gauges and using an Acewell speed sensor which need some thread adjustments to connect the sensor to the gearbox. 2. The American fraction chooses the SpeedHut GPS Speedo. I'm very intrigued about the Customs options.... My question: Is there any successful attempt in using a speed sensor with the Speedhut gauges? As far as I could tell, nothing out of the box has been found to get a new gauge and a fitting sensor option that simply works together w/o considerable surgery? 3. Is
  4. Replicating the white face Veglia, and adding every option available from Speedhut, added to the cost. Having them build faces similar to the black face ITI is likely more straight forward (read: cheaper). There is still the matter of fitting and mounting the Speedhut (not exactly "plug&play") and whether they can stand the weather. What kind of sensor did you use to drive the Speedo, I'm still in the fog on how I transfer a mechanical cable drive to an electronic speedo? The adapeters mentioned either don't have the right thread, or can't be use because of space issues. Is yours t
  5. How could it be a cable issue if the speedo needle still works? More likely an internal failure of the odo drive, tapping the instrument free'd up/disconnected the speedo from the odo. Ciao "Symptoms were slowing turn over on the dial and dancing speedometer needle." Just trying to go by what he said. yes, speedometer works the, the odometer is dead...will probably go for a Speedhut. THX p
  6. Hello, the odometer on my Cafe Sport stopped working recently. Symptoms were slowing turn over on the dial and dancing speedometer needle. While riding I hit the instruments and the speedo reacted normal but the odometer counter (trip and and total mileage stopped working..). Any suggestions? I know one big cable housing below the instrument cluster routes under the tank.....have not investigated any further yet. Suggestions..solutions? Thanks a bunch!
  7. Love my 1400 Cali Touring. However im 6' 1" and have bad turbulence around my head....windshield is not adjustable. Any suggestions? Thanks for all help given in advance. P
  8. Kiwi, You are the MAN. To whom it may concern; be very careful when probing at the connector. If your probe is too lage it can expand the terminal and not allow it to make a good connection causing you LOTS of trouble. I prefer to use the pin type probes and go in at the wire side of the connector. If I remember correctly, you will want about .450v with Key On Engine Off at the b terminal of the tps. All, Thanks for your help and information provided. Still a stunning topic: I refer to a Moto Guzzi Training Video "Throttle adjustment for V11" (Someone has posted a link to the
  9. No problem as far as I can tell, the Cafe Sport runs like a charm. I simply want to understand the TPS measure with a voltmeter and know where to measure it. Want to check the throttle positioning...bought my bike used with Power Commander, Ferraci race exhaust, open BMC air filter etc..and wonder if the bike has a special throttle set up. I love to work on my bikes...and simply want to know how it works. Option1: I think the description talks about measuring the voltmeter reading by clipping / accessing the wires at the TPS (while the ignition is on). I refer to the following write up: ht
  10. Howdy, I refer to the throttle positioning topic. Can someone explain how to measure the throttle position? Tools needed, pics, exact description? Read you can measure at ECU, throttle positioning sensor...THX
  11. Yes, this is another great product vendor SW-MOTECH. I contacted GIVI if they have a system for the V11 series Guzzis. Received an official Givi response: "Thank you for contacting GIVI motorcycle accessories. We appreciate the interest you have shown in our products. We do not offer any products for this model" (2004 V11 Cafe Sport). So far it looks that SW -MOTECH (sold by Twisted Throttle) might be the best choice for me on a Tankring Lock / Tankbag system.
  12. Howdy, new to this forum. Looked at twisted Throttle but no Tanklock rings for V11s. Is there a ring that fits the V11?
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